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Anglican Crisis & Tanzania News
March 1, 2007, 12:49 am
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LONDON (Reuters) – Conservatives and liberals locked horns over homosexuality at a Church of England synod on Wednesday as the worldwide Anglican communion faced the grim prospect of schism; “The General Synod of the Church of England (their equivalent of General Convention) has today passed the following motion (what TEC would call a resolution)”; Two Breaking News Items from Church of England Synod … (yahoo, carioca, aacblog)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIN CASE YOU MISSED IT— A ReTruthification Conversation with Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, courtesy of the Money-Bags Episcopal Clown Liturgy Church, NY.. (comments ensue). The text is here. It’s interesting to see the ECUSA insitutional liberals so off their game & message.. it’s just the end of Feb, and the ostensible Dar deadline is Sept. 30th, and yet so many folks (including Ms. PeeBee) have already blown their tops and defied the spirit and letter of the recent Primate’s Meeting: what point would a ‘Special General Convention‘ ever have? Here’s a past ReTruthification(Various)

IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS— Primate’s Meeting Security breach brings conversion. Sermon audio(gledhill)

THE “S-WORD” & THE “F-WORD— “This is my beloved – what?” … (

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Anglican church leaders and others demanding the U.S. Episcopal Church harden its stand on gay issues may be yielding to unwarranted impatience instead of waiting for divine guidance, the head of the U.S. church said on Wednesday … (reuters)

FRESH GOODNESS FROM Gavin Dunbar: A Reflection on the recent Diocese of Georgia Convention. Gavin Dunbar: Canon and Constitutions(t19)

STAND FIRM Video Roundtable: TEC’s Strategy on the Dar Communique … (standfirminfaith)

CHATTY BP. Gene Robinson urges Episcopalians to stand by gays … (Various)

BABY BLUE– Alice in Wonderland – or is that The Episcopal Church? … (babybluecafe)

SHOW ME…SOMETHING OR OTHER— “Missouri Episcopal Bishop George Wayne Smith doesn’t publish a whole lot which as legendary MCJ commenter and fictional restauranteur Jeffersonian and I know is a good thing” … (

MUST-READ KRAALSPACE: “Temptation, then and now”; also see “The simplest solution of all” … (kraalspace)

POT? KETTLE ON LINE ONE — “I don’t enjoy giving him any more attention than he already gets but here’s Gene Robinson on Tanzania” … (

THE PH.D of PITTSBOIG, Lionel Diemel: A New Urgency to Reject Consents for South Carolina Bishop Elect Mark Lawrence … (t19)

ANGLICAN MAINSTREAM: Breaking News From The English Synod … (standfirminfaith)

EPISCOPAL DIVISIONS long in coming, visiting Bolivian bishop says … (

WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY: “..the installation in New Hampshire of a homosexual bishop who advocates the ordination of homosexual men and women as clergy is taken by the men in charge of the Anglican Communion as different from the kind of egalitarianism that abolished slavery and extended civil rights to women” … (yahoo)

A WORLD Magazine Report on the Tanzania Primates Meeting … (worldmag)

IN DEFIANCE OF DAR— Property Litigation Continues Despite Anglican Call for Suspension; Anglican Catholic comments. Chancellor: Cessation of Lawsuits Must be Part of Comprehensive … (Various)

FR. TIMOTHY FOUNTAIN: Enemies of the Cross; My thoughts on the latest developments in TEC and the AC … (descant)

THE ECUMENICAL COUNCIL of– well, the tiny and radicalized sect known as The Anglican Church of Canada… GS2007: In Plenary – Core doctrine and Adiaphora ? What’s the difference? … (storiesoffaith)

LIVING CHURCH— News Analysis: Behind the Scenes in Dar es Salaam; Goodwill and Patience Needed, Archbishop Says … (livingchurch)

PANDERING TO THE HATERS— Don’t Worry! The Religious Left Is Making “Peace” with Iran, By Mark D. Tooley. An ecumenical delegation from the U.S. visits the terror state … (frontpagemag)


SPLEEN-MEISTER Jim Naughton: My response to Kendall Harmon. Integrity Says to Tell your Bishop to Say no to the Primates Ultimatum … (t19)

THINKING ANGRIFFONS: General Synod – Civil Partnerships. General Synod – Lesbian and Gay Christians. GS: Wednesday press reports(thinkinganglicans)

