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Anglican Crisis & Tanzania News
February 16, 2007, 10:39 pm
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BREAKING UPDATE— George Conger: “Amid Lowered Tensions, Primates Review Draft Covenant” … (livingchurch)

SITTING AT THE LORD’S TABLE: Statement from Global South Primates; TLC: Communion Broken, Says Global South; U.S. Anglican Leader Met With Boycott(aacblog, SF, ENS)

KALLSEN VIDEO: DAR Press Conference Feb 15 ; Dar Es Salaam Press Conference from Feb 14 … (

AACBLOG— Primates consider ‘parallel’ Church; Akinola meets with conservative group during Meeting … (aacblog, inclusivechurch)

OH PUH-LEEEZE! — Drell: According to Inclusive Church, Katherine Read This At Evening Prayer; Global South Primates Don’t Take Communion At Primates Meeting(descant)

GLEDHILL: “Communion broken in Dar es Salaam” … (gledhill)

PYRRHIC VICTORY— “The Communion Sub-Group whitewash released yesterday is being hailed in Episcopal leftist circles as a victory for TEC” … (

KENDALL: Can I Just Ask One Question? … (standfirminfaith)

PETER TOON— TEC nearly OK, says Report: Episcopal Church is short of the mark but not by much. A comment by Dr Peter Toon, February 16, 2007 … (

PETRE: “Reeling on the ropes” … (telegraph)

BABY BLUE: Things are very very serious, we need to pray … (

THE BEARDED WONDER— Archbishop Hutchison bemoans primates’ agenda … (magicstatistics)

AN OULD: Press Conference Notes – Friday … (peter-ould)

ANGLICAN PRAYER: I-tunes to the rescue … (anglicanprayer)

THE NETWORK Leadership Calls for Patience and Continued Prayer for Primates’ Meeting … (

MAINSTREAM— This Morning’s Reports; Draft notes of the Thursday Press Conference … (anglican-mainstream)

STAND FIRM ON Report of the Communion Sub-Group (on TEC’s response to the WR); Bill Caroll comments on the Sub-Group Report on Titusonenine; arah Hey: Victories & Defeats on the Fields of “Process”. Matt Kennedy pulps the Sub-group report; The Sub-Group Report: The Battle Broadens. Global South Comments. Dean William McKeachie of South Carolina: Ersatz Anglicanism(standfirminfaith)

FUDGE, ANYONE? — “On the one hand, this is not encouraging” … (

GADGET VICAR: No News Is Good News; and “24” Series 7The scene is a plush hotel in a very hot part of the world. The Archbishop is seated at a desk in his suite and is speaking … (Various)

A CONFUSED REPORT— Initial comments on the Communion Sub-group Report – Michael Nai-Chiu Poon … (globalsouthanglican)

LOTS OF PIX from Tanzania via ACNS/ Rosenthal … (

CLEAR ENOUGH? “The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (USA) is apparently ready to blow up the Anglican Communion for the sake of overthrowing 2000 years of biblical and theological tradition regarding sexuality” … (reformedpastor)

MAKE-IT-BETTER MAN! — Andrew Hutchison blogging from Tanzania, breaching the Ring of Steel … (felixhominum)

Here Canon James Rosenthal (right) briefs the press on February 14

WHITEHORSE: all the latest Anglican News … (whitehorseinn)

DAR2007: Primates Miss An Historic Opportunity … (freerep)

CAPTAIN YIPS: Putting a Fork in the Report; Staring into the Light: “We’ve had years of talk, but talk is coming to an end. Something must begin to happen, and not merely for our own sakes, but also for the future of Anglican Christianity here in North America.” … (captainyips)

REPORTAGE— Anglican leaders discuss U.S. church’s liberal stance on gays; Conservative Anglicans seek rebuke to US stance on gays; Anglican Report Avoids Schism, Snubs Conservatives … (Various)

THINKISH ANGLICANS— primates meeting: Friday morning. reactions to the seven. primates meeting: a selection from the blogs … (thinkinganglicans)

The Tanzanians have offered great hospitality.
At the turnoff from the main road, guests are
greeted by a large banner.

