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Anglican Crisis & Tanzania News
March 7, 2007, 1:45 am
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NEW FROM the Archbishop of Canterbury – Communion challenges require ‘generosity and patience’. Archbishop of Canterbury: Pastoral Letter to the Primates. Regrettably, pew-peanuts & rabble chime in, forgetting that their betters would rather they just listen and pay, not think & speak … (acns, mainstream, t19)

THE INNER CIRCLE of ECUSA meets, Reaffirms Homosexual Stance. Comments ensue. Presiding Bishop’s sermon at Executive Council meeting in Portland, Oregon. More comments ensue(CP, Harmon)

PAGING MOHAMMED KHATAMI and his ECUSA-enablers– “IAEA doubts Iran nuke plan is peaceful.” Gosh, and here you thought siding with a jew-hating terror-endorsing mullah meant everybody would hold hands and buy the world a Coke, singing in perfect harmony and all that. We warned ya, we told ya so, we so did, and so there. The Khatami Chronicles, by CaNN … (Various)

MORE CARNLEY & KEARON & CO. DELAY & DEFLECT? — A Florida Parish Publishes Recent Correspondence regarding the Panel of Reference … (sf, redeemerlives)

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE at worship: “A Small Thing?” Liturgical fidgets leads to wrong-think and wrong-practice, and vice-versa, likewise … (carioca)

A WORD FROM NIGERIA: “The House of Bishops expressed profound gratitude to Archbishop Peter J. Akinola and his colleagues in the Global South for the strong stand taken at the meeting, together with the gracious leadership of Archbishop Rowan Williams, and continue to pray that the Anglican Communion can move forward in truth and unity” … (globalsouthanglican)

ABP. DREXEL GOMEZ Addresses Communion Issues in Interview … (aacblog)

AMONTILLADO? — Rodney King “The Anglican Primate of Wales wonders why we can’t all just get along” … (

SHORT-CUTTING THE POOR ENS-people: Anglican Cyborg Matt Kennedy was live-blogging the ECUSA ExecCtte Meeting– Worshipping with the Executive Council; The Presiding Bishop chastises the orthodox in sermon; The council’s debate on communication; Matt asks the PB a difficult question (do read all the comments); The council’s letter to the church (more great comments). It’s interesting to compare primary reporting by Matt with the officialese the minutes of the meeeting, and the ENS stuff. We’ve observed before that the ENS often functions as little more than an advertising department for a corportion & product-line, but reading Fr. Kennedy’s first-hand goodness really is an air of freshness, and is doing something profoundly different than grumping or critiquing at second or third-hand. Well done! … (sf)

MEANWHILE, 20 new bishops consecrated in Nigeria and six more elected. Bishop David Bena to assist CANA; A Letter from Bishop David Bena … (mainstream, t19)

DRELL: “Been Busy Practicing Law And Teaching School While The Anglican Wars Continue While My Life Gets Interesting Spiritually, I’ve Run Out Of Arguments, And That Ain’t The Hardest Part”.. Must reading about the choices families are facing about staying in ECUSA … (descant)


THE PROPHET LOUIE is still venting spleen. Once again, he presumes to define the debate, and assert it’s a battle of minorities. This tells us more about his precooneptions, than what’s really going on … (


KRAALSPACE— ” For Purple Hazy Majesty, above the fruited plain”; and “A brief note on the Residential Schools scandal.” We’d add that the Caledonia deal was a cynical if clever ploy by then-Abp. Dave “I Love Ingham” Crawley, to have it that the defunct diocese hadn’t owned the churches in one region under his care (to avoid legal expropriation by the gov’t in lieu of damages), whilst letting Michael Ingham go after parish properties a year or two later in the Diocese of New Westminster, in a regionalso under Crawley’s care. It’s a Have Your Cake & Eat It Too policy, of the most shamelessly double-standardish sort. It is the game, how she is played … (

WORD FROM THE WORKER’S PARADISE— ‘So brave, so amazing, so good’ — no word on if her inspiration to go on is bolstered by the MDGs, Kitty Schori, or American socialists who are soft on Fidel … (breakpoint)

MORE ON IRAN— Chicken Little In Washington; Talking Sense in Tehran … (reformedpastor)

ANOTHER Clueless Priest … (standfirminfaith)

THE CLOCK IS TICKING for S.C. diocese: Bishop-elect 10 votes shy of needed majority. Tony Clavier on the Consent process in the Diocese of South Carolina. The History of Episcopal Bishops who have been Elected but who Declined or who have been Denied Consent … (Various)

MEET-N-GREET — “Susan Russell and Mike Hopkins had a chat with Kate Schori the other day. Let’s just say that I’m not sure that Kate can push the Dar es Salaam Communique through the House of Bishops. And I’m also not sure that she even wants to” … (

LIVING CHURCH: Executive Council Seeks to Reassure Homosexual Episcopalians. Task Forces to Study Anglican Communion Concerns … (livingchurch)

OF, BY AND FOR — “At its recent meeting, the Episcopal Church’s Executive Council passed three resolutions that addressed that religion’s one remaining sin. Offending homosexuals” … (

CARIOCA: “A Failure of Imagination” … (cariocaconfessions)

REFORMED PASTOR— Evangelism Redefined … (reformedpastor)

AN OPEN THREAD at StandFirm listing the dioceses whose Standing Committees have not consented to the election of Mark Lawrence as bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina … (sf)

ON THE CLOCK— “I hate to break this to the Episcopal left but waiting until GenCon 2009 is probably not an option” … (

+STANTON: “Primates’ Communiqué 2007”; the Dallas site is looking spiffed-up these days … (episcopal-dallas)

