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February 11, 2007, 8:01 pm
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Sunday, February 11th, A.D. 2007

Regular Religious News

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LUKE IT UP …. (fathersofthechurch)

ATTENTION CANON-LAW GEEKS! — something that shouldn’t slip under the Bar – Ecclesiastical Law Society Conference, Liverpool (UK) …. (whitehorseinn)

POPE 1, HATERS 0 — Scholar Notes Positive Response to Regensburg Speech. Says There Is Need for Reflection on Islamic-Christian Dialogue …. (zenit)

MGM has acquired North American distribution rights to “Myriam, Mother of the Christ” …. (amywelborn)

ROWAN WILLIAMS – Holocaust needs to be remembered as ‘real event’ …. (freerepublic)

ONTARIO GROUP THREATENS COURT ACTION OVER LORD’S PRAYER: “Ontario municipal councils risk being taken to court if they continue to start their meetings with the Lord’s Prayer, says an Ottawa-based group of atheists and agnostics. 75% correctly say Lord’s Prayer should be allowed in council chambers. Campaign against Lord’s Prayer gains momentum” …. (CBC, P2BC, cANXIANITY.CA)

HOW CAN MAN again connect the world with God? …. (

+HUTCHISON’S Sermon at the opening Eucharist of the Synod of the Episcopal Church of Cuba …. (titusonenine)

SHOVELS OF IT In Jerusalem And A Reality Check …. (

BETHLEHEM Christians break silence about persecution-too bad the media were too busy “getting Bush” to actually report on this …. (backspin)

DAWKINS GOD DELUSION: Using Christianity to Criticize God …. (americanchronicle)

THY ROD AND THY STAFF— An “agnostic who rarely cracks a prayer book,” National Post’s columnist, Jonathan Kay, looks at the value of faith versus Richard Dawkins’ virulent hatred of God …. (

INVADING ROMANS’ greatest obstacle uncovered in J’lem? …. (

PUNY HUMANS, Geocentrism, and ET, by Mark Shea …. (catholicexchange)

ORDER THE MOVIE— Silence, continued …. (amywelborn)

NEW EVIDENCE about the plot to kill John Paul II in 1981 …. (canadafreepress)

HOLY PAGAN SKY-ROCKS! .. The Ka’ba and Black Stone, Mecca …. (sacred-destinations)

BEING LIFTED UP up in Japan …. (timotheosprologizes)

MUHAMMED descendant goes Christian, life now in danger; Tortured brickmakers refuse to embrace Islam; Muslims converting to Christianity by the thousands in France …. (worldnetdaily, jIwA)

FRESH TOLERANCE-WATCH: Israel allows minaret over Temple Mount; The Heart of the Battle – Jerusalem …. (jihadwatch, israpundit)

MODERN RC HYMNS work well in lounge-pop style. Thought they would …. (

RELIGION OF PEACE: Jihad group threatens to attack synagogues over Israel’s Temple Mount excavation …. (jihadwatch)

IDIOTS: “Give us back our bones, pagans tell museums”; well.. are they direct predecessors? Some modern pagan Eyptian doesn’t get to claim the remains & treasures of the pharaohs …. (guardian)

UPROAR over Anglican ministry in Turkey; Protestant church in Turkey vandalised …. (magicstatistics)

CURT JESTER: “Avoid Worship Faux Pas” …. (curtjester)

FORMER ANGLICAN LEADER Discusses Homosexuality, Women, Scripture; An interview with Dr Carey …. (dukenews,

A BRAND NEW Inuktitut Old Testament nears completion …. (

MILITANT Hindu “Religion Army” attacks pastors’ conference …. (magicstatistics)

A NICE PIECE in the LA Times on the efforts of monks at St. Catherine’s to preserve their ancient heritage …. (fathersofthechurch)

ONCE A CHURCH, Now a Mosque — Europe Abandons Christianity …. (transfigurations)

A BISHOP has chided a national newspaper — which he doesn’t name — for dubbing his diocese the “most godless” in England …. (religiousintelligence)

HOUSES of worship hallow the city …. (bettnet)

THE FATHERHOOD Chronicles CIX …. (benedictseraphim)

ABP. OROMBI on the Challenges Facing the Church …. (aacblog)

MILITANT DIVERSITARIANS: President Gene Nichol and his stooges are cracking down on anyone opposed to his scheme to remove the cross from Wren Chapel …. (spectator)

EGYPTIAN JESUIT Fr. Samir Khalil Samir, S.J. here explains the thoughtful, careful, and realistic approach that Pope Benedict XVI has adopted toward the Islamic world …. (jihadwatch)

THE FIRST NEWS of Jesus: Tiberius, Pilate and Christian History …. (

THE PAPISTICAL Catholic Blog Awards Nominations …. (curtjester)