AFTER THE NEXT GENERATION: Canadian Homosexual Activists Consider Targeting Private Christian Schools for “Homophobia” .. Want provincial ministry of education to exert “more control” over curriculum and staff hiring … (

TEC CHEELEADER JAN wants you to know that her church is just fine, numerically speaking, so shut up … (episcope)

ANOTHER FINE ECUMENICAL MOMENT— Bishop Roskam: ACC is the only body in which the fullness of Christ is expressed … (standfirm)

TRUE VS. FALSE charity on homosex … (

CAPTAIN YIPS— Bullets, Dodged; Nostalgia; 815, You Have a Problem(captainyips)

REFORMED PASTOR: “Tipping Point Toward What?” … (reformedpastor)

BISHOP Gladstone Adams III (Central New York): Regarding the Communique … (standfirm)

SHERROD flings a grenade- “Forget the Primates. Fear Self-inflicted Wounds!”; Russell on Kendall Harmon(wildernessgarden, inchatatime)

A LETTER FROM the Vestry of Grace Church Anglican in Florida … (standfirm)

THE RAINBOW BOOT— Rhode Island Attorney General Imposes Same-Sex “Marriage” Recognition on State … (standfirminfaith)

HATEFULLY HOMOPHOBICAL BETRAYER Publisher/Founder of Popular Black Lesbian Magazine Leaves Gay Lifestyle to “Give Heart and Soul to God”; in other news, “How San Francisco writer, activist and lifelong atheist Sara Miles unexpectedly found God” … (lifesite, freerep)

AN INFIDEL sneers at classical Anglicanism; another guy on “Jesus says nothing about sexuality” … (onfaith)

J. BUDZISZEWSKI— “The gay-activist movement is finding its way into more and more schools — promoting destructive behavior under the guise of tolerance. How can you ensure that the truth gets a fair hearing?” … (catholiceducation)

REMEMBERING George Herbert, Presbyter, 1633 … (reader)

GONE QUACKERS— Donald Duck’s Tomb Revealed? Christianity Today Satirizes James Cameron and His Jesus Tomb Documentary. NR0: Cameron Finds Christ! What else in the ossuary?(wafflinganglican)

AN AMUSING MOMENT: “As Long as I Have Legs, I Will Run With the Squirrels” … (benedictseraphim)

~ Jeffersonian ~

Kick ‘Em When They’re Down?

Over on Episcopoid, we found this item. Now, we can’t say if the posting there verges on cheery and gleeful, but it certainly lacks signs of Christly compassion or Christian character towards a fallen brother.

Why? Hell hath no fury like liberalism scorned. Thus, the vocally conservative Fr. Pascoe is “one of them” for rabid ECUSA-loyalist “Rev.” Nunley; not of our tribe. You, know: Good riddance. A-HA! Told ya: they’re all hypocrites! One down, a few thousand to go. And so on. We’ll note there was no such liberal grave-dancing when the current bishop of New Hampshire revealed his battles with alcoholism (and many conservatives called for prayer). Shame, Jan: shame.

This Is How You Do It

Over on Stand Firm, Sarah Hey– no doubt with a sorrowful heart– lays out a Christian response. Go read it.

As she notes, in the recent events in Florida, Abp. Kolini has shown how to deal seriously with a Christian leader caught in sin.

After all, for morally and spiritually serious Christians, we’re all sinners. Saint Paul– in the mini-Gospel of his Letter to the Galatians– lays out in chapter 6 some medicine for the fallen Christian.

Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin,
you who are spiritual should restore him gently.
But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.
Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way
you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Amidst the two generations of conflict within the chaotic Episcopal Church is the sad fact that there is less and less Christ-like mercy and healing for sinners, and ever more temptation and lawlessness. Lots of cracks for folks to fall into; lots of stress and strain for faithful folk. Sin is the same, and human nature is the same, despite what the progressives in wonderland may wish.

Kyrie Eleison

So let us pray for one another, that our merciful Lord may indeed deliver us from temptation, especially in such a time beset with tests and trials– and when those called to be our brothers and sisters in the Lord even delight in our troubles, sufferings, and downfallings.

Such were the sufferings of Christ; tempted and yet without sin: so we have a merciful high priest and brother and saviour who seeks our restoration and strengthening, for the good

of His Church, and our fellow Christians, according to his good will and purpose.

Pray for me, a sinner,

CaNN News Editor

Jesu, mercy!


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