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February 20, 2007, 10:10 pm
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Various Devils In The Details

Kate Schori can be forgiven feeling ‘Lost Weekend’ groggy, and wondering how she got taped and painted into a corner– at least on paper. Perhaps hoping for a bureaucratic dodge, or a liberal dream-team (whither Wonder-Hutchison?), instead she’s been graciously received into the Primate’s team that will be holding ECUSA to account.

And she signed off on it all.

Could make it awkward to be the le grand fromage of an organization suing everybody in sight all the way down to the church mice in Virginia and elsewhere– when that would be a violation of the spirit and letter of the Covenant & all that Mrs. Schori just agreed to.

Down, Not Out

Mind you, if the Primatial Vicar is a Carnley or Eames or some other water-it-down and delay-minded sort, then the Anglican Communion will quickly be back on the doomed list. Follow-through is everything.

Interesting to read the Covenant and Communique (and the Schedule) and note that the Primates are envisioning more of an early-churchy model of church government, with Canturbury as Primus Inter Pares, but the College of Primates working together to try and give some law and order to the Communion. It looks like the Anglican Consultative Council and other bureaucratic inventions of the ECUSA-dominated 1980s and 90s (hey there, Kearon!) aren’t given their former prominence, either.

Now, it may just be a tantrum for the masses (or ‘their’ PeeBee), but Integrity (so gracelessly crowing after GenCon06) is not amused. Quoth Susie Russell:

Primates Choose Bigotry Over Baptized: “Let us pray it doesn’t take another hundred years for yet-unborn primates to gather for a service of repentance for what the church has done to its gay and lesbian members today, as they repented in Zanzibar yesterday for what it did to those the church failed to embrace as full members of the Body of Christ.”

Hard To Say

However the Tanzania moment actually works out (potentially more powerfully than Lambeth 1998), it’s a sharp reversal for the revolutionaries, who’ve been working from the Little Red Book of Chairman Louie for breaking the church for several decades.

Perhaps this can be a moment of humility and sympathy for the progressives towards Anglican conservatives, as they get a taste of what it’s like to be sideswiped. Or, it can be yet another moment of politicking, vicious commentary, and group self-pity.

As we said, it may all paper-tiger on us, and our latter state will be worse than before. But so be it, the Primates have agreed together.

Thanks to everyone who has battled onwards to this point; God alone knows the cost. May His will be done.

CaNN News Editor

Tanzania News

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