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Anglican Crisis: Tanzania News
February 13, 2007, 1:49 am
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Kevin and Bill Discuss:
Primates meeting in Tanzania
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Tanzania News

PRAYERS, PLEASE: Via Lent & Beyond; 24 Hour Prayer coverage for Primates … (Lent)

OULD: Jonathan and Ruth are On-Scene … (peter-ould)

PETRE: Archbishop’s peace talks threatened; Ring of steel around the archbishops(telegraph)

GLEDHILL: “Tension builds in Dar es Salaam”; The Anglican Communion’s ‘Via Dolorosa‘ … (gledhill)

PETER TOON— Primates’Meeting Feb 14th; Bishops— but what kind? Dr. Carey: Covenant Process Will Require Patience(Toon)

MIGHTY, MIGHTY SCHORI: “We have had gay bishops and gay clergy for millennia,” she said. “The willingness to be open about that is more recent”; Anglicans might be compared to squids, as the former oceanographer and the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori tells it … (earthtimes, knoxnews)

THE AAC HAS A newsy press release, with names and pictures. Given this release, no one can accuse the orthodox contingent of secrecy about who’s there … (americananglican)

IT’S A LARGE CLASS of New Primates in Tanzania … (ctsix)

PEEBEE! PEEBEE! Hero’s Sendoff for Presiding Bishop … (livingchurch)

A SHRUG & SNIFF from Anglican Online … (anglicansonline)

PLACE HOLDER— “If Stephen Bates is any indication, the Christian left is truly terrified about what might happen in Dar es Salaam” … (

AN ACNS Special Media Advisory … (standfirminfaith)

BALLGAME— “Thanks for playing. If the Telegraph is accurate(and this is the Telegraph so grain of salt and all that), the Dar es Salaam Primates Meeting might already be over” … (

ARCHBISHOP battles to ward off final Anglican split on homosexuality(guardian)

DR. MICHAEL POON— The Long Road to Full Inheritance: Anglican Communion, Anno Domini 2007 … (

GRAVEYARD AHEAD— “Commence whistling” … (

STAND FIRM Tanzania Special Report Links … (standfirminfaith)

ANGLICAN HEADS Prepare for a Make or Break; Anglicans Face Schism Over Gay Debate at Upcoming Summit; Anglican meet due for Dar Wednesday … (Various)

SAITH SMOOOTH LIBERAL HUTCHISON— “Canada could play a key role as divided Anglican bishops meet. Nigeria leads way as conservatives threaten split over gay, women’s rights.” Yes, the fastest-shrinking church in Christendom has certain lessons to offer, but “How To Give The Likes Michael Inhgam A Perpetual Pass” isn’t particularly USEFUL right now … (

MATT KENNEDY: The Possibility of Discipline … (standfirminfaith)

BREAKING: Communiqué from South East Asia’s Recent Provincial Gathering … (aacblog)

COMES THE DAWN: “Ruth Gledhill sounds increasingly pessimistic about Dar es Salaam” … (

DAVID OULD: “A matter of trust” … (whitehorseinn)

MARK HARRIS? He’s in high dudgeon already…… “Primates’ Meeting ‘Unworthy’ of Schori” … (standfirminfaith)

DAILY Video Updates from Tanzania … (aacblog)

THINKSY ANGLICANS, MY PRECIOUSSS— primates meeting: Monday. primates meeting: Sunday reports. primates meeting: Saturday reports(thinkinganglicans)

CRANKY GKNISELY: hasn’t started, and he’s already crying ‘foul!’ … (entangledstates)

ALL2COMMON: “Scenarios For The Anglican Communion” … (all2common)

NY TIMES: Seeking a Bigger Anglican Tent in Africa … (

CAPTAIN YIPS— Spinning; Not Quite Right; Full Speed Ahead! … (captainyips)

SNARLIES from Canon Betty Kaeton; Some Fr. Jake: “Some Points to Ponder About the Primates’ Meeting”; The usual DioDC(, etc.)

RELIGION: New Episcopal leader braces for gay-rights confrontation … (grandforksherald)

A LIST of the Current Primates of the Anglican Communion … (aacblog)

Other News

WHILE ALL EYES ARE LOOKING TO THE PRIMATES.. “Katharine Jefferts Schori and the folks at 815, based in their lovely highrise offices in Manhattan, filed more lawsuits yesterday here in Virginia against all the parishes (their clergy, vestries, and trustees) that followed the Diocese of Virginia’s Protocol for Departing Churches”; Anglican Church Leaders in Virginia Call New Lawsuits by The Episcopal Church ‘un-Christian’ and ‘Heavy-Handed’; Drell: The Episcopal Church Sues You(Various)

WHITEHALL— an intriguing interview with +tom wright, the bishop of durham … (

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Presiding Bishop reflects on pastoral visit to Cuba (you’ve got to see this) … (standfirminfaith)

VERY GOOD NEWS: Bishop Mouneer Anis to be Primate of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and Middle East(anglican-mainstream, Whitehouse)

