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Fun With Anglican Implosions
March 8, 2007, 2:07 am
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YIKES ON TOAST— Archbishop Makes MDGs Key Objectives for Anglican Communion. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has said that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) provide a key focus for the churches of the Anglican Communion. Williams tells opening TEAM Eucharist follow martyrs’ example, break down barriers between people … (

+MaCPHERSON’S Address to the Primates’ Meeting … (sf)

RIGHTS-WARS: Church of England responds to Publication of SORs; “After spending 9 months drafting the proposed SEXUAL ORIENTATION REGULATIONS – SORs, the Government have today published the final version of the new law without making any significant concessions to protect the rights of Christians and others with deeply held religious beliefs” … (am)

GEORGE WEIGEL: The end of the Anglican Communion– “The gnosticism that infects the Episcopal Church USA has just about driven the Anglican Communion over the cliff” … (archden)

HITLERS HITLERS HITLERS! — The “Other” Issue … Or is it the Primary Issue? by the Rt. Rev. Douglas Theuner, retired bishop of New Hampshire. You’ll remember Doug: “Theuner preached the sermon at Robinson’s consecration, saying that Robinson would “stand as a symbol of the unity of the church in a way in which none of the rest of us can.” He also fired a conservative priest and had ridiculed conservative Episcopalians, calling them “ecclesiastical nabobs.” 2003 CaNN Commentary: Theuner Or later– “Do as I say, not….”… (Various)

DRELL: The Episcopal Church Is The Pelagian Heresy Redux … (descant)

MATT KENNEDY: Executive Council: Initial Impressions and Observations –The Executive Council is driven by two primary foci. 1. facilitating the international embrace of the Millennium Development Goals (this is called “mission” and those who engage in this project internationally, “missionaries”) and 2. ensuring that non-celibate homosexual people are given access to every office and benefit in both Church and state, internationally and nationally … (sf)

CAPTAIN YIPS— Chestnut; The Base Isn’t With It; Are You Bishops or Are You Mice? … (cy)

ON GENERAL SYNOD 2007— bisexual unions: a response to “Living God’s Blessings” I … (joewalker)

+VERMONT Responds to the Primates Tanzania Communique … (t19)

SERGE’S BLOG— The Episcopal row: who’s trying to clobber whom? … (

SOLIPSISMS ‘R’ US— “Someone named Patricia Templeton gets a little more Episcopal arrogance in” … (

THE CIVIL WAR in the Diocese of Pennsylvania Continues This Month … (sf)

ECUSA COUNCIL Fully Funds ACC’s Asking … (livingchurch)

CLASSY, TOBIAS— real classy. Sounds gnostic to us: “The day will dawn when both church and state will come to this recognition ­ that it is the human qualities of fidelity and love, rather than the merely animal reality of sex, that constitutes the proper locus of the marriage vow.” The ‘merely animal reality of sex’? What Christianity ever taught that? Prove that classical marriage services ever describe love and procreation in these degraded barnyard terms … (

THREE RELIABLE Anglican Churches & their fidelity to Affirmation of St. Louis … (freerep)

SMELLS LIKE ECUSA: Lawyer Accused of Destroying Evidence in Connecticut Pornography Case.. “Prosecutors said Mr. Russell and the church officials allowed Mr. Tate to remove his possessions from his church apartment and arranged for him to fly from Connecticut to California. He was later arrested in Los Angeles” … (nytimes)

RADNER– Uncovering the light: the Proposed Covenant our Anglican Heritage. A response to Dr. Poon … (t19)

AND NOW…IDIOTS— “The other day, Changing Attitude England head Colin Coward issued a press release in which he claimed that the life of a homosexual Nigerian was in grave danger” … (

CONSERVATIVE Bishop-Elect in Danger of Being Blocked by Episcopal Church … (christianpost)

AN EPISCOPAL SWITCH reflects divisions in church. Former Albany assistant bishop joins group that opposes policy on gays. albany bishop jumps to CANA … (TimesUnion, anglicancatholic)

MAINSTREAM— “Summary of SORs regulations”; Behind the scenes at Dar-es-Salaam … (am)

BITTER BETTY Kaeton really doesn’t like us. Susan Russell: My comments on last week’s meeting with the Presiding Bishop. Hoppy: Reflection on a Meeting with the Presiding Bishop … (sf)

THE LATEST in the Diocese of Pennsylvania … (sf)

EQUALITY ACT: GB Sexual Orientation Regulations … (thinkinganglicans)

UK TRIBUNAL: Christian Judges Must Award Homosexual Couples Adoptive Children or Resign … (lifesite)

U.S. PRESBYS Aim for Growth Amid Dwindling Numbers … (transfigurations)

WE INTERRUPT this Anglican Crisis for….Abigail Harmon’s Chapel talk … (titusonenine)

FEEL THE EXCITEMENT! Teaching: National Network of Episcopal Clergy Association conference set for June 25-27 Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori among the speakers … (wfn)

CHURCH Divorce Done Right: Denominational splits just aren’t what they used to be … (

THE HAND OF THE BETRAYER: “From the Prolog from Ohrid for March 7. Today’s homily is certainly meaningful for so many different churches today, churches which are undergoing assaults from within. I find it very easy to lose perspective and only see the Enemy, winning battle after battle – forgetting that the war itself has already been won, and the only question is which side I pick as my own” … (wafflinganglican)

SAN JOAQUIN BLOG: Report on Visit of Prophet Dennis Cramer to DSJ Cathedral … (surrounded

BABY BLUE ON the Press Conference following the meeting of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church … (

BY THE POWER OF LIBERAL!: WCC NEWS: Israel / palestine: New ecumenical forum for peace. Glad they finally solved that one for everybody … (

COLIN COWARD’S “Evidence” that the Church of Nigeria is “behind” Threatening Calls … (standfirminfaith)

CANADIAN Physicians and Marriage Commissioners: Accommodation of Differing Beliefs. “What difference does it make that people are paid from the public purse when it comes to the accommodation of conscience or religious beliefs?” … (

REFORMED PASTOR— Who’s Up, Who’s Down; According to the Layman Online, another PCUSA congregation has voted to leave it and affiliate with the EPC … (rp)

DIOGENES— “It stands to reason that the history of the saints includes many who had been tormented by the “pet lizard” of homoerotic attractions. Instead of welcoming and coddling the parasite, however, the saints put it to death, and devoted the reborn energy for the good of souls — theirs and others. We can’t know how many cantatas, orphanages, cathedrals, theological masterpieces (as well as humbler spiritual and corporal works of mercy) owe their origin to fierce, but mortified, appetites” … (cwnews)

A TOTAL CIRCUS: “9th Circuit Declares Right of Gov. to Censor Terms ‘Natural Family,’ ‘Marriage’ and ‘Family Values'” … (freerep)

VIA THE FATHERS BLOG: Perpetua Light … (fathersofthechurch)


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