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Anglican Crisis & Tanzania News
February 23, 2007, 2:25 am
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“We came very close to separation,”
said Archbishop Gregory Venables of
this weekend’s meeting of global Anglican leaders,

“but Biblical doctrine and behavior have
been affirmed as the norms in the Anglican Church.”

ANGLICAN TV: DAR Last Press Conference … (anglicantv)

TELEGRAPH— “Why the Anglican Communion Matters” by Rowan Williams. Archbishop warns Church may still fall apart(telegraph)

MAGISTATS HAS BEEN BUSY— Each Anglican province “has its own understanding of the Gospel”; Episcopal Church asked to “slam doors”; Time for Anglican Church of Canada to get serious; Anglican Church of Canada still has a chance to do the right thing; Archbishop Hutchison bemoans primates’ agenda(magicstatistics)

CANON David Anderson President of American Anglican Council responds … (anglican-mainstream)

AFTER YEARS of bitter debate, the Anglican Communion has given the Episcopal Church an unambiguous ultimatum — adhere to traditional Christian teachings on human sexuality by Sept. 30 or face the consequences … (nwanews)

LOOKS LIKE A one-way ticket to Palookaville … (timotheosprologizes)

CHANE TO COMMUNION: UP YOURS! — “Backing up my belief that a substantial body of TEC bishops will refuse to go along with the Dar es Salaam Communique should the House of Bishops pass it, John Chane flips off the Anglican Communion” … (

TERRY MATTINGLY: The Episcopalians debate their ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy; Get Religion: Episcopalians in the dock (day two) … (kitsapsun, gr)

WINDY BISHOP— “Chicago Bishop William Persell thinks the Dar es Salaam primates meeting really blew it. Guess what he starts with?” And– “DEAD IN THE WATER— They’re not buying it, Kate. Susan Russell’s joint isn’t going to be doing any damned fasting” … (

THE PANEL OF REFERENCE Not Bound by TEC Polity; Primates’ Communiqué Draws Mixed Reactions From Bishops(livingchurch)

EPISCOPAL HYSTERIA WATCH— “Some on the Episcopal left are losing it. Newark’s William Coats blows a gasket” … (

ARCHBISHOP Henry Luke Orombi refused Holy Communion while at the Anglican Communion Primates Summit in Tanzania over the issue of homosexuality … (newvision)

CAPTAIN YIPS— “Unfortunate Results”; A Game of Chicken(captainyips)

FRESH FIRST THINGS: The Anglicans: What Happened in Tanzania … (transfigurations)

DRELLBOT: Living Church On HOB Meeting; Our PB Takes A Conciliatory Tone. And Now, For Something Completely Different – Let’s Choke The Church Until It Dies For The Sake of Unity(Descant)

THINKING OUT LOUD— “Much to the consternation of Brad Drell, an idea has been floated here and there that TEC needs to call a special GenCon specifically to deal with the Dar es Salaam proposals(Drell doesn’t think such a move is necessary)” … (

POINTY HAT REPORT— “More Episcopal bishops are officially responding to the Dar es Salaam Communique and the reactions suggest that the primates’ request may not make it out of the House of Bishops next meeting, never mind a special General Convention” … (

RICHARD KEW: “The past few years those of us who are historic Anglicans in North America have been grieving over the passing of the old denomination in which so many of us were shaped and reared. However inadequate your parent might have been, it is always difficult to see them decline, deteriorate, and ultimately die. We have been watching those structures from the past with their accompanying rules and regulations begin to shuffle off, while a raucous new wave of structures are noisily (and sometimes rancorously) are testing the waters” … (

TECNS OFFICIAL ORGAN— Episcopal groups react to Primates’ communiqué, by Mary Frances Schjonberg … (ENS)

MATT KENNEDY: “Reading the Dar Es Salaam Communique: Part 1” … (standfirminfaith)

MANY & VARIOUS— A Personal Reflection from The Primus of Scotland; Bishop Steven Charleston’s Response to the Tanzania Primates Communique: To Everything There is A Season; The Bishop of Minnesota’s Statement In Response to the Communiqué following the Meeting of the Primates In Tanzania; From Bishop Barry Beisner of Northern California … (Various)

ANYBODY BUT BINKY ONLINE— primates meeting: more blog responses. primates meeting: Wednesday press coverage(thinkinganglicans)

MANIFOLD BISHOPS— Episcopal Church Would Not ‘Abandon’ Gays for Anglican Communion; Episcopal Leaders Expect Anglican Schism; +mark sisk, bishop of new york, on the dar es salaam communique; The Bishop of Arizona Responds. The Bishop of Rhode Island Responds to the Primates Communique(Various)

