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Anglican Crisis & Tanzania News
February 14, 2007, 10:36 pm
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WEDNESDAY— Guests: David Ould and Ruth Gledhill. Topics: TLC: Global South will Propose a Two-Province Solution; TLC: Alternative Agenda Proposde by primates; Peter Jensen: Church Must Confront Clash of Convictions; Gledhill: Archbishop Okoh Flown to Tanzania; Gledhill: Time for Anglicans to Divorce … (

“WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH THIS BAUBLE?” — “Apparently, Rowan Williams is considering the idea of delaying the Lambeth Conference”… (

LIVING CHURCH: Primates’ Session with Episcopal Bishops Changed to Thursday; Primates’ Official Opening Session Likely to Be Contentious. Breakfast between ABC, Akinola, Chew; Jefferts-Schori Invitation Maintained … (livingchurch)

GLEDHILL: It is time for the Anglican Luthers to divorce. This would be Rowan’s ‘Nuclear Option’ as Stand Firm notes … (timescolumns)

FOOL ME ONCE… “From all indications, the Global South primates will not allow themselves to get rolled again” … (

MOHLER: “Anglican Crisis Reaches African Summit — Pray for this Church to Stand Firm in Truth” … (albertmohler)

AH-HA — “Ruth Gledhill has figured it out” … (

NEW PRIMATE’S LIST, focussing on the orientation of all the new Primates … (lent)

ON SCHORI: “At least this time they’re not playing games with the headline” … (standfirminfaith)

REPORTAGE— AP: Anglican Conference Opens in Tanzania; US pro-gay bishop attends Anglican meeting; Anglican conference opens amid struggle over the Bible and sexuality … (Various)

JONATHAN PETRE: Archbishop faces Church split (btw, it’s pronounced ‘Peter’; and word to Fr. Mutt Kannidy.. it’s ak-ih-NO-la, and SUG-den) … (telegraph)

DAVID FISCHLER (formerly of the Ecumenical Insanity blog) is back & busy– “This Week: The Episcopal Crack-Up” … (reformedpastor)

TRIAL SEPARATION— “A temporary Episcopal split is apparently on the table” … (

LOUIE, LOUIE lobs some snarl at Peter Akinola: “And where does the local primate spend most of his time and energy? This is his See city. Just what part of “scapegoat” is so hard to understand?” Integrity godfather & ECUSA Exec Ctte member snits while conservatives worldwide hope; real grace under fire, Dr. Crew. He did forget to blame this on the Nigerian Primate. Global warming is still up for grabs, though … (Various)

PRAISE YE THE MDGs! UN Anglican Observer May Brief Primates … (aacblog)

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
is welcomed by Archbishop Donald Mtetemela (R) and
Canon Mwita Akiri of Tanzania as he arrives in
Dar es Salaam, February 13, 2007.
REUTERS/Emmanuel Kwitema

WILLIAMS welcomed, but gay Christian interrogated. “Nigerian Primate has unexpected Valentines Day gay encounter.” Hmph– what happened to the Ring of Steel & Truncheons Security Ring? … (spero, ekklesia)

THINKLING ANGLICANS: primates meeting: Wednesday … (thinkinganglicans)

FROM NPR: Anglicans Discuss Episcopal Divide in U.S. … (titusonenine)

ANGLICAN COMMUNION deplores fuel scarcity in Nigeria … (thetidenews)

GUARDIAN: “The church’s Black Brethren are not going to take it anymore” … (anglican-mainstream)

THE DRELL: Tanzania Predictions; Got An Email From +Bruce in Tanzania; Liberals Oppose Division of the Episcopal Church… (descant)

FROM THE Toronto New York Times Globe and Mail: Anglicans face ‘a bit of prunes pruning’ over gay rights … (titusonenine)

CAPTAIN YIPS: Secular Justice, Is It?; Wish List(captainyips)

LONGENECKER: “Dr George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury who pushed women’s ordination through the Church of England in the early 1990s has been in North Carolina for some weeks now. The story is that he is globe trotting, quietly ‘ministering’ to the morally conservative Anglican Evangelicals…. This is code for ‘rallying all the Evangelicals’ to fight against the insidious homosexualist agenda. Within polite Anglicanism this is definitely a ‘no no’. Retired Archbishops of Canterbury aren’t supposed to run about undermining their successor” … (

ONE TANZANIAN BP. breaks ranks in gay Anglican row … (

MATT KENNEDY— “Just a Thought: Heresy does not Evangelism Make” … (standfirminfaith)

VIA FULCRUM— Colin Coward’s Report concerning the Primates’ meeting – Day 2 … (fulcrum-anglican)

A BRILLIANT meditation from Jill W on the current prayers for Tanzania … (peter-ould)

REFLECTIONS on a Ring of Steel, by BabyBlue… (

STEPHEN BATES Interviewed and Gene Robinson Excerpted Just before the Anglican Primates Meeting on the BBC Northern Ireland Sunday Sequence Programme … (titusonenine)

