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March 12, 2007, 9:11 pm
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TOUCHSTONE: The Sales Pitch … (merecomments)

MUST READAGE— Freedom of Religion Fading in Great Britain: “Truth be told, this constitutes a frontal assault on the traditional ordering of rights in Anglo-American practice, which placed freedom of religion and speech at the apex of rights, with only the most extreme of circumstances providing justification for limiting them. Now, these rights are in the process of being subordinated to the right not to have one’s feelings hurt, and that, ironically enough, is almost certain to lead to a less civil, as well as less free, society in the end” … (reformedpastor)

OBEDIENTLY LIBERAL Globe and Mail regurgitates Ingham’s speech; Michael Ingham seeks to conform the church to the world(magicstatistics)

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH: “Kate Schori admits once again that to the Episcopal Church, the Dar es Salaam Communiqué is nothing more than a meaningless scrap of paper” … (

CANADIAN GENERAL SYNOD warm-up continues– Council of General Synod highlights – March 11, 2007 … (

GET RELIGION: “Strange Episcopal language of the week” … (getreligion)

LOOK IN THE MIRROR WHEN YOU SAY THAT! — “Some on the Episcopal left seem to be surprised and upset by the fact that the soon-to-be Anglican Primate of the United States just issued a pastoral letter” … (

ONE EVIL, MANY FACETS— package deals are cheaper: abortion & bundled doctrine. A must-read from Joe Walker. Who says you can’t worship Molech AND Saint Narcissus? … (felixhominum)

SADLY, IT WOULD NEVER OCCUR to the left-wing pilgrims visiting and kowtowing to Iran to think such a thing was even desirable: “Iranian Imam Receives Christ Via Satellite TV, Escapes Country – Four More Imams May Be Believers” … (spcm)

THINKLICANS: reactions so far to GB SORs. Williams and Malango meet Kunonga … (thinkinganglicans)

HE’S A WHAT-NOW?.. “The Anglican Archbishop of Mexico, the Most Revd. Carlos Touche-Porter, is to be Patron of the movement Inclusive Church” … (ekklesia)

A PASTORAL Letter from the Network Moderator; Ministry Initiative: Church Planting in Hawai`i(aacblog)

SEX ISSUE threatens to split Anglicans…. ‘Bishop Ingham sees the world as setting an example for the church to follow.’ … (canoe)

CAPTAIN YIPS: “Pastoral? Pastoral? We Don’t Need… “Bishop Duncan’s Pastoral Letter to the Network got leaked by some of the usual suspects, who made language-like noises about it” … (captainyips)

BRITISH Labour party morality “devoid of any Christian principles” – Scots Bishop. SORs – what the regulations mean and what you can do … (mainstream)

RICHARD KEW: “Those foisting all these innovation on the church have never successfully responded to the objections coming from the mainstream of Christianity. What responses there are reflect an inadequate grasp of Scripture and Christian tradition. But this doesn’t seem to matter, for where the church has always been is more likely to be blown off with a wave of the hand that the Holy Spirit is doing a new thing, while they skip off down a path reflecting the tired values of a relativistic, confused, and secular-pagan culture” … (

JUST A REMINDER— THE PRIMATES MEETING, 27 MAY 2003, Pastoral Letter from the Primates of the Anglican Communion. And yet Mrs. Schori can bald-facedly speak of being hurried by impatient people. Here’s the rest of the Meeting Links(acns)

PAGING ECUSA LEFTIES & Iranian show-tourists: Iranian Women’s Rights Activists Placed in Solitary Confinement … (gatewaypundit)

WILLIAMS tells US Church to get a move on with reforms; Both sides move on from Synod’s debates on gays … (aacblog)

ANGLICAN CATHOLIC: “some of the silliest nonsense i’ve ever seen” … (

BISHOP-ELECT Debate Mirrors Larger Struggle: Conservative Episcopal Leader Waiting for Votes. Diocese of SC: Virgin Islands says Yes; Georgia reconsiders and Changes to Yes; Consents at 54. Majority of Bishops on board for Mark Lawrence; Only a Couple of Standing Committees to Go … (redorbit, surrounded)

BABY BLUE COMMENTS— Washington Post Reports: PB faces rebellion of allies (Paradise Lost Revisited?) … (

A PAPER from Changing Attitude: On Sexual Ethics. A Statement from Changing Attitude Scotland in Response to the Primates Tanzania Communique … (mainstream)

The Rev. Liz Beasley (canon for the Ministry of Development
and Communications), left, Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and the
Rev. Richard S.O. Chang (retiring bishop) talked yesterday
following a press conference yesterday at St. Peter’s Episcopal
Church. Jefferts Schori, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal
Church, is the first woman to be elected the top leader of
the church in the United States and is in Hawaii for the ordination
of the Rev. Robert Fitzpatrick as the fifth Hawaii bishop.