PRAYERS, PLEASE— “Every man’s sin diminishes me; and the corollary is that every one of my sins, and there are plenty of them, strikes at my neighbor, too. But every response to the love of God, even if the call is but faintly heard, helps to build up on earth the Body of Christ. So I’ve seen it, anyway, in the life of my mother-in-law, Esther, and may God bless her” …. (merecomments)

THIS RABBI now has a baptised kidney …. (

IBLOGA— The Term “Human Being” Has No Meaning In Islam …. (

THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS and their Combinations …. (boingboing)

A NECESSARY APOCALYPSE, J.R. Dunn– “The apocalyptic vision of global warming serves a deep need of the environmentalist credo, the dominant pseudo-religious tendency of our age in the prosperous West. For good or ill, human beings are constructed to believe, and faith has its demands” …. (americanthinker)

NORMBLOG— Atheists, prostitutes and clouds …. (normblog)

ALUMNI URGE reversal on cross …. (washingtontimes)

WILL POPE Benedict become a Mormon after he dies? …. (

BISHOP TOM WRIGHT is a respected writer and a distinguished defender of Christian orthodoxy, but in addressing the “The War on Terror” in a lecture at his cathedral late last year, the bishop colorfully illustrated how theologians are often failures at political polemics.” A letter– The bishop does not consider consequences of the alienation of Jews, only of the poor “terrorist community”; The truth about those Palestinian Christians. Gaza: Christians in the crossfire …. (Various)

2007: A Space Oddity.. The Harajuku Protestant Church, located in Tokyo, was first unveiled by the design firm of Ciel Rouge Creation in 2005 …. (neatorama)

WHEN CELBRITY Endorsements Go Bad: Pope Leo XIII and Vin Mariani …. (neatorama)

FOR THE PAST 1,000 years or so, in the yearly memorial of that meeting in the Temple, Christ as the light has been symbolised by lighted candles carried by parishioners in procession. That’s why…. February 2, is known as Candlemas …. (telegraph)

A WAR OF Civilizations, or a Culture war? …. (bloggernews)

THE TWO FACES of the Catholic imagination – Father Raymond J. de Souza …. (catholiceducation)

IN REVIEW: Geneva Bible Pages …. (evangelicaloutpost)

MULTICULTURALISM CONTINUES TO FAIL: ” A growing number of young Muslims in Britain are inspired by political Islam and in favour of Sharia law, Islamic dress for women and faith schools, according to a study. The survey of 1,003 Muslims by pollsters Populus for the independent Policy Exchange think-tank also suggested there was greater support for militant Islamist groups among the young.” …. (instapundit)

POWER PODCASTING of the Byzantines …. (fathersofthechurch)

WAITING FOR THE MAHDI: Official Iranian Eschatology Outlined in Public Broadcasting Program in Iran. Perhaps Iran’s greatest tragedy is that it has become so hard to love …. (, Shotgun)

FILM EVANGELIZES Muslims through Spiritual Phenomenon…. (christianpost)

GALL IN THE FAMILY— Faith of My Fathers: Conversations with Three Generations of Pastors About Church, Ministry, and Culture, by Chris Seay …. (touchstonemag)

MMM.. TASTY! Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi: ‘We Find No [Blood] Sweeter Than That of the Byzantines [i.e. Christians]’ …. (memri, jihadwatch)

HAVE A VIRTUAL TOUR of some of the beautiful and amazing monasteries around the world …. (

SERGE: “Did the ‘Reformation’ replace the Holy Spirit with the Bible?” …. (

ROWAN WILLIAMS interviewed on BBC TV news …. (archbishopofcanterbury)

WHERE LIBERALS END UP— “The world as God?” …. (normblog)

BLOCK IRAN, Don’t Redivide Jerusalem. Dore Gold: “Western diplomats are making a colossal error” …. (humanevents)

CT WEBLOG: Obama’s Grade School Not a Madrassa After All. Also: Super Bowl coaches brothers in Christ, churches oppose U.K. gay adoption law, the Burmese military aims to wipe out Christians, and other stories from online sources around the world …. (christianitytoday)

AMAZING GRACE: The Story of William Wilberforce debuts in movie theaters on Feb. 23. The film tells the story of a British politician whose faith helped fuel his campaign to abolish slavery in 19th-century Great Britain …. (patriciaheatononline, amazingchange)

VIA GLEDHILL: Casino ‘will imprison your soul’ says Archbishop …. (

11 MOST Important Philosophical Quotations …. (neatorama)

FOR CLOSE to 1,000 years the Hagia Sophia (“Holy Wisdom”) church was one of the largest and most sacred spaces in Christendom. The current structure was built by Justinian and served as a Christian place of worship until Constantinople was captured by the Turk, Mehmet II on May 29, 1453 …. (holylandphotos)

