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February 23, 2007, 6:03 pm
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Various & Sundry Matters

MMMmmm.. Pretty Picture!

What do you get when two elves– a word-elf (1998-2007) and a geek-elf (2003-2007)– dream really large? CaNNet. The progessives imagine chicken-dinners, deep buckets of conspiracy gold and shadowy American foundations. At least with CaNN & CaNNet, the reality is more commonplace: shoestringing a server and supporting an astonishingly wide range of websites, to facilitate all sorts of Anglican ministry, bloggers, and other quiet goodness, for the good of the Church, and to the honour of Jesus Christ her Lord. All by donations.

Thanks for supporting us (graphic updated, click on the small one to the right to see a big version, or click here to donate. You’re supporting us, the CaNNet, and other websites of Christian worth.

Keep Expectations Low!

No matter what those coming before or after you, when it’s on your watch, it’s your responsibility. Period.

So whatever Browning and Griswold or whomever did or didn’t do, it’s now up to Mrs. Jefferts-Schori as Presiding Bishop to lead and speak for and to the Epicopal Church. Whatever her ignorances, she is also obligated to find the best help & counsel she can.

Given that, we’ve pondered the post-Dar utterances of the PeeBee and found them to be of the usual quality we’ve all come to expect from her. Which is sad, given what we’ve said. Wise advice from others and a touch of speech-writing may not seem ‘sincere’ to liberal from-the-hearters, but sincere foolishness inaptly put is still just that.

No, Really

Every time we read (or now, with ENS audio, hear her), our reaction is the same “Huh?” and “Why would anybody say THAT?” and “Is that really the best she can do? Is that all she’s got?” Underwhelming. And she keeps on keeping on.

The liberal ECUSA world-view comes across as small, theologically vague, grandiose, humanistic, unreal, vicious, and pastorally shallow. While we respect many of the questions and issues self-styled progressives are concerned about, their answers and assumptions and methods are straight from la-la land.

In that respect, Mrs. Schori is the very picture of the tiny-time playland of the modern ECUSA seminary, where issues are simple, brightly coloured, and pre-chewed by leading liberals for easy digestion. Sadly, while one might hope (and some faithful people in the pews still expect) that schools of theology would be about God and the Bible and Church history and soul-care and all that. Nope: these days most of them are proudly about treating Christianity like a pesky virus and the liberal new religion as the life-saving cure.

Got A Clue?

So we ask of Schori, Chane, Sisk, and their ilk in their current tantrum of apocalyptic nastiness: “Is that your best? All you got? Same old same old sameness & oldness?” But of course it is. Leftianity is a shallow puddle, not the mighty ocean of Christianity, nor the endless life and goodness of eternity given to us through Christ and his Church.

Looks like that’s all we can expect form the big office at 815, barring a conversion and re-education. Of course, Appearances-Are-Fine conservatives and establishment-worshippers helped it get this way.

Not Entirely Useless

That’s why the many voices of CaNN remind us that evangelicalism needs catholicity, catholicism needs a passion for souls, and any true recovery and recollection of our Anglican Christian identity means prayer, hard work, and cooperation. We’re thankful that the interwebs can serve in that cause, according to the redeeming & providential and pure & perfect will of Almighty God.

CaNN News Editor


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Have you seen the post Opening Line over at
Opening line as in the opening line for a gambling wager. Gives me an idea which I posted over there thinking MCJ was part of this crowd that CaNN is hosting. It isn’t, but anyway, here is the idea…

Maybe we could get a little contract up on They cover the political scene pretty well and allow contracts to be suggested. We could set up a contract like the capture Osama contract except the subject would be Episcopal Chruch spilts from AC closing March 07, June 07, Sept 07, or Anglican Communion Waffles. My starting odds 50:1, 20:1, 1:1, 3:1

A second interesting contract would be special convention. 10:1

VGR invite to Lambeth 1:20

Covenant adoption? 1:3

The possibilites are endless….

But why should we pay intrade to manage it all. Maybe CaNN would set it up and we could bid real money, but the only payoff would be bragging rights. The money could be used to support this ministry and others that use CaNN as their host. Binks maybe that would get you your new computer ;-)

It’s a bit unorthodox I know…

Bingo by another name….?


Comment by batlte

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