FIRE FROM THE LEFT FLANK: New Criticism for Episcopal Bishop: Her Liberal Allies Wonder Why She Signed Ultimatum on Gays. Commets ensue. Short answer: Griswold Redux … (WaPO, Various)

ON THE TENDENCY to ascribe others’ views as motivated by “fear” — I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen reappraisers talk about reasserters and our fear … ()

RICHEST TECusa funds 27% of the ACC Budget … (mainstream)

BISHOP UNBOWED by controversy. Keeping the Episcopal Church inclusive is key to its U.S. leader; Jefferts Schori urges restraint. Episcopalians Supporting Homosexuality Express ‘Frustration’(starbulletin, various)

LIBERAL Canadian Anglican priest fired over support for same-sex blessings, decision to defy his bishop over the issue … (MStats, FxHom,

ROMAN CATHOLIC Church Takes Stand Against Communing Same Sex Couples. British Catholic fightback against homosexuality … (standfirminfaith, stoptheaclu)

CHICAGO-AREA Episcopal church may go to Another Anglican Province for Refuge … (t19)

WHITEHALL— “deadline approaches for standing committee consents for south carolina bishop-elect”; more liturgical antics (file this one next to the clown eucharist) … (

THE INGHAM: “Sex and Christianity: Re-thinking the Relationship”, March 7th, 2007 … (

KELVIN HOLDSWORTH: What makes a listening process? … (titusonenine)

WINK WINK, NUDGE NUDGE— Scottish Episcopal Church Stealth Marriage Liturgy with ‘Ruth and Naomi’ … (gadgetvicar)

ISN’T THAT CU-U-UTE? Episcopal bishop has faith that controversy won’t split church, magical bunnies make us smile, and unicorns make the clouds so fluffy and white … (recordonline)

CONFESSING READER: “Elitist heresies” … (reader)

MORE LITIGIOUSNESS: “The Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas has filed suit against the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in San Angelo to recover the church assets for the diocese” … (episcopalchurch)

WORD HAS IT THAT +Frank Gray’s sermon was truly a “home run” and no doubt some of the bishops (e.g., +Howard) in attendance were squirming inside. Check out the webcast … (dioceseswfla)

CARIOCA: “Ora? You Bet! Labora? Not So Much” … (cariocaconfessions)

PRESBISH Schori Talks About Tiny But Noisy Exceptions; local response to the anglican church … (standfirminfaith, felixhominum)

DIOGENES: “The folks who brought you Brokeback Lent in 2006 are at it again” … (offtherecord)

KENDALL REMINDS US that radicals repeat themselves over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again (because, you know, if you repeat something often enough, it becomes true– or you wear the opposition out); Canon Harmon also weighs in on this story(titusonenine)

THUSFAR— Ephraim Radner and Michael Poon on the Proposed Covenant: Summary of discussions … (globalsouthanglican)

THE PROPHET VGR Interviewed by New Hampshire Public Radio … (standfirminfaith)

PRAISE YE THE U.N! Anglican Youth Speak Out on Women Violence at U.N. Meeting; UN can’t get resolution opposing sex-selection abortion passed … (transfigurations, soberingthoughts)

SOME RECENT Mark Harris … (

TOTALLY UNBIASED AP Mourns: There Goes The Gay Neighborhood … (newsbusters)

EX-PISKIES: Church’s new chapter to begin on Easter … (floridatoday)

REFORMED PASTOR: “Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot. America’s most beautiful city is, alas, also the home of its most intolerent liberals, led by the leaders of the LGBT community, for whom no criticism of the lifestyle is ever to be accepted on face value, and for whom all opponents are bigots and homophobes” … (reformedpastor)

KEVIN McCULLOUGH: “liberals would prefer us to stay stuck in those terrible behaviors to boost their own egos. God-fearing, Bible-thumping conservatives want us to repent (turn and walk away from). Knowing that one path leads to death and destruction, the other to ultimate knowledge, wisdom, and peace – which side would you say truly cares about the well being of the individual” … (townhall)

PAST HEAVENS ON EARTH: A new series resurrects some of history’s bloodiest manifestos … (orthodoxytoday)

CONTRA INGHAM— Dr. Brett Cane of Essentials Responds to the Pre-General Synod ACC Globe and Mail article … (email)

WHERE WE ARE: “We have so embraced multiculturalism and political correctness that we no longer have the intellectual tools to fight–or even face–the barbarism…. The postmodern narcissistic dilemma we face is that the politically correct prism through which we perceive and interpret the world around us, is entirely dysfunctional and useless; but it sure makes us feel good, doesn’t it?” … (

THE SMARTEST EPISCOPALIAN EVVAR! Religion Should Be Learned, Not Required, says Sponge … (washingtonpost)

WHAT IT MEANS: “if no one is free and nothing is moral, religion merely becomes the will to power, even — or especially — when it is dressed up in the language of entitlement and of “human rights” instead of civil liberties. For civil rights are here to protect liberty, whereas so-called “human rights” are here to deny liberty by promoting a top-down leftist agenda — which always ends up being a great injustice from the standpoint of heaven” … (

WHAT’S AT STAKE— For the Sake of Civil Argument, By Richard John Neuhaus … (firstthings)

COMMENTS ENSUE on Immanentizing the Eschaton; Jonah Goldberg offers some background– “Because the Gnostics believed they — and they alone — had figured out God’s plan in the here and now, they tended to be very, very smug and more than a little annoying (except when they were on the rack, which tended to make them a lot less smirky). It also inclined Gnostics to argue that heaven could be established here on earth, that through material or political means they could perfect the inherently imperfectible” … (gadgetvicar, NRO)

THE ALPHA PROJECT— “A new “Chris Johnson, Anglican Investigator” adventure. Chapter One – Spring Forward, Fall Back ” … (

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