THE BOW to diversity leaves altar empty; No room for a cross at William and Mary? “Laus Deo” …. (WaTi, NRO)

EVANGELICAL OUTPOST— “Celestial Teapots, Flying Spaghetti Monsters, and Other Silly Atheist Arguments” …. (evangelicaloutpost)

HYMNS replaced by Bono lyrics at church … (telegraph)

AFTER the largest serial killer investigation in Canadian history, a controversial court case has riveted many across the country …. (canadianchristianity)

PRODIGAL NATION— “Turning back toward the Loving Father is where changing a nation can begin” says John Nixon …. (orthodoxytoday)

HIGH WINDS & STORMS caused at least £0.5 million worth of serious damage to UK churches …. (churchtimes)

CONTINUED attacks on religious freedom in China: Police took pictures of every Christian in the room and asked for their names and identities …. (speroforum)

ISLAM’S CHALLENGE is cultural and religious; UK Islamic School Teaching Infidelophobia …. (magicstatistics, lgf)

BISHOP and wife to visit Uganda …. (anglicanjournal)

RELIGION: “Zachariah Anani knows all too well the dangers of Islamic extremism: He embraced the ideology for several decades and found himself in the trenches of terrorist activities and a hatred that consumed his existence. But the seven men sitting in the front row of his recent lecture in an Ontario church told a different tale” …. (worldmag)

PREFIGUREMENT— The Old Testament Mass …. (wafflinganglican)

UNINTENTIONAL Mega-Blogging …. (amywelborn)

For Those 72 Virgins, Heaven May Have A Whole Different Meaning

SOVIET Moscow’s Assault on the Vatican …. (freerep)

UNHOLY HIRE— “The anti-Catholic rants of John Edwards’s blogospherically famous staffer” …. (nationalreview)

VISIONS: Stairways to Heaven …. (fathersofthechurch)

ON THE OTHER HAND— Henryk Broder’s essay in Der Spiegel is a useful corrective to Western self-criticism over our own decadence; Mark Shea makes a deeply unsettling point …. (Various)

VATICAN ASTRONOMER: ‘Big Science’ and ‘Big Religion’ at Peace …. (

DAN GILGOFF: Turning a blind eye, IRS enables church politicking …. (titusonenine)

PERSPECTIVES: Zeus our problem …. (transfigurations, guardian)

POPE BENEDICT XVI Criticizes Violent Entertainment …. (gamasutra)

BAHRAINI LIBERAL Author Dhiyaa Al-Musawi: We Hang Our Thinkers on the Gallows of Ideology; I Listen to Music and Placed Pictures of Jesus and Martin Luther King in My Home …. (

MRS. PELOSI’S SMEAR ” is similar to Andrew Sullivan’s “Christian Reconstructionists” nonsense. There might be 50 of those guys in the whole country, but Sullivan uses them to smear the other 20 to 50 million evangelicals even though we’ve never heard of them and those of us who have heard of them (through Sullivan’s rants) disagree with them” …. (michellemalkin)

Today’s theological discussion

POOH-HATING Muslims ban Piglet again! …. (shaidle)

EPICYCLIST— hail thee, quasifestival day …. (onemoreepicycle)

THE RIGHT to a Religious Education; The Super Bowl and Christian Freedom …. (

BIBLICAL GREEK SITES & National Biblical Greek Exam …. (

RELIGION & POLITICS: “What is about about religion that scares so many people? The vast majority of people who express their faith, do so quietly and usually within a community of like minded believers. They, like most Americans, hold the concept of ‘live and let live,’ dear. Most Americans do not impose their belief on others nor do they support those who do” …. (

OVER 100,000 pay respects to another Islamist murder-victim, Hrant Dink …. (magicstatistics)

VIDEO: “Islamic Mein Kampf” by …. (proudtobecanadian)

THE AMAZING WILBERFORCE by Drew Dyck: “One man can make a difference. In 19th century England, that one man was William Wilberforce”; there’s the movie …. (boundless)

XXX CHURCH hosts ‘porn and pancakes’ event …. (ledger-enquirer)

ACTON: “The story of a Confessing Church pastor and his family who welcomed in two prisoners who escaped from the Buchenwald concentration camp” …. (

BESIDES Hosting a Cable Show, What Happens When We Die? …. (

DR. SANITY— “That environmentalism is in fact a pseudo-religion goes without saying. Like all such, it possesses every element of contemporary legitimate belief” …. (

DEMS DRAG GOD into 2008 election race …. (canadafreepress)

PONDERING The Syllogisms of Seinfeld: The Connections Between Logic and Humor …. (evangelicaloutpost)

LARK NEWS: “Ministry changes name to Campus Jihad for Christ” …. (freerepublic)

