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Anglican Implosions
March 4, 2007, 9:15 pm
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CAN-ANGLICAN RADICAL “Michael Ingham to Episcopal Church: “You’re great, we’re great, and I’m the greatest.” You know, ‘cuz at GS-04, instead of any censure or criticism, Inghy got elected to represent us to the Americans. Live Blog: Bishop Michael Ingham’s Address to the Plenary Session of the Executive Council(magicstatistics, ENS)

LOOKS LIKE LOUIE CREW, unelected PeeBee & GayFather of the ECUSA-Hard-Left Mafia, is playing kingmaker/ queen-breaker, and not just at the current Executive Ctte. Meeting.. and takes a moment to throw manure at the Primates … (lcrew)

THAT MISSING PRIMATE.. Archbishop of Wales speaks on Primates Meeting … (mainstream)

CANON GARY THORNE– Adiaphora again: What the Saint Michael’s Report really says about Doctrine … (T19)

FIE, FIE! ON statistics: Canadian Anglicans don’t need ‘em … (magicstatistics)

ALL IS WELL, ALL IS BRIGHT— Executive Council Considers Proposals to Address Anticipated $3.8 Million Deficit. Development and Marketing Plan Presented to Council … (lc)

ANGLICAN HEAD Cites Need for Theological Dialogue. -Not to disagree, but we’d say Anglicanism needs an inter-faith dialogue … (christianpost)

RAMP UP THE POLITICAL MACHINE! Integrity: ““Behold, NOW is the acceptable time…” …to write, e-mail, or call your bishops and the Presiding Bishop”, etc. blah, yada yada … (integrityusa)

SPINED RC BISHOP— Terry Prendergast (+Halifax): Marriage Offers the best chance to grow. A sad majority of Canadian Anglican leaders are rather less helpful— or even responsive(various)

BABY BLUE Reads Between The Lines: keeping the slush-money moving. Open season? … (Various)

KRAALSPACE: “Rubbed the wrong way” … (

NETWORK Ministry Initiatives: Mission in Nepal … (

EPISCOPAL WOLVES TEAR SHEEP— Judge denies Episcopal restraining order request … (t19)

IN THE CHURCH of England General Synod, Civil-partners policy gets a drubbing … (titusonenine)

THEY’D RE-E-EALLY LOVE TO, BUT— New Jersey civil-unions law presents challenge for state’s Episcopal bishops … (wfn)

UPDATE For Standing Committee Consents to the Episcopal Election in the Diocese of South Carolina … (t19)

DRAWING THE LINE: “Anglicans to Episcopal Church: Return to fold by Sept. 30 or face possible schism” … (

WE TOLD YA SO: Inclusion divides Anglican church … (seacoastonline)

PEEBEE Katharine Jefferts Schori, leader of the Episcopal Church in America, expects a normal visit to western Kansas in June, despite rumors of a rift with Salina Bishop James Adams … (saljournal)

FUN WITH PCUSA— “The Rev. Janet Edwards, a PCUSA pastor who is a direct descendent of Jonathan Edwards, is headed back to a Presbyterian court for performing a same-sex “wedding” in California in June of 2005” … (reformedpastor)

STEIMETZ: Episcopalians face ultimatum in Anglican civil war … (t19)

AGE TO COME— “Something to consider” … (agetocome)

BOVINIATOR: “Orthodox Spinach”; Irreconcilable Differences and the Coming Divorce … (bovinabloviator)

CENTRAL PA Episcopalians divided over ultimatum on gays … (t19)

THE GLOBAL SOUTH and Anglicanism … (ecpcentre)

HATE-SPEECH LAWS: Crying Wolf … (reformedpastor)

ANGLICAN JET-SETTER liberal Jenny Tea-Pot (the ahorangi or dean of Te Rau Kahikatea) was recently part of the hand-picked audience for the “Hush, Little Babies” WebCast by the PeeBee. Next, she’s busy doing something else. Sounds like her job as ahorangi @ Te Rau Kahikatea isn’t too time-consuming, if she can be everywhere else so often, and coming up with dreck like this: “This sisterhood of suffering is at the heart of our theology and our commitment to transforming the whole world through peace with justice. Rebuilding and reconciling the world is central to our faith” … (ENS)

ON INDOCTRINATING Grad Level Teaching Assistants in the “Queer Agenda”; Indoctrination U: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom(sf, fpm)

IT SIMPLY HAS TO BE SAID that when Mrs. Schori says “We are being pushed toward a decision
by impatient forces within and outside this church”, she’s just not reading the history, news, analysis, declarations, letters, even of the past year.Pure spin, pure deception. GenCon06 was very deeply & broadly covered. The Truth Is Out There…

VIA DRELL— Frank Lockwood Interviews Alice Linsley … (drell)

FRONT PAGE MAG— “The extravagant goal of redeeming humanity justifies uncompromising means. Social redeemers regard themselves as an “army of the saints,” and their opponents as the party of sinners. They do not view their conservative opponents as supporters of alternative means for improving the lot of women, minorities and the poor, but as enemies of women, minorities and the poor. Progressive agendas cannot be opposed, therefore, on grounds that are principled or practical or compassionate. Opponents of “progressives” are defined as “reactionaries” – advocates of racism and sexism, practitioners of “McCarthyism,” and other incarnations of social evil” … (frontpagemag)

CRANMER BLOG— Cardinal: “Rowan Williams is the Antichrist” … (cblog)

REMEMBERING The Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas (The Second Sunday of Great and Holy Lent) … (benedictseraphim)


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