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Anglican Crisis & Tanzania News
March 10, 2007, 1:25 am
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Witnesses In A Dangerous Time

There are few orthodoxies as stern and inflexible as current unorthodoxies. And despite the loud pity-and-justice politics, it is those modern progressive undoxies which– given free rein– are the most intolerant, illiberal, and inhuman. Indeed, there’s no more zealous a ‘heretic’ hunter these days than a hard-core ‘heretic’.

Blaming Nigeria

So when we read the current dog-pile on Nigerian Peter Akinola, we’d agree that in seeking new Church-structures and such does not

(1) mean blinders about the problems of the church in other places, or

(2) denying basic human rights, or exploiting people in that position.

(3) That would include Mr. Coward of Changing Attitude, who loaded up Mr. Davis Mac-Iyalla, took him to Tanzania and forced him into confrontations with the Primates. He’s the guy they claim is being harrassed by the Church of Nigeria (without giving any evidence whatsoever to prove it).

The Slow Fall of England

We’d be able to hear the Anglican left more clearly if it wasn’t for their deafening silence in defence of human rights and religious freedom in the recent imposition of the EUROcratical madness of the new Sexual Orientation Regulations. Ultra-liberalism has come to mean hatefulness and the imposition of political and legal control on majorities, where possible. It reminds one of the various mafia families and mobster rules depicted in The GodFather. Above all, religion and her absolute claims must bend the knee to worldly power, or all is lost.

Soft Tyrannies

As one commentator observes on the English situation:

“There is a widespread view that gay liberation is a movement toward greater freedom. Up to a point, that was true. That point, however, is now receding in the background. The movement for gay equality has rapidly evolved into movement to restrict personal freedoms, including freedoms of religion and conscience. The British example is not a special case. What is being done there today will be demanded here tomorrow….”

And it looks like there’s more to come.

It is hardly a surprise that today’s advocates of revolution are tomorrow’s petty dictators, nor that they would willingly undermine the very freedom and the faith that allows them their freedom of action. What is sad is that they cannot question or reject their tiny new orthodoxies, or grasp the root of sin that is at the root of all such heavens on earth, and at the root of the human soul. Yet another gateway to hell it is, then.

The Christian Option

As some UK Roman Catholics are making clear, martyrdom may be called for here. A Christian response is to stand, and to speak out— sweetly and reasonably– and not budge on matters of first principle, come what may. It may not be that everyone is being frog-marched to a bust of Caesar to offer the pledge and a pinch of incense, but there’s the very devilry of it: a dozen small turnings can accomplish the same redirection & betrayal. And it’s not just England— Canada & the U.S. are under the same threat.

Anglican traditionalists have also borne witness: every bishop, committee member, parish priest, parishioner, theologian, every Christian man or woman who is celibate/ healed/ strugging with same-sex attraction, and whomever else: part of the past 20 years+ of struggle is about telling that story in the life of God’s Church, written in the lives of his people.


CaNN News Editor

A TART RESPONSE to Bishop Michael Ingham’s recent ranting in a Canadian newspaper: “Unfortunately, in spite of what he promises, Bishop Ingham wants no Christian theology or thinking at all, but only a culture-bound and thoughtless secularity” … (skdiocese)

ENGLAND-WATCH: Can Religious Freedom Survive Gay Liberation? “.. the gay rights movement is inherently an illiberal one. When you decide to extend your nondiscrimination principles to behavior condemned by your society’s majority religion, you are embarking on a course that will sooner or later require the state to police, control, and punish adherents of that religion”; and a glib response(nro)

VIA JOE WALKER— Michael Ingham’s address to the Whole Message Conference; saith Inghy: ‘Think of homosexuality as God-given and good’: Bishop Michael Ingham brought his controversial message to Ottawa last night, Charles Enman writes … (joewalker)

OPEN THREAD [Four Days Left]: Standing Committee Links & Contact Info for Provinces I, II, III, & IV; and here’s V, VI, VII, VIII, IX(standfirminfaith)

EPISCOPAL bishop-elect confirms loyalty; East Tennessee and Kentucky Reconsider, Grant Consent; Ohio, Central Ecuador and Honduras Vote “Yes,” Consents at 50 … (charleston, confessingtiger)