CRAZY-TALK? .. “I’m sorry, Mr. Shea, but your chip indicates you are a Catholic with four children and a history of politically incorrect opinions. The Department of Resource Allocation has classified your family as 12-Z – Undesirable. You won’t be able to purchase foodstuffs at this store. No. It’s not up to us, the cash register simply won’t perform the credit exchange for your goods. You’ll need to reshelve them yourself. We’re very busy.” …. (

IT’S DIVERSITY! ‘The Nation’ Institute Fellow Insists Christian Speech ‘Must No Longer be Tolerated’ …. (standfirminfaith)

THE ABOLITION of Man by the Nice Monster Next Door …. (

AMCHURCH dysfunction encapsulated; Bishop and Priest Hasten to Apologize to Pro-Abort Politico for Homily Calling Him to Account; Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa …. (Various)

ACTIVIST LAWSUIT: God Guilty of Malicious Climate Change …. (peoplescube)

World War IV — The New Crusade….

LET’S JUST LIE BACK and lose: Mark Steyn thinks Westerners have an “air of Andropovian exhaustion”. Video: Mark Steyn on jihad in London, jihadist apologists; Steyn on the DNC’s Radical Spiritual Leader …. (Various)

DARFUR DISASTER update: No UN “surge”; blame George …. (damianpenny)

IRAN INSTALLS 328 nuclear centrifuges: diplomats. Iran expects to start installing thousands of centrifuges in an underground facility next month, the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency said Friday; Iran Demands Removal of IAEA Head …. (regimechangeiniran, etc.)

UK JOURNALISTS duck, cover– Dr Pipes goes to London, hands opponent’s ass to opponent. No word on gift-wrapping. Daniel Pipes vs. Red Ken; Debating Civilization …. (Various)

IS IT I-WAR? Internet Root Servers Attacked …. (LGF, iNSTAp)

ISLAMIC Supremacism in Britain, by Robert Spencer. Rise of extremists goes uncontested …. (humanevents)

MO-TOONS Cartoon updates; Charlie Hebdo Magazine Gets Sued For Insulting Muslims in France. Meanwhile, “ is announcing today the winners of the first International Islamic Cartoon Contest” …. (malkin, various)

UNIFIL ignoring Hizb’allah hostilities against stinking Zionist scum Israel …. ()

DR. SANITY— “Top 10 Myths of the Iraq War” developed by Strategy Page …. (

MUST-SEE online TV: Outside The Wire …. (michellemalkin)

DERSHOWITZ vs. Carter– Full coverage of the historic Jan. 23rd visit by former President Jimmy Carter (including video) …. (brandeis)

THE BEEB News Hardtalk program interviewed the Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali; and herself at Fox News …. (westernstandard, westernresistance)

MY PROBLEM with Jimmy Carter’s Book. Talking back to Mahatma Jimmy; Blame Jimmy Carter for Murder in Eilat. Jimmy Carter’s feelings are hurt …. (jihadwatch, etc.)

REMEMBER THAT small Canadian town that outlawed “stoning to death of women”? Well, the Canadian version of CAIR is suing for violations of civil rights: The right to stone women to death in public and burning them alive …. (,

DAVID WARREN: “Black Hawk up again” …. (davidwarrenonline)

SHHHHHH! “Having first promised last Friday a no-holds barred, outside audit of the entire UN system, the UN’s new Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, has since been backing off into what is now looking like Ban’s first cover-up” …. (claudiarosett)

SUNNI: Saudi King Abdullah Threatens Shi’ite Iran …. (

SCARY CANADIAN— “Missing from the global radar screen but critiquing the U.S. from the comfort of Beijing ever since his links to the UN oil-for-food scandal became public knowledge, Maurice Strong will resurface Feb. 20 in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco”; At the United Nations, the Curious Career of Maurice Strong …. (canadafreepress, FOX)

THE BOLTON CITY COUNCIL in Manchester has bowed to the vile demands of the radical Islamic front group calling itself the Muslim Council of Britain, and banned Holocaust Day; UN Approves Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial …. (littlegreenfootballs)

FILMING THE CEDAR REVOLUTION— Mai Masri talks about her new documentary, The Beirut Diaries …. (weeklystandard)

ORSON SCOTT CARD: “The Crisis of the Islamo-Fascist War” (must read) …. (shaidle)

THEODORE DALRYMPLE— “The Cost of Frivolity: Is a national culture of pop, fashion, and gambling enough to resist our enemies?” …. (

FORMER HOLOCAUST council director: Jimmy Carter once said there are “too many Jews” on council …. (

THE BITTER TRUTH Film Festival …. (

ROSETT: “Maybe the UN should just make it official, set up a Conflicts-of-Interest-R-Us program, and staff it with all the sons, daughters, wives, husbands, uncles, aunts, cousins and landlords of high-level officials at Turtle Bay” …. (pajamasmedia)

