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Anglican Crisis & Tanzania News
February 27, 2007, 5:45 pm
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Fever.. dizzy.. whiny.. so no charming graphics right now. Maybe later…

ANGLICAN PLANET— March 2007, Vol. 3. No. 3, now online for March 07 … (anglicanplanet)

GLEDHILL: “Venables predicts two-tier communion” … (timescolumns)

AND FURTHERMORE.. David Ould: “Bonnie Anderson writes to the Panel of Reference again … (sf, aco)

CANTRELL on Nicaea & House of Deputies Discussion … (

DAVID OULD: In Florida, the Litigation Also Continues. Panel of Reference – delays and excuses continue(t19, sf)

TOMORROW, THAT IS— Presiding Bishop sets live webcast to discuss current issues– Listening, Lent and reflection on the recent Anglican Primates’ Meeting will be among themes addressed as Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori facilitates a live webcast conversation with Episcopalians churchwide on Wednesday, February 28, beginning at 10 a.m. EST (9 a.m. CST, 8 a.m. MST, 7 a.m. PST) … (wfn)

ROWAN— Anglicans appear “obsessed with sex”: Rowan Williams. Anglican Head Reveals Efforts for Unity, Makes Homosexual Stance Clear; A battle very few really want to be Fighting(yahoo. CP, Rooters)

AN INTERVIEW with Archbishop Gregory Venables: Anglicans Have a Relational Challenge and a Theological Challenge … (titusonenine)

BABY BLUE— “Schori’s Chancellor refuses to put litigation on hold; says there is “no basis” to suspend actions as directed by the Anglican Communique” … (

CANTUAR-WATCH— A written answer from the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Church of England’s General Synod has revealed that new laws to protect LGB people from discrimination may be under threat; Archbishop of Canterbury reports Primates Communique to CofE(pinknews, mainstream)

BISHOP MALIK comes back with same-sex agenda from the Primates … (pakistanchristianpost)

ANGLICANS ONLINE, UK— more on the “Windsor” statistics. GS: Tuesday press reports. GS: Question Time(thinkinganglicans)

UNFRIENDLY FIRE— thanks, ECUSA! “Aids orphans in firing line as Church fights over gay priests … 100 gay bishops” … (standfirminfaith)

GENDER BENDER— “As far as the Dar es Salaam Communique is concerned, Ohio’s Mark Hollingsworth is in no big rush” … (

POULD— UK General Synod; Off to Westminster(

VIA STAND FIRM: “From the Dean of General Theological Seminary” … (standfirminfaith)

CAP’N YIPS: “The Archbishop in Synod” … (captainyips)

WHITEHALL: “presiding bishop briefs 815 staff on the primates’ meeting” … (

COMPLIANTOUSNESS— “ight. The Episcopal Church takes the Dar es Salaam Communique very seriously” … (

ROWAN WILLIAMS to visit Canada – finally! … (TAP)

BECAUSE It’s All About The Sex… (standfirminfaith)

WATER FOUND TO BE WET— “No surprise here. Newark’s not down” … (

THE KEW CONTINUUM: “Responses to the Communique” … (

SUE CARELESS: “Although elected on the first ballot, the Bishop-Elect of South Carolina is in danger of not having his election confirmed by the national church” … (anglicanplanet)

GETTIN’ SOME: “I’m starting to think that the Episcopal left may just seriously push this “no marriages at all for anybody” fasting idea in response to Dar es Salaam and that some “courageous” bishop somewhere may impose it regardless” … (

CANON Kendall Harmon–Reflections on the Significance of the Dar es Salaam Primates Communique (I): Closing the Jim Naughton-Bishop Sisk Loophole … (transfigurations)

WAFFLING ANGLICAN: St. Vincent and the TEC … (

RAYMOND DAGUE: “Bishop Schori Says One Thing, but Does the Opposite” … (transfigurations)

OH DEAR— “Continue to agitate, nag, pester and challenge the people and systems of this world so that all children, all girl children and all boy children, can have an appropriate sense of pride in the way in which they have been created.” Read the article, especially where one commenter says “How can there be so many demented people in the world?” It’s called SIN, Ma’am. The liberals sometimes have a heart for the suffering, but no idea of the causes & facts & effects of our broken, bent, and fallen humanity. How then do we need a saviour or salvation? We just need to dreamily nag the systems of the demented or something like that, and we can make all the boo-boos better. That’s hellishly naive, but– according to their limited logic and analysis of humanity– it makes a certain kind of sense. Sadly, the greatest oppressor of progressives is progressivism … (

STEPHEN NOLL: A Blueprint for the future of the Anglican world. Observations and recommendations regarding church governance at a global level as presented to the 2006 Mere Anglicanism conference … (anglicanplanet)

FROM THE Bahamas Journal: Episcopal Church Given Ultimatum … (titusonenine)

PRIMATIAL VICAR Proposal Insufficient for Chicago Parish … (livingchurch)

ROWAN SPEAKS & comments ensue. Archbishop of Canterbury speaks on same-sex unions(titusonenine, spero)

TOWNHALL— Bill Murchison: Anglican Agonies … (

ATTENTION, PISKIE LIBS: “Kidnapping Eve. The slavery of Eve. The slaughter of Eve. The murder of Eve…. This is sexism, correct? This is a human-rights story, right?” … (getreligion)

A STATEMENT from Bishop William Love of the Diocese of Albany in Response to the Tanzania Primates Comunique … (titusonenine)

PANDER & BOW, 2007— In Iran, religious delegation urges building bridges, deeper dialogue with US; Iran president open to talks with U.S., religious leaders told. It’s jsut so cool that a delegation of liberals can solve all our problem: you know, nuclear proliferation, Holocaust denial, threats to wipe out Israel, vicious anti-Western rhetoric, lavish sponsorship of terrorists at work attacking Israel and destabilizing Lebanon– it’s all over. Whew! “Once again the West is only too happy to delude itself” … (wfn, spectator)

CT WEBLOG— Weblog: Episcopal Bishops Balk at Anglican Leaders’ Demands … (CT)

PAGING DOXOS & the chicken-dinners conspiracy bunch: Pelosi Hires Soros’ Right-Hand Man. Soros being a One-Worlidan utiopian lefty. As for the mega-millions in ECUSA coffers and Trinity Wall Street, why: they tried to buy a WorldWide Communion not all that long ago … (frontpagemag)

OASIS LEADS Rejection of Ban Against Episcopal Blessing of LGBT Couples … (t19)

FROM THE LAW OFFICES of Dewey, Smyte, & Howe: “Virginia property litigation to continue, church’s attorneys say” … (

YORKS POST: “Michael Brown: A tale of two archbishops as a Church is torn apart” … (yorkshirepost)

CTSIX— 7 Days ago the Primates issued a Communique … (ctsix)

SAD ALLEGATIONS— “Florida 7” rector removed by +Kolini. Priest Removed Amid Claims Of Relationship With Parishioner … (episcope)

CANUCKISTAN: Reading the Toronto Star: Gay is the new normal! (What’s the new “queer”?) … (proudtobecanadian)

SCIENCE-WARS: Psychologists to Re-Examine Policy on Gay Therapy … (christianpost)

TALK THE TALK, don’t walk the walk– Video: Michelle on the ACLU chapter prez child porn arrest … (

LLAMA BUTCHERS … : “Two by two. Hands of blue. And the PB, too” .. (llamabutchers)


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