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Anglican Crisis: Tanzania News
February 13, 2007, 11:21 pm
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Eternal Lord God, who by the Holy Spirit
presided at the council of the Apostles
to guide them in all knowledge and truth:
Be present with the Primates of the
Anglican Communion soon to be
assembled in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.
In the passions of debate give them a quiet spirit,
in the complexities of the issues give them clear minds,
and in moments of decision give them courageous hearts.
Guide them in all things
to seek only your glory and the good of your Church;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen+

GUARDIAN: Archbishop battles to ward off final Anglican split on homosexuality … (guardian)

VIA PETER OULD: Post-Gay Testimony #4 … (peter-ould)

BREAKING from TLC: Global South Will Propose Two-Province Solution; Matt Kennedy- Thoughts on the Two Province Solution(standfirminfaith)

GEORGE CONGER: “The dismissal of Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and Archbishop of York John Sentamu will be among the first items under discussion in an alternate agenda proposed by the Global South coalition for the primates’ meeting in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania” … (livingchurch)

NEWS FROM Tanzania: Security Goes Tight Around the White Sands Special Compound; A Report from the Rev. Canon David Anderson … (aac, mainstream)

GLEDHILL: In Case of Spiritual Crisis … (timescolumns)

VIA THE TLC: Elections and Politics Part of Tanzania Meeting; Presiding Bishop Arrives in Tanzania Tues. Morning, poverty drops 20%, hope is reborn for millions(standfirminfaith, aacblog)

STAND FIRM REPORT 1– TUESDAY— TUESDAY: Today’s Guests: Sarah Hey and Ruth Gledhill … (google)

PETRE: Primates in their unnatural habitat … (telegraph)

BY THE POWER OF LIBERAL! Archbishop Hutchison: Canada could mediate at primates’ meeting. MagiStats: “He’s got to be hallucinating kidding”; The Cranky Prof is also sceptical: “My experience is that liberal Canadian Anglicans listen about as well as fish”.. You know, it’s funny.. we just haven’t seen a big Hutch-driven breakthrough thusfar in the reportage … (magicstatistics, sleepyoldbear)

ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury welcomed to Tanzania as Primates prepare to gather … (ens)

FROM OUR TUB to Tanzania: A profouond reflection on service & prayer from Tim Fountain … (

+SYDNEY— Archbishop Peter Jensen: Truth and Unity Collide in Dar es Salaam … (titusonenine)

PETER OULD: “Is this the Tanzania Solution?” … (peter-ould)

NIGERIAN Gay Christian Group Appeals to Anglican Primates (WARNING: offensive links); Changing Attitude: Report from Dar Es Salaam(gaywired, sf)

FROM THE Independent– Why is the Anglican Church facing a schism, and can it be prevented? The Big Question(titusonenine)

KRAALSPACE— “Oh drat! Fowled again! Since it’s too early to complain about conservatives being mean to Mrs. Schori in Tanzania, the revisionists have to make do with complaining about the accommodations.” You know, “Those darned conservatives are at another hotel, and they’re talking to just ANYBODY!” … (

TRIAL SEPARATION: “A temporary Episcopal split is apparently on the table” … (

SARAH HEY: “Playgrounds of the Grown-Ups: Why Ruth Gledhill Has it Wrong” … (standfirminfaith)

PISKIE PR— “This’ll go over well tomorrow, Kate” … (

REPORTAGE— Anglican leader faces tough summit to avoid schism; Anglican leaders’ gathering to be strictly private; Anglican leaders under pressure to prevent schism(Various)

LIGHT SWITCHES— “The Episcopal left is all over the map on Tanzania. Jake says the primates can’t touch TEC” … (

FROM EKKLESIA: Confusion ahead of Anglican Primates meeting. Angry liberals: “Enough is Enough, Anglicans who want to bar colleagues are told” … (t19, ekuk)

CARIOCA: “On the eve of a meeting of the Anglican Primates that will certainly turn out to be important, even if it doesn’t qualify as “historic,” many Anglicans are in a binary frame of mind” … (cariocaconfessions)

READER BLOG: “Fast footwork and close collaboration” … (

STAND FIRM REPORT 2— Watch The Whole Thing. If this reportage is accurate, (1) Schori and Co. are making stuff up about ECUSA statistices, to bolster their case. (2) Scorched earth lawsuits are the policy, maximum terror against clergy & laypeople & future possible rebels is the intention. To sum up: Sunrise vestments & Dreaming the MDGs of Shalom™ = rehashed Griswoldian smarm, but with more bloodshed & lawyers. A bold new Christian organization? Pah: ages-old totalitarian cruelty. Fresh, steaming manure, we say … (Various)

NIGERIAN Archbishop Nicholas Okoh is in Dar es Salaam; what might that mean? … (titusonenine)

THINKING ANGLICANS: primates meeting: Tuesday … (thinkinganglicans)

THE REFORMED PASTOR: “This Week: The Episcopal Crack-Up”; A Bridge Too Far(reformedpastor)

RICHARD KEW: “I have been reading Wells during the build up to the Primates’ Meeting in Tanzania, replete with posturing, politicking, and prediction, but there has been little theological analysis and reflection on the decisions and actions that have brought us to this present pass. I think that Wells’s book does a sterling job in crafting a picture of the environment that has spawned this crisis, and what the faithful response might look like in this setting” … (

LONGENECKER: “Out of Africa” … (gkupsidedown)

SOME MORE prayers to pray during the primates meeting … (

Other News

CRUSH THE INFIDELS: National church backs diocese vs. breakaways … (washingtontimes)