NEW SURVEILLANCE Video Of Fleeing 7/27 Bomber …. (freedomszone)

JUST WHEN You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse… The UN Development Program teams up with Jimmy Carter …. (claudiarosett)

WATCH PBS– But Don’t Let Your Brains Fall Out …. (

CAROLINE GLICK– Making the case against genocide …. (

‘LONDONISTAN’: Monster Mega Mosque Planned For London …. (freedomszone)

SIGCARLFRED— “What Part Of ‘We’re Commanded To Kill’ Needs Further Clarification?” …. (

ANDREW BOSTOM responds to Dinesh D’Souza …. ()

THE TEN PILLARS Of Palestinian Pride …. (

NEW STUDY: Multiculturalism fuels fanaticism among British Muslims; Update: Muslims “about to take over Europe,” says Bernard Lewis …. (

DEMOCRACY’S SUPERMODEL— The Bundchen tells off leering troll Chavez …. (publiuspundit)

HEAD OF WORLD BANK Wears Socks with Giant Holes! …. (neatorama)

NEW HANDBOOK Helps Descendents Reclaim Nazi Loot …. (

THE SPY who came in from the cold: To put the heat on Iran …. (canadafreepress)

BEFORE THEY WERE Despots: Dictators and Their Old Jobs …. (neatorama)

CHOOSING TO FORGET: “Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day in most of Britain, but not in Bolton” …. (damianpenny)

LOVING BIG BROTHER— Orwell’s “Catalonia” revisited …. (newcriterion)

WHAT I LEARNED from 9-11 Conspiracy Theories …. (sawyerhome)

IS YOUR FAMILY PREPARED? “For a major emergency – like a blackout or severe storm – you need to be prepared. Ready for at least 72 hours while emergency workers help those in urgent need” ….(getprepared)

PEOPLE’S CUBE: “Democrats To Build Invincible Maginot Line Around U.S.” …. (thepeoplescube)

LifeWatch ….

THEODORE DALRYMPLE— Modern Predestination: The dangerous notion that misconduct is genetic …. (

COMING SUICIDE epidemic in China as population collapses …. (telegraph)

I’M NOT going to be punished with babies!” …. (, pandagon)

CHICOMS EXPOSED! China’s organ-on-demand transplants: ‘Bloody Harvest’ says donor meat prisoners kept healthy until paying customer arrives …. (worldnetdaily)

MARRIED Women and the New York Times, By Michael Novak …. (firstthings)

NEW STUDY REMINDS: “Sex of any kind can harm teens emotionally” ….(

EVER-SO-ENLIGHTENED atrocity– “This is vile even by progressivist standards. German quacks started pumping a 12-year-old boy, now 14, full of female hormones so as to make him “the world’s youngest transsexual.” …. (cwnews)

ANOTHER SOURCE of useful stem cells has been found–and the media and the cloning crowd are trying keep it quiet …. (weeklystandard)

ALBERTA: Over 10,000 Babies Died by Abortion in 2005 …. (lifesite)

JUST IN TIME for Valentine’s day, too. What gal wouldn’t like a partial-birth purse on her shoulder? …. (standfirminfaith)

DEATH PROPHET PETER SINGER weighs in on the disabled little girl whose parents have determined to keep her “little” for the rest of her life. The Scary Logic of Peter Singer …. (thepoint)

BOY OR GIRL? “Gender Balancing” in the Brave New World …. (albertmohler)

WORLD’S OLDEST LYING MOM: 67-year-old Carmela Bousada, who became the world’s oldest mother when she gave birth to twins a few weeks ago, showed off her kids and told she lied to doctors to get fertility treatment …. (pajamasmedia)

WESLEY J. SMITH— Why Transhumanism Would Result in Stultifying Sameness; “Anarchy in Cyberspace“; The Rise of Infanticide Consciousness …. (wesleyjsmith)

ALBERT MOHLER: HOW WORLDVIEWS Work — An Urgent Illustration; The Tragedy of Untethered Science — Chilling Examples …. (albertmohler)

MORE GERMANS do not like research on humans at any stage. Dr. Mengele haunts their Nightmares …. (merecomments)

DAWN EDEN: “They’re Komen to take you away, ha ha”; and “O Canada!” …. (dawneden)

A GOOD IDEA— Five Calgary businesses have opened a first-of-its-kind facility where

employees can drop off their aging parents …. (

OH GOODY: “Life will get a dollar value” …. (

DEATH IN PARADISE— Hawai’i Assisted Suicide Bill: A Wide Latitude and No Choice for Doctors …. (WJS)

MAGISTATS: “Greedy middle-aged children are more likely to rob their elderly parents of their valuables, money, and even their homes than anyone else, a report revealed today” …. (magicstatistics)