CRANKY DIO-DC: American Orthodox Leaders “Don’t Trust” Africans … (

PARANOIA— “The Episcopal liberal meltdown continues as Jim Naughton gets all warm and cuddly” … (

TWO PROVINCES Elect Primates … (livingchurch)

BYFIELD on the Left vs. Christianity– Oh. Canada! … (orthodoxytoday)

AND NOW…IDIOTS— “National Council of Churches Nobody Goes To Anymore head cheese Bob Edgar weighs in on the Anglican controversy” … (

AL MOHLER: “A Pink Reformation? Sexuality, Credibility, and the Church” … (albertmohler)

PRESIDING BISH Addresses the Episcopal Urban Caucus … (

SCOTLAND— “THE Kirk’s fragile alliance over gay weddings has been blown apart after a minister revealed she would use her church to bless the civil partnerships of four homosexual couples” … (scotsman)

MAGISTATS NOTICES: “Someone has an exemption from the SORs” … (magicstatistics)

HOUSE OF DEPUTIES president promises support to San Joaquin Episcopalians … (

IMAGINARY EVANGELICAL Brazilian bishop conducts Confirmation at mobile home turned into church … (highspringsherald)

CARIOCA— Stuck in Lodi Again (or…PHOD in San Joaquin) … (

WORLD TOUR— Bishop Katharine in North Carolina; Bishop Katharine in Cuba … (thinkinganglicans)

FIRE UP PETE SEEGER!! — “You have to give Kate this much. The PrezBish isn’t backing down” … (mcj)

CHURCH TIMES: the Virginia reports … (thinkinganglicans)

BEFORE hundreds of congregants at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Lodi, Bonnie Anderson said her name and three words: “I’m an Episcopalian.” … (

TOWNHALL: “Same-Sex Marriage — Challenges & Responses” … (

ANGLICAN CATHOLIC: “alexei khomiakov on anglicanism and private judgment: and some thoughts-out-loud: what is catholicity? or: quo enim recedam?” … (anglicancatholic)

AGE TO COME on False Teachers … (theagetocome)

PETER TOON: “Though the 1979 Prayer Book can be used by discerning people in ways that accord with the received tradition of orthodox Common Prayer, regrettably its primary and normal use in the modern Episcopal Church seems to be in the service of a new kind of Episcopal Religion which, while using a good amount of traditional terms, words and music, is in fact propagating a wholly different Deity and religion than that received by this Church from the Ecclesia Anglicana centuries ago”; Sacraments— diminished by Subjectivism and Individualism? .. (

A WARNING TO SCORITE MDG-ERS: “How is it that the best of intentioned revolutionaries was never able to produce a functional society? Why is it that societies that espouse economic equality and predicated on well meaning ideals, either secular or religious, have proved to be abject failures?” … (

SOME PEOPLE JUST aren’t made for tough times: Another Bishop in Need of Spine Transplant … (

PEACE IN OUR TIME! Churches for Middle East Peace Urge Surrender; The Christian Century’s James Wall Loves Jimmy Carter; DNC’s Imam Al-Husainy Has Melt Down On The Air. Paging John Chane, Jenny Te Paa, and Canon John Peterson! … (Various)

EX-PISKIE Huw Raphael is still pondering, though we worry he’s back into some soft-left swampland: Orthodoxis IS Orthopraxis, and vice-versa … (

FLATLANDIANITY = DEATH: “Indeed, this is why religion persists and will always persist, because human beings, alone among the animals, have a built in need to reconcile themselves to the vertical, on pain of no longer being human”.. the MDGs just aren’t what we’re looking for (plus, has anybody clued Mrs. Schori in to the fact that half a TRILLION dollars has been given to help the third world over the past 30+ years … (

PAGING THE EPISCOPAL LEFT: Slavery in Haiti … (wesleyjsmith)

FIRST THINGS: “Moralism and UK Adoption Laws”, By Ryan T. Anderson … (

THIS IS THE Episcopal Emergency Broadcasting Network … (

FR. DAVID CURRY: “The Recovery of Reformed Catholicism” … (prydain)

MORE ANGLICAN INNOVATIONS: Prostitutes for the Disabled. God is a surprise, always unfolding and speaking to us in new ways … (firstthings)

ATTENTION: Anglican/Episcopal Clergy Take Note… Katharine Jeffert’s Email Has Been Used Fraudulently! … (

KENDALL LAYS SOME SMACK DOWN: Episcope Piscopo Blog Tries to interpret the British Press and gets a C- … (t19)

WE’RE probably partly to blame for sending lots of attention over to the Llama Butchers. Deal with it … (llamabutchers)

THE HAGGARD CHRONICLES— Will Ted be a wounded healer? … (

FORMER PISKIE Alice C. Linsley – Observations Upon Entering Orthodoxy … (descant)

OH DEAR: “In yet another example of egregious bad judgement, it appears that the Anglican Church of Canada is pleased to have me as Assistant Rectors Warden at our local church”; first, Magistats, now this … (theagetocome)


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