WHITEWASHING THE BALONEY— “Episcopal church response to Windsor was ‘adequate,’ says monitoring group” … (anglicanjournal)

BOBBY’S BISH— Zimbabwean Anglicans want primates to take down Bishop Kunonga … (magicstatistics)

EPISCOPALIANS WRESTLING: “African meeting focuses on fixing painful divisions” … (rockymountainnews)

The Bishop of Dar Es Salaam celebrates mass

in the chapel for the ACC Standing Committee

as the Primates Meeting gets underway.

(Photo Credit: ACNS Rosenthal.)

DIOGENES: “impaired communion.. Anglican primates, each with one hand on the Browning in his holster, are holding a tense meeting in Tanzania” … (cwnews)

WHITEHALL: “I wonder whether the sanguineness of the report is not, in part, out of a charitable generosity toward ECUSA. On the other hand, I agree that it does not represent the “facts on the ground” in America” … (

OFFICIALLY SPEAKING— Report of the Communion Sub-Group (September 2006): by.. The Archbishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams); The Archbishop of Central Africa (Bernard Malango); The Archbishop of Wales (Barry Morgan); Chancellor Philippa Amable, Province of West Africa; Canon Elizabeth Paver, Church of England; Kenneth Kearon Secretary-General. Further, the report was written half a year ago and events since then have demonstrated clearly that TEC and Schori in particular aren’t even vaguely interested in being doctrinally orthodox, let alone “Windsor Compliant” … (acns)

MARK HARRIS: “Dan Martins & Kendall Harmon give us reason to be vigilant” … (

Reporters for Reuters and AP write their daily briefs

KRAALSPACE: “I knew it.. I knew the little weirdbeard from Canterbury would sell out the conservatives!” … (

CARIOCA: “A Glass Half Full” … (

BP. MARTYN MINNS: “Va. Traditionalist Represents Developing World; WaPo Articles on +Minns and +Lee(, sf)

LIBERAL LAY CANON JIM NAUGHTON’S take on the sub-group report and response … (

ENS SPIN— Primates engage in ‘intense listening,’ discuss Windsor response … (episcopalchurch)

DAVID LAMBERT gets it in a recent comment … (peter-ould)

CARTOON CHURCH SERIES: “The Primates Meeting” … (cartoonchurch)

Other News

STILL AWAITING WORD from the Episcopal left on this: The Illegal Killing of Grade School Teacher & Activist Reisan Sawari … (

RICHARD KEW— “During the last several years I have heard all sorts of calls to loyalty to the Episcopal Church, especially among those who affirm a “progressive” agenda. These, I think, are the sort of folks who are like the Ford workers who asserted that Americans ought to buy cars produced by American manufacturers” … (

IRD REPORTING— Ecumenical News: When Pacifists Attack: Liberal Church Activist Liberals Muster for Battle against IRD ‘Coercion’. Sequel to Scandal: Baltimore-Washington Methodists Convene “Hearts on Fire” 2 … (

THE 2006 Jackass of the Year, By Mike S. Adams: “Intelligent people understand that the people who see “hate speech” everywhere are among the most unhinged members of our society” … (

CONFESSING READER: “The frantic need to exorcise Southern Baptist ghosts” … (

SERGE’S BLOG— “Meanwhile in the Episcopal Church the three remaining Catholic dioceses and four or five conservative ones on top of that are the ones the Russian Orthodox still talk to. An echo of the days when St Tikhon sat in choir for the consecration of Bishop Grafton’s cathedral and ROCOR Metropolitan Anastassy preached at St Paul’s. Relations with the national Episcopal Church understandably are over” … (

LEXINGTON, KY.—The Kentucky senate passed a bill today (SB 152) that would turn back attempts by state universities to provide taxpayer-funded benefits for the live-in sexual partners of unmarried faculty and staff … (merecomments)

BEND THE KNEE!! Parents Have No Right to Object to Gay Education by John-Henry Westen … (catholicexchange)

WHAT THEY’RE UP TO: “The new battleground… must become the culture, starting with the traditional family and completely engulfing churches, schools, media, entertainment, civic organizations, literature, science, and history. All of these things must be radically transformed and the social and cultural order gradually turned upside-down with the new proletariat placed in power at the top.” … (


“It will never be known what acts of cowardice
have been motivated by the fear
of not looking sufficiently progressive.”



Via Amy Welborn


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