VIDEO: Eve Ensler opposes war, empowers genitals …. (hotair)

FEMINISM and Politics: A Matter of Convenience …. (americanthinker)

LIBERAL JUDGE in the liberals’ BC courts division sentences multiple sex crimes teacher to NO JAIL TIME …. (proudtobecanadian)

MONTY HALL Morality: Our Ethical Obligation to Harvest Organ-Donor Clones …. (evangelicaloutpost)

BRITAIN’S DYSTOPIAN School Children; Sweden: The Country that Sacrifices its Children, and Celebrates …. (gatesofvienna)

NANNY STATE GOP: “A Republican house representative in Texas has put forth a bill that if passed, could result in criminal charges and fines for parents who fail to show up to a scheduled meeting with their child’s teacher” …. (dustmybroom)

YOUNG EVILIZATION— Yale ‘Roe vs. Wade Week’ teaches non-medical students how to make a baby go (Whiffen)poof …. (dawneden)

WEIMAR-A-RAMA! For his next trick, Gunther von Hagens, creator of the Body Worlds traveling exhibit, is contemplating a doozy: displaying flayed corpses having sex. They’ll call this necrophilic display “education” and “science,” and they’ll call anybody who objects a “prude” and a “fundamentalist.” …. (crunchycon, getreligion)

HOUSING: “something’s wrong with this picture. On waste, uncharity and possible solutions” …. (

‘ALERT TO THE NYT: MARRIAGE NOT ON LIFE SUPPORT’— A column in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune by Katherine Kersten …. (familyscholars)

IS THAT LIKE ‘A Pro-Jew Kommandant of Auschwitz’? …. (curtjester)

10 REASONS to Despise Planned Parenthood …. (evangelicaloutpost)

WHY DO WE MURDER DOWN SYNDROME BABIES? American Genocide …. (newoxfordreview)

BILL WOULD USE ‘flawed’ embryos for stem cells …. (titusonenine)

WORLD MAG— New South Dakota abortion ban cooking …. (worldmagblog)

GIRL-POWER feminists moved up by marrying men …. (humanevents)

LISTEN IN— The Glenn and Helen Show: I See Dead People …. (instapundit)

ELDER ABUSE: crime of the century …. (magicstatistics)

MURDERS in China to harvest human organs: “A report by Canadians David Matas and David Kilgour show systematic murder of Falun Gong members by Chinese government to “harvest” human organs; China admits to harvesting from “prisoners” …. (

MENTAL HEALTH SCREENING: New Liberal Tool for Child-Control? Phyllis Schlafly. — “One marvels at the arrogance of government officials” …. (humanevents)

THE CONFESSIONS of Dawn Eden: A Review of The Thrill of the Chaste …. (catholicexchange)

LIBERAL-LEFT: keep your pants on. Harper not about to join you in promoting legal prostitution …. (proudtobecanadian)

LIFESITE: From 2003-2006 Bush Administration – $122 Million to Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research …. (lifesite)

WEBSITE helping families stung by elaborate birthdays …. (

SOCIAL SECURITY and the Demographic Crisis …. (godscopybook)

THE TIMES of London misrepresents pro-lifers on stem cells …. (bettnet)

SO WHEN Is A Louse Not Just A Louse? …. (davidmorrison)

MOHLER: Why Sex Education is in Such a Mess …. (albertmohler)

Oh, Canadia ….

Currently Under Grown-Up Management

ADSCUM— “Stéphane Dion was forced to backtrack yesterday from a controversial comment that he would allow back into the party a senior organizer who was banned for life over sponsorship-scandal misdeeds”; Building A Firewall Around Stephane Dion …. (newsbeat1, smalldeadanimals)

PERSPECTIVE: “Seven million well educated people, controlling a superb geographic location, having access to a treasure trove of natural resources and speaking two of the leading commercial languages of the world; yet it is a “have not” province. The Quebecois conform to that old observation about the Palestinians: They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Ontario, at some point, will understand this. When it does, neither pity nor love will blind them to the sordid nature of the unity games. The next constitutional round should have the ROC setting the agenda. If not, the round after that will have the ROC setting the agenda, and in little mood to negotiate” …. (godscopybook)

REMEMBERING a hero: RTB S/L Shulemson …. (

SO WHAT ARE the Tories going to do for social conservatives? …. (

A CANADIAN UNIVERSITY— Regarding Israeli Apartheid Week …. (smalldeadanimals)

RADICAL Canadian Arabs and Muslims threaten Tories; Canadian intel agency grasps for clues into “jihadization” of youth; Quebec village bans stoning of women, veils, and excision …. (Various)

THE HELPFUL Stephane Dion English-To-English Dictionary …. (smalldeadanimals)

DEATH TO ALBERTISTAN! indistinguishable but completely different …. (onemoreepicycle)