MINE, MINE, MINE!! — “Greg Griffith found this the other day. Something called Rainbow Presence wants to make an Important Statement™ about The Issue” … (

JUST IN …+Lipscomb responds to Tanzania … (dioceseswfla)

GLEDHILL: Akinola must speak out to save gays. Nigeria: Time changes its mind(timescolumns)

NCTIMES— Episcopalians’ choice: Halt support for gays or go it alone … (nctimes)

MATT KENNEDY ON Responding to “Rainbow” Warriors … (standfirminfaith)

LITTLE MIKEY INGHAM has been busy of late; and the current Primate of All Canuckistan lays out more views on Dar … (

DRELL: WHY CHURCH DISPUTES Are So Ugly When They Reach The Courthouse … (descant)

PETER OULD: “Apparently, Michael Ingham (he calls himself a bishop but since when did bishops go around denying the faith? Oh wait…. we’re all Anglicans right?) thinks that we need a better defined theology of sex” … (PO)

MARK TOOLEY— Apologizing for Iran: “According to the Religious Left, anything the Mullah regime does is justified, given the CIA’s role in Iran in 1953” … (spectator)

TOP TEN REASONS for holding a “Special” 2007 General Convention in New Orleans … (standfirminfaith)

CHURCH-WARS: Top attorneys square off in case of embattled priest … (rockymountainnews)

WAFFLING ANGLICAN: “Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi – An Example” … (wafflinganglican)

GS07– INTEGRITY CANADA— The Whole Message Conference: Inclusiveness in the Anglican Church of Canada. The Whole Message Conference: Pre-conference address(integritycanada,

WHITEHALL on Kentucky-Fried Gulick: “100% committed?” … (

LENT & BEYOND— Prayer for South Carolina Consent Process … (lent)

FORD MOTORS MOVE called part of pullback from homosexual support … (

HINKY ANGLICANS: Windsor bishops: Western Louisiana spoke. Nigeria: Time changes its mind. Equality Act: more documentation … (thinkinganglicans)

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.. Baton Rouge Cafe Owner Fed Up with Episcopal Church … (SF)

AN EPISCOPAL CHAPLAIN at U. Arizona writes +KJS… (

KEW CONTINUUM— “Amazing Grace” – Movie Review … (richardkew)

HARD-LEFT SWEDISH CHURCH accepts same-sex blessings – ABC to attend Canadian HoB Meeting. Church Times reports responses to Synod debates on sexuality … (mainstream)

ANGLICAN CENTRIST–Fr. Greg Jones responds to Bp. Howard … (

BOVINIATOR: A Small Sampling of Revisionist Opinion (with Commentary) … (

REFORMED PASTOR— You Knew This Was Coming… Press the logic of same-sex marriage far enough, and this is one place you wind up … (reformedpastor)

THE NEW Hate Crime Bill: Power Grab! by Lee Duigon … (chalcedon)

RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS Face Ban on Teaching Christian Sexual Morality … (standfirminfaith)

COMMENTS ENSUE: NY Times Editorial on Proposed Nigerian Legislation … (titusonenine)

MRS. KRAALSPACE— The Women Are A’ Gane Wud … (

LIBERAL GUILT IN EXTREMIS: Apologize for What? … (reformedpastor)

DALRYMPLE: “The threat to free speech does not inhere, therefore, solely in governments, but in our hearts. And in the modern world, a peculiar threat comes from right-thinking monomaniacs who associate to form pressure groups. With the decline in the grand ideology of socialism, we have not seen the decline of ideology, but the rise of micro-ideologies. Ideology has been divided into fragments and privatised, as it were, but it remains just as ideological. And few pleasures are greater than those of the exercise of power, especially in the name of the greater good. To be both powerful and virtuous, how delightful!” … (newenglishreview)

MINISTRY OF TRUTH— Participants in the Towards Effective Anglican Mission (TEAM) conference heard two speakers on March 9 say the churches of the Anglican Communion are uniquely positioned to work for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals … (ENS)

REMEMBERING BLESSED Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, c.394… (reader)

The brilliance of the left is that they
simply don’t call identity politics
and nature worship “religions.”


~ Jonah Goldberg ~


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