LOUIE, LOUIE— “Your resolution 7 for the Convention of the Diocese of Easton” … (Rutgers Free Ride)

The Kingsmen – Louie Louie (1966)

REMAINING Episcopalians Defended Amid Gay Divide … (christianpost)

MARK TOOLEY: The Religious Left vs. “Demonic” America– “Mainline” churches denounce a “fascist” U.S. “empire.” … (frontpagemag)

MCJ BLOG— “Christianity in its breadth says that God became human in Jesus, that God revealed God’s full self in Jesus,” Jefferts Schori said in an interview with the News Sentinel … (

ULTRA-LIBERAL Diocese of New Westminster opposes cuts to Anglican Journal: “The motion appears to be based on the mistaken assumption that Anglican Journal currently provides “timely news” to Canadian Anglicans.” … (magicstatistics)

NUNLEY TEH BOMB PISCOPO BLOG: +Beisner: The Episcopal Church’s struggles concern us all … (episcope)

PONTIFICATOR: “Whatever else Anglicanism is, it is not a community that claims to make doctrine that binds the conscience in an absolute manner. Neither the Anglican Communion as a whole nor the churches within the Anglican Communion assert the right to dogmatize in the name of the Holy Trinity. This obvious fact is easily overlooked, though, given the claim of Anglicanism to teach the catholic faith in its purity—hence its common self-description as a reformed catholicism” … (pontifications)

DIVIDING the Faithful: Conservatives fleeing the Episcopal Church regroup–apart … (christianitytoday)

THE HORRORS! The Purges! “Conservatives under Prime Minister Stephen Harper are being biased in not appointing overt Liberal Party hacks and leftist/feminist/gay “progressive” sympathizers and liberal activists to the judiciary” … (proudtobecanadian)

VIA DESCANT: Alice Linsley – Lies They Love to Tell About Akinola – Part One. Don’t forget: “Mark Harris links Akinola to the devil” … (descant, episcopalmajority)

PAGING THE EPISCOPAL LEFT— “In hundreds of conversations I’ve had with Iranian intellectuals, journalists, and human rights activists in recent years, I invariably encounter exasperation… Why, they ask, is the American Left so indifferent to the struggle taking place in Iran? Why can’t the Iranian movement get the attention of so-called progressives and solidarity activists here? Why is it mainly neoconservatives who express interest in the Iranian struggle?” … (normblog)

UNCIVIL UNIONS: ” What harm is there in redefining marriage to include same-sex partnerships? It’s a reasonable question. One might begin to answer by looking at the ongoing Miller-Jenkins v. Miller-Jenkins case, in which a woman may see her biological child taken from her home and placed in the custody of her former lesbian lover” … (spectator)

TOON: “ORTHODOXY brings RESPONSIBILITIES: To whom much is given, much is expected” … (

ZENIT: Homosexuality in the Bible — Interview With Authors of Exegetical Work … (

WHERE WE ARE: “It is no secret that classic liberalism in the mold of FDR, JFK,and LBJ that reached its apotheosis in Hubert Humphrey, has long been consigned to the bone-yard. What has taken its place hates to be tarred with the brush of liberalism because, frankly, it isn’t. What now stands in that place is a kind of perverted one-world idealism in which “the world as it is” is constantly measured against “the world as it should be.” Old liberalism at least had the argument that it was being done for the greater good. The new perverted variant is one in which policy and plans are made because it makes the initiators “feel good” about themselves” … (americandigest)

THE TALENTED HUW @ DOXOS takes on one of our comments. Go read what he says, and here. We’d also recommend what the Pope recently said: “The risk,” he added, “is that volunteering can be reduced to a simple activism. If instead the spiritual weight remains vital, you can share with others much more than just the material goods they need, you can offer to your neighbor facing difficulties, the gaze of love which he needs.” If we consider this list of ‘Ten Values of the Early Church’ (ignoring the atheist-language of ‘values’) it looks like a God-pleasing right-belief gives rise to right-living, and right-living shows forth right-believing. Though but a lowly Anglican heretic, I supposed that the Orthodox understanding of theosis (partaking in God’s own nature & life) included holiness and a faithful life. So a church father like the Bible-loving and God-pleasing St. Basil the Great wrote, preached, and defended the faith with a generousity of spirit– and provided for the poor and sick, founding schools and a hospital. Otherwise, we might as well say (with Katharine Schori) that clarity of belief is a secondary thing, whilst signing on with the feel-good ‘poor-affirming’ U.N. Millennium Development Goals is essential– all the time viciously crushing the ECUSA opposition. Feel-good nasty post-liberalism Doing Things To People For Their Own Good is hardly any form of Christianity– only a degraded and dangerous remnant of the greater whole … (Various)

TIME TO BRAG: Our faithful sisters at Lent & Beyond have been a little monkey-mad busy of late: and Google ranks them #s 1 & 2 for ‘anglican primates’ Woohoo! Well done, ladies! … (Google, LB)

We don’t know about you all, but just LOOKING at these dissenting scum
makes us want to sue their *sses off. Get Beers on the phone!

John Yates, rector of The Falls Church, front,
sits with other church leaders in the church’s historic chapel in
Falls Church, Va., in this file photo from Nov. 29, 2006.
The Falls Church, one of two of the most prominent Episcopal parishes
in Virginia voted overwhelmingly in December to leave
The Episcopal Church and join fellow Anglican conservatives forming
a rival denomination in the United States.
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin-File)


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