PRIME MINISTER Harper outlines agenda for a stronger, safer, better Canada …. (

TRIAL BY MEDIA: “Law Professor Allegations Meant To Remove Canadian Forces From Afghanistan” …. (officiallyscrewed)

GO FIGURE – Suzuki Bus Tour Will Burn A Ton Of Gas: no enviro-bus available, Dave? …. (officiallyscrewed)

PARTY OF Convictions: Back To BC …. (smalldeadanimals)

PUCKY LEGEND GUMP WORSLEY dead at 77. Hall of fame goalie remembered for sense of humour …. (thestar)

SHAIDLE— “Trudeau said the State had no business in the bedrooms of the nation. Apparently this doesn’t apply to toboggan hills. First we need to nuke the Amazon rainforest so I don’t have to hear about it anymore. Then we need to train all the endangered species to fight terrorists because clearly, our helmet wearing, peanut-allergic wimpy children won’t be prepared to do so.” …. (proteinwisdom)

THAT’S WITH A ‘B’ — When it comes to crime issues , the Liberals are on thin ice …. (newsbeat1)

AFSTAN: The Canadian media’s obsession with fatalities …. (

SPOILED & CRANKY Quebec to Ontario: Shut up and pay up, or else …. (magicstatistics)

FOOT-IN-MOUTH BABE Ségolène blunders again …. (magicstatistics)

IT LOOKS LIKE Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a bad bout of President George W. Bush bane: a conservatism fading too fast to liberalism …. (canadafreepress)

RANDOMNESS Be Damned, Tim Horton’s Gives Me The “Seam” …. (officiallyscrewed)

GREY EMINENCE & BLOGGER Warren Kinsella really is such a bore …. (shaidle)

THEIR fevered search for answers …. (torontosun)

NERDY CHICK-MAGNET? Harper surrounded by women! It’s a hidden agenda! Contact the appropriate authorities! …. (proudtobecanadian)

FUTURE GLORIOUS LEADER Jack Layton wants to give a buck a month to Canadians and calls himself a hero …. (stevejanke)

HELMETS for Tobogganers, helmets for everyone! …. (abandonedstuff)

WORLD-CLASS environmental disaster: Sydney tar ponds to be buried …. (canoe)

IDIOT-OLYMPICS suspended: Ont. man rescued trying to raft across Niagara River …. (

NOW, WITH ADDED EXCLAMATION-POINT! — A sneak peek into the Rebranding of the Saskatchewan! Saskatchewan! with an %@*%! exclamation point …. (smalldeadanimals)

JIHAD, ONTARIO: New Toronto Mosque’s Radical Imam …. (littlegreenfootballs)

SO HOW DOES a mining company become an accredited Canadian Wheat Board exporter? It’s A Small, Small Wheat Board World …. (smalldeadanimals)

STATE-RUN CBC reports facts! States that Harper called Kyoto a “socialist scheme” in ‘02 …. (proudtobecanadian)

GOY FIGURE.. Montreal Jewish Hospital fined for enforcing kosher rules …. (magicstatistics)

PUBLIC SCHOOLS as the State Church: John Taylor Gatto on another reason to pull your children out …. (spinninglobe)

INSANE RACISTS Influence CBC Ratings …. (thepolitic)

SOFT CANADIAN JUSTICE— Convicted killer ordered transferred to minimum-security prison …. (magicstatistics)

PUNDITRY from a dirty pun writer …. (abandonedstuff)

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE.. The Perley Holmes Endorsement of Stephane Dion; I am not authorized to look at what Stephane Dion’s drug dealing friend Perley Edmund Holmes has said about him …. (officiallyscrewed, shotgun)

CONTRA MOTHER-CORP: PMO letter of complaint to CBC …. (cbcwatch)

Blogosphere, Web — and Old Media ….

GOOGLE FOUNDER regrets censoring China; Freedom and the Internet in China …. (boingboing, acton)

THE WORLD’S OLDEST Newspaper–Founded in 1645–Goes Digital; Web-Only Publication Now …. (guardian)

BEHOLD your media-gods! …. (rogerlsimon)

BLOG ON! – Media Responds to HR Critiques. Reuters and the BBC respond to recent criticism …. (honestreporting)

CHINA CENSORSHIP damaged us, Google founders admit. Asked whether he regretted the decision, Mr Brin admitted yesterday: “On a business level, that decision to censor… was a net negative.” As for moral or human freedoms, WELL …. (guardian, RLS)

THE LYNCHING of the President, By Ben Stein; On PBS, Newsweek Editor, ABC Reporters Say Bush Is Finished, And Outside ‘Reality’ …. (spectator, newsbusters)