ON ANOTHER CONTROVERSY— Primate’s Communique: Women’s Ordination … (all2common)

CROCODILE TEARS— “Perhaps this is a stereotype but the very last group of people that I ever thought would be concerned about the Church of England or the Anglican Communion would be people who worked for the Guardian” … (

VIA AACBLOG— Anglicans ‘in interpretive free-for-all’ over their future … (aacblog)

DOULD: “Bishop after TEC Bishop is now responding to the Primates’ Communiqué. Which is interesting, since they’re the ones that the Primates asked to respond together by 30 September” … (whitehorseinn)

A RETURN to the Third World: “Father Raymond de Souza describes the impact of demographics on the Anglican Church in the National Post. The upward trajectory in the number of Christians in the Third World has met the descending trend line of First World congregations and has inexorably shifted the center of Christianity away from Europe to Asia, Latin America and Africa. In a very short while, nearly 70% of Christians will be in the non-European world. As a result, the doctrinal compromises made by the Anglican leadership in the West to mollify their post-Christian flock will soon be under severe attack” … (fallbackbelmont)

LEANDER HARDING: “Special Convention?” … (leanderharding)

CARIOCA: “And on the Third Day… As I write, it is not yet three full days since the release of the Dar es Salaam communique, but it already seems a familiar feature of the Anglican landscape, almost as if it had always been here” … (

WHITE HALL— “on the primates’ key recommendations”; and “what kendall harmon would have said on the newshour if he’d had time…” … (anglicancatholic)

EVEN MORE ENS Audio: Presiding Bishop reflects on Primates’ Meeting … (

MUST READ: An Anglican future, made in Africa – Father Raymond J. de Souza … (catholiceducation)

ECUSA-NORTH— Archbishop Hutchison: Canada could mediate at primates’ meeting … (magicstatistics)

PREDICTABLE— The Right Reverend John Bryson Chane, Bishop of Washington on Tanzania. You know, it’s same old, same old. We could write these FOR the rads … (titusonenine)

VIA STAND FIRM— Tom Woodward’s Martyr Theory; Bill Coats & the Episcopal Majority: RESIST! … (standfirminfaith)

ANGLICAN LEFTWARDS JOURNAL (second story, in particular)– Canadian Anglicans weigh in on primates’ warning to U.S. church; Dispute over homosexuality not over yet, says Archbishop of Canterbury … (

EPISCOPAL HYSTERIA WATCH: “Some on the Episcopal left are losing it. Newark’s William Coats blows a gasket” … (

CHRISTIAN POST— Bishop: Episcopal Church Would Not ‘Abandon’ Gays for Anglican Communion … (christianpost)

WAFFLING ANGLICAN: The Significance of the Primates’ Communique … (

AGE TO COME: “Report on the 2007 Primates Meeting in Tanzania” … (theagetocome)

TRACTION— “Told you this idea might have legs. This guy takes Susan Russell’s suggestion of last night and runs with it” … (

+TEXAS’ Statement In Response to the Tanzania Primates Communiqué … (titusonenine)

EARLY RETURNS — “The Episcopal bishops are starting to weigh on Dar es Salaam and it’s not looking good. New York’s Mark Sisk” … (

REVISIT: POULD— “Why the Communique and Recommendations are really groundbreaking” … (peter-ould)

EPISCOPAL RIFT seen as ironic in San Joaquin … (fresnobee)

ORTHODIXIE— The Episcopals in “Goodbye Yellow Brick” … (

Other News

AMERICAN Presbyterian leaders still lying about Israel. Despite being rebuffed by their own members at their 2006 General Assembly … (mainlinetruths)

REFORMED PASTOR— On Hosea, Gomer, and PCUSA … (reformedpastor)

AMEN AND AMEN! outdoing itself … (surrounded)

MILITANT NEW Gay curriculum will empty the public schools … (proudtobecanadian)

CATHOLICS PLAYED a key role in the development of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, yet increasing the Catholic Church is seen at odds with the so-called rights revolution that in 2005 brought the legalization of same-sex marriage … (freerep)

WHAT IT MEANS: “Obviously, human beings were desperately in need of a vertical intervention to save them from the hell on earth they had created. All of us continue to benefit everyday from that little sliver of light that miraculously opened up in a world of infrahuman darkness” … (onecosmos)

PAGING THE PEEBEE: World’s Record Squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, of course) Caught! Calamari Rings the Size of Tractor Tires May Ensue … (wafflinganglican)


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