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Anglican Crisis & Tanzania News
March 1, 2007, 8:41 pm
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GIVE NOW, or else– Touchstone needs $18k immediately… (merecomments)

COMPLIANTER: Word from Pat Dague– “Please pray for St. Andrews Church in Syracuse NY as Bishop Skip Adams‘ lawyers and Bishop Schori’s lawyers litigate to seize our church. Court proceedings begin at 10:00 am Thursday, March 1, 2007″.. keep this in mind as you look at the following … (Various)

AWW… THEY WU-U-UV HER! — [ENS] “Presiding Bishop’s webcast gets reviews from participants, viewers.” Oh puh-LEEZE! Amongst the hand-picked audience, media-hound and Anglican jet-setter Dr. Jenny TeaPot? (She’s the “ahorangi” or dean of Te Rau Kahikatea, dontcha know). She also spearheaded the “Israel Is Evil” Anglican Peas & Just Ice Report which parroted militant Palestinian talking-points, and almost got the Church of England to sign on. And if there’s an Anglican Communion Committee on the hop, she’s on it. Hardly a indifferent observer … (ENS)

FRESH CONGER News Analysis: Behind the Scenes in Dar es Salaam… (livingchurch)

PROPHECY— “Vladimir Sergeyevich Soloviev(his last name also seems to have been anglicized as Solovyov) was a Russian religious philosopher and poet who was born in 1853, died in 1900 and seems to have figured out the modern Episcopal Church well over a century ago”; Pope’s Retreat Preacher Speaks on Antichrist as a “pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist” … (

PUREST MUST-READ BabyBlueOnline– PB Blogfest: With God On Our Side only Nixon Can Go to China … (

TANTRUM ENSUES— Andrew Sullivan writes “The Anglicans Out-Sharia Muslims”; we responded to a previous mud-sling by Mr. Sullivan (he did not respond); and while we acknowledge his latest hyperventilation, the imprisonment, torture, and execution of gays in the muslim world is ongoing … (theatlantic)

ANOTHER ONE— “Hell no, Bishop Gladstone “Skip” Adams III of Central New York won’t go!” … (

+SCOTLAND: “A denominator of diffidence” … (reader)

A D*MNED CLOSE-RUN THING— “Apparently, Dar es Salaam was a lot nastier than some of its participants let on. Selections” … (

EPISCOPAL leader asks members to make concessions on gays … (startribune)

WHERE CREDIT IS DUE— “I’ve got major differences with it but I have to give Integrity this much. It’s got a delightful sense of humor” … (

“HOPPY” HOPKINS accuses Anglican Prime Mitts of being ECUSA-like group-thinkers. Or something… (t19)

CAPTAIN YIPS: “Excessively Diverted” … (captainyips)

CSMONITOR: “In Africa, the missionary tables have turned. African Anglicans are imposing on the West, not the other way around” … (csmonitor)

UNTO THE CANUCKIS: Archbishop’s visit is a show of good faith … (anglicanjournal)

ANGLICAN PLANET: “Over 45 congregations have left the Episcopal Church since 2003, when a practicing homosexual was elected as the bishop of New Hampshire” … (anglicanplanet)

MORE COMMENTS— The Bishop of Upper South Carolina Offers some Thoughts on the Tanzania Primates Communique; The Bishop of Michigan Responds … (titusonenine)

TIME MAG – friendly prophetic article. Will Akinola seek Anglicanism’s rupture in Dar es Salaam? The odds are that he will have to put up with one more attempt to avoid it… (sf)

WHITEHALL: “jim naughton’s response to canon harmon’s response to jim naughton: this is absurd”… (

THINKISH LIBERICANS: Wednesday and ensuing press reports. PB webcast. Faith Leaders condemn Nigerian legislation(thinkinganglicans)

PEPTO-BETTY IS DYSPEPTIC— Elizabeth Kaeton: “Let the Great Divorce Begin” .. it’s hard to believe she used those words, and does not recall the greater resonance with the C.S. Lewis story of the same name … (standfirminfaith, NYT)

A BBC World Service Audio Segment on the Tanzania Primates meeting … (t19)

SAME OLD— Church Should Repent, Not Gays, says John Shelby Spong (who should repent) … (WaPO)