SMILE! IT’S ALL GOOD— Ed Jones: “Episcopal Church will survive latest strife.” Looks like the Peeb/ ENS has been distributing some talking-points.. the ‘puny minority.. 45 parishes’ thing has popped up a few times in the usual sources since Sunday … (titusonenine)

FRESH SARAH HEY, in “Valentine’s Day is for Lovers,” quotes from Dawn Eden’s “Thrill of the Chaste” … (standfirminfaith)

WHITEHALL: the blessed virgin mary and the primates meeting … (

READER BLOGGER: “I am resisting making any sort of predictions about the outcome of the Primates’ Meeting in Dar es Salaam, but I do have a few thoughts or reflections on one or two matters as we await the start of the meeting on Thursday” … (

EPISCOMMUNICATOR & ENS EMPLOYEE of the Month Jan Nunley thinks All Is Well™, so just shut up: this ‘Tanzania roundup‘ is more helpful. Jan: denial is not pretty, not does it bolster the case. The Episcopal Church is in a steep more-than demographic decline, accelerating since 2003-4. Mind you, it’s no Anglican Church of Canada or anything, but STILL … (episcopalchurch)

ANDREW PLUS: “Two-Province Solution Doesn’t Solve Much” … (

SCHORIAN FAN CLUB— David Naughton; Episcarpe; Pisky Ad Dept.(Various)

FROM THE (London) Times: Archbishop faces boycott at gay summit … (titusonenine)

Other News

MORE ON that double-standard– “In NZ, gay Iranian gets asylum; Catholic does not” … (bettnet)

COLORADO: “Embattled Episcopal priest Don Armstrong is consulting with civil and church attorneys about his legal options after a church panel refused to lift restrictions on him” … (aacblog)

FREEDOM-WATCH: ‘Philadelphia 11’ told ‘gays’ limited speech — Judge’s ruling says permit allows biblical messages to be restricted … (wnd)

TEMPLE OF DELUSIONS— “Divine Obedience” to the Leftist Fringe, By Mark D. Tooley. “The Religious Left says God told them to protest the war at the National Cathedral next month. Where’s the ACLU?” Some SigCarlFred: “The silence and ugliness on much of the left are thunderous and revolting, indeed” … (frontpagemag, sigcarlfred)

OFF CAVORTING WITH THE MULLAHS— “Shea joins religious delegation going to Iran to talk peace”; here’s some reality-based analysis, as a counter-balance to the Kumbayah Kommission … (episcopalchurch, sigcarlfred)

NASTY DC BLOGGER GETS LIBERAL PROPS: “Jim Naughton, formerly director of communications, has been named Canon for communications and advancement”; here’s his blog(ENS, EDOW)

DISSIDENT Presbyterians Propose ‘Radical Change’ … (christianpost)

CONTRA ECUSA & MOLECH, Anglican Communion Network Partners with Anglicans for Life … (

‘LOVE WON OUT’ campaign is pure evil, dontcha know… (christianpost)

THE ZWINGLICAN: “how many Luthers? the true via media” … (whitehorseinn)

JUDICIAL ACTIVISM in Canuckistan: “..when the Liberals actually abuse the process, it’s not a problem; when Conservatives are wrongly accused of attempting to abuse the process, it’s time to man the barricades” … (dustmybroom,

DIOGENES: “The UK Tablet continues its crusade for Brokeback Montanism, most recently by means of a curiously argued essay urging the Church toward a Vichy-style capitulation that acknowledges the de facto coercive power of sexual Leftism” … (cwnews)

FUN WITH LUTHERANS: “New England Synod Council and their Task Force for Gay and Lesbian Understanding promulgate a resolution on and a rite for blessing same-gender committed relationships”; ELCA Urged to Obey Scripture … (freerep)

NO, REALLY! “Use of the Words ‘Natural Family’ Ruled Hate Speech, Appeal Hearing Underway”… (lifesite)

THE REFORMED PASTOR: Better Check Again– “There’s an interesting piece in the Presbyterian Outlook that makes the argument that the controversy over the Peace, Unity, and Purity report (PUP) is overblown and unnecessary”.. sounds familiar: this is the “be nice until we rule” phase of prog-talk. And in “New Form, Timeless Faith”, we see that liberal religion is a dying religion, yet again. You can’t FORCE people to believe any old thing … (reformedpastor)

ALL SHALL BE DEFILED! Gay Hockey Couple Flick Takes Heat. No cultural icons may exist without association them with the glories of turnip-eating same-sexuality being associated with them! … (christianpost)

FORBIDDEN WORDS— Defining Down Hate Speech – You’re Next! … (

BEWARE PROGRESSIVE ‘LOGIC’ — “As more and more sophisticated epistemological strategies for attacking reason, logic, truth and reality, are developed on the political left; we all find ourselves in a never-ending spiral of distortions, lies, betrayals, and escalating emotions”… (

WANT A LOVERLY table-top glossy book for you or someone else, or your favourite Anglican WebMaster? Order the latest 8th Edition Print Catalogue (160 pages full color, 8.5″ x 11″, Featuring over 1125 icons and their detailed descriptions). $US 10.00 … (

REMEMBERING blessed Sts. Cyril and Methodius; and St. Valentine(all2common, reader)


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