STEPHEN NOLL— Return to Lambeth Resolution 1.10? … (globalsouthanglican)

WELSH PRIMATE Barry Morgan lecture in Ireland … (via ta)

APOSTOLICITY— First Responses & Trajectory; Impatience & Clarity from the PeeBee … (apostolicity)

NIGERIAN BISHOPS Pledge “Enthusiastic Support” for CANA … (aacblog)

SLICKER ‘N SLUG-SLIME… Bishop Frade’s Sermon given to the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes at All Saints Episcopal Church, Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 1, 2007 … (

WHITEHALL ADDRESSES the pb’s address the other night … (

RWANDA: Homosexuality Moral Genocide, Says Kolini … (allafrica)

A VERY GODLY ORDER: A Response to Ephraim Radner’s Making Promises: the Proposed Anglican Covenant … (gs)

YOUR BETTERS AT WORK— Integrity Wants to Adjust Your Attitude … (sf)

GREG GRIFFITH— Look Up The Windsor Fellowship of Western Michigan … (sf)

NO EVIDENCE that homosexuality is genetic or innate … (mainstream)

RECENT SARMIENTO & CO— after Tanzania. Nigeria and more bishops. Nigeria: Voice of America reports(ta)

DIO SASK: “One of the Anglican Communion’s most influential theologians, the Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner, will take the clergy of the Diocese of Saskatchewan on their annual retreat this fall” … (skdiocese)

CANADIAN WRITER WILLIAM GAIRDNER— Restoring A Pro-Family State… (williamgairdner)

THE USUAL SUSPECTS: Progressive Christians Gather to Affirm, Disseminate Radical Left Agenda … (

APPARENTLY PSYCHIC Bishop of Utah’s Reflections Just Before the Tanzania Primates Meeting … (t19)

NEW JERSEY: Convention ‘expresses regret’ for B033 … (aacblog)

PATRICIA TEMPLETON: Gospel outweighs staying Anglican. Via(ajc)

RESPONDING TO DAR— New Zealand focuses on Hermeneutics Project … (mainstream)

GEOFFREY KIRK— The way we live now … (trushare)

OH, THOSE WASCALLY APOCALYPTICAL WADICALS who have immanentized the eschaton: ” And in the rebirth of Spring Ann Fontaine calls up the Rainbow Warriors”; is it just us, or do the hard-lefties sound a lot like some hard-righties? Like these folks, for example: “Rapturists who want war” … (, sergesblog)

MAINSTREAM— “Does “Gay Marriage” weaken marriage?” Do Civil Partnerships undermine marriage? … (mainstream)

SAITH THEO and his rad biker-‘stache: “The Church of England must declare its independence from the Anglican communion, otherwise its historic role in British life is at an end” … (guardian)

VIA STAND FIRM— Changing Attitudes Loses Credibility … (sf)

KENTUCKY: Convention hears bishop apologize to gay and lesbian members … (ENS)

STEPHEN BATES: International Role? – “So there we were, sitting round the hotel swimming pool in Tanzania, doorstepping the Primates’ Meeting, as one does, and waiting for the regular appearance of Archbishop Akinola, inconspicuously dressed in full Nigerian costume on one of his discreet forays to consult with Bishop Martyn Minns in an upper chamber, when the conversation turned to the question of primatial vicars.” … (religiousintelligence)

VIA POULD— How not to read the Bible … (

EPISCOPAL RECTOR Billy Tully: “My faith doesn’t just come from verses in a book. It comes from people with the authority of lived experience”.. argument by false dichotomy & mischaracterization … (WaPo)

LETTER TO THE ED: Reflection on Synod Debates … (anglican)

JUST ASKING — When will there be a “local option” for adultery? And “It will take some time, of course, but I fully expect the brother and sister in this story to be hailed someday as Bold Pioneers who broke civil rights grounds for all those whose Love Dare Not Speak its Name”… (t19, markshea)

ECUSA: A LIGHT UPON A HILL! — Listening: What Roman Catholics can learn from Anglicans. Transcendence and transparency are Anglican gifts to the wider Church … (ENS)

SPEEDING DOWN the slippery slope cliff: Bills in Maine and New Mexico would bar clergy from signing marriage licenses and remove mention of brides and grooms … (itizenlink)

MARK SHEA— Gay Blackshorts on the March! Magistrate has impeccable record, but he can’t serve on a family court because he’s a Christian … (

NEWSWEEK & SISK: “The Episcopal bishop of New York fears that the Anglican Church’s demands over gay issues could force the American church into a corner” … (msnbc)

U.S. ELECTION 2008— Omission Watch: Media Ignore Hillary Speech to Gay Group Against Social Conservatives. Rudy and the Social Issues(newsbusters, rogerlsimon)

AGE TO COME: “More UK SOR fallout” … (theagetocome)

THE BISHOP’S Address to the Diocesan Convention, 2007: The Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana meeting in St. James’ Church Baton Rouge … (

MORE FUN IN CANADA— Gay activists: marry us, or else! Rights for them, but not for others. Activists Fight Bill Permitting Marriage Commissioners to Refuse Homosexual “Marriages” … (sda)

LOONY LEFTY UK: Religious Schools May Not Teach Christian Sexual Morals “As if They Were Objectively True” … (lifesite)

ATTENTION WOOLY-HEADED LEFTIES— “How the Trinity Freed the Slaves” … (middlebrow)

ON TERTULLIAN, Heresy and the Rule of Faith … (

REARVIEW MIRROR— remembering Binks, ElfGirl, and Mike TechElf covering GC-2006.. has it already been 9 months since? The entries start around here, give or take … (gencon06)


Be kind, for everyone you meet
is fighting a great battle.

Philo of Alexandria



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