COMMENTS ON SCHORI-VISION: “I only read up through the fourth paragraph, before the usual bogeymen (bogeypersons? bogeyits??) scared me away” … (standfirminfaith)

INFIGHTING, SCHISM threatens extremist Stand Firm Blog– homophobical sexist Greg Griffith: “Man. For three years I work on this blog. Untold thousands of hours. Tens of thousands of words. And finally, when some of them reach the eyes of William F. Buckley, whose are they? The token chick’s. There’s no justice, I tell ya.” Warrior Princess Hey responds– “Greg, the Southern Anglican Women’s StandFirm Blogger’s Committee will be writing you shortly with a list of Our Demands.” … (standfirminfaith)

Other News

SCAREDY-CAT LIB-BP.— Essentials warning. Boo-boo kitty prelate also forbid his people from reading the Evillest Anglican Paper Ever. Here’s what we said at the time … (anglicanjournal)

UK SYNOD rejects church’s gay ‘marriage’ advice … (mainstream)

NOW ON THE INTERWEBS: Bishop George Packard has a Blog … (titusonenine)

ARCHIVES— “No matter how ENS, ECUSA or the NCC spin the truth, the people of Cuba live in a never-ending Lent, and for the dissident prisoners Good Friday lasts 20-30 years. Easter has come for the hundreds who have been executed by Castro’s firing squads, and whose last words were, “Viva Cristo Rey”, (“Long live Christ the King”.) Even after more than 40 years of exile, the rest of us live “in sure and certain hope of the resurrection” —-Next year in Havana…”… (CaNN Archives)

COLSON: Scripture and Experience Set Clear Familial Order. I could not condone clergy who are practicing homosexuals anymore than I would condone clergy engaged in an adulterous heterosexual relationship… (WaPo)

U.S CHURCH leaders condemn Nigerian anti-gay law … (ekklesia)

PEACE IN OUR TIME! “A delegation of Christians sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee and the American Friends Service Committee has been to Iran, and discovered that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is actually a Quaker” … (reformedpastor)

ONGOING PERSECUTION— “CBU intends to inflict as much damage as possible. Well, do your worst.” … (Bearblog)

EVO OUTPOST— Family-First Conservatism: A Manifesto … (evangelicaloutpost)

THINKING ALL MDG-STYLE— where it gets you, via Curt Jester … (curtjester)

THE IRD— U.S. Religious Leaders Encourage Talks Between Hitler and Roosevelt: Give Assurances Hitler Will Not Seek to Extend German Borders … (

RAYMOND J. KEATING— “The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) rejects homosexual activism — or does it?” … (orthodoxytoday)

SAD TO SAY… Church Of The Ressurection To Vacate The Buildings… (descant)

THOUGHT-CRIMES— Querying the Homintern: Justin Raimondo’s gay dissent … (takimag)

UK GENERAL SYNOD— Motions on Sexuality: General Synod, By Andrew Goddard … (fulcrum)

PUCKER UP! CENTRAL ECUADOR: Convention approves resolution recognizing Presiding Bishop’s ‘prophetic ministry’ … (ENS)

CARIOCA: “With respect to whether certain covenanted relationships in the Bible can be read as connoting a homoerotic dimension, I cannot say that I am very impressed by this argument” … (carioca)

SOUNDS LIKE LIBERAL CHURCHLINGS TO US: “Sociopathic narcissism (what I call “sociopathic selflessness”) is the defining characteristic of the “dictatorship of the do-gooders”. They claim to strive for “social justice” and to “end poverty” and bring about “peace” and “brotherhood”—so, how is it that they never seem to notice that their ideology always brings about the exact opposite of those things?”… (drsanity)

REMEMBER, KIDS— the current Anglican meltdown is about God and Jesus and the Bible, not primarily about modern sexual confusions. Thus, “Anthony Sacramone at First Things has put together a list of what Mark Shea calls “Shocking Revelations that shake Christianity to its very foundations,” or SRTSCTIVF for short. In addition to Captain Nemo’s discovery of Jesus’, Mary Magdalene’s, their son, Jude’s, and their dog, Skippy’s ossuaries, we can add”… (breakpoint)

REMEMBERING Blessed David, Bishop of Menevia, c. 544 … (


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