DIANNE Sawyer’s Sympathy for the Syrian Dictator; GMA’s Sawyer ‘Grills’ Syrian Dictator on Shania Twain, Video Games and His Ipod …. (newsbusters)

CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS— “The blogosphere features many talented and rational writers on both Right and Left, and even in between. It’s incumbent on the campaigns that hire bloggers (and media outlets, too) to distinguish those from the frothing lunatics at all points on the political spectrum” …. (captainsquartersblog)

GUARDIAN column: The YouTube campaign …. (buzzmachine)

AMERICAN DIGEST: “It would appear that the Washington Post’s Arkin is taking six of the best in a real time tutorial about free-speech in the Internet Age” …. (americandigest)

YOU ARE NOW indulging in the favourite pastime of geezers …. (magicstatistics)

BIG MEDIA FOLKS used to make fun of bloggers for wasting time on shallow, superficial reports about their sex lives instead of doing hard news coverage. Now the situation has reversed …. (instapundit)

MALKIN: “Fun, fun, fun. Nancy Pelosi is schmoozing left-wingers on the Internet and is going to start her own blog” …. (michellemalkin)

NEWSBUSTERS— DKos’s Stark and NB’s Sheppard Debate Liberal Blog Protests of Conservative Radio; Who Let The Thugs Out? …. (newsbusters)

LEBANESE Bloggers Uncover Fauxtography: Al-Manar television is caught in the Photoshop act by one of the sharp-eyed bloggers at Sharing Minds …. (pajamasmedia)

CUSTOMERS of the internet auction site eBay are being defrauded by unscrupulous dealers who secretly bid up the price of items on sale to boost profits. But you probably knew that …. (donaldsensing)

SANDMONKEY— “Bloggers are unpatriotic reputation tarnishers” …. (sandmonkey)

BLOG NAVEL-GAZING – How to grow a blog; Photos of bloggers, about 2000 of them; Top 10 Sexiest Male Bloggers …. (abandonedstuff)

COWARDLY BEEB Shuts Down LGF Discussion, Deletes Forbes Link …. (littlegreenfootballs)

INTERNET Security Company Cracks Special Jihadist Software …. (counterterrorismblog)

POWER TO The Iranian Blogosphere! Three Iranian activist women were arrested by authorities at Imam Khomeini’s airport Saturday morning and were later released after a united reaction from the blogs …. (pajamasmedia)

THE CHINESE government says the number of Chinese internet users will overtake that of the United States within two years. Naturally, the Communists are looking for ways to “purify” the net …. (damianpenny)

OTTAWA – Canada’s taxman has joined a five-nation tax force finding ways to sniff out money on the Internet …. (edmontonsun)

U.S. MEDIA jobs slashed 88 percent …. (

BIASED MEDIA— Michael Totten, writing at Winds of Change, notices that the Internet has made the Lebanese as quick to spot fauxtography as anyone else …. (

THE WIDER Implications of the Crackdown on Press Freedom …. (freedomhouse)

TIRED OF GOOGLING Around? You can always try one of these 100 alternative search engines …. (pajamasmedia)

LAWPROF Eugene Volokh wonders about the ambiguities of pseudo-HTML on T-shirts …. (onemoreepicycle)

LOOKING AT THE FUTURE OF WEB 2.0 in the latest Blog Week in Review podcast …. (instapundit)

THE LATEST `journalistic’ craze: Info-pimping …. (chicagotribune)

DONALD SENSING: The religious intolerance of Macintosh users …. (donaldsensing)

BLOGGING makes trial publication bans hard to enforce …. (

WATCH THAT potty mouth; Edwards fires blogmasters? & Other stories of suppression. Was It Love For “Daily Kos” That Finds John Edwards In This Jam? …. (Get Religion, etc.)

BLOGUMENTARY: documentary about blogs …. (boingboing)

SHAIDLE: “Journalism morphed into social work so gradually I barely noticed” …. (shaidle)

Pop Culture, Media, Technology, Leftovers ….

HOBBIT-HOLES Medieval Hovels Low Impact Houses by Lammas …. (neatorama)

SWITCH to Ubuntu – save a headache …. (abandonedstuff)

THE SACRED CAVE of Rome’s Founders Discovered, Archaeologists Say …. (nationalgeographic)

SUBSIM & GAMER-GEEKS rejoice! First Look! The awesome-looking Silent Hunter 4 …. (subsim)

DUKE UNIVERSITY & The Rape of Reason …. (proteinwisdom)

THE EVER-USEFUL Yak Shaving Razor #78; Thirty Three Things …. (evangelicaloutpost)

Living Fossil Frilled shark

SOCIALIZED MEDICAL DISASTERS, New Zealand Dep’t– “More than 35,000 people were removed from elective surgery waiting lists in one year – far more than previously disclosed – in the Government’s ”clean-up” of its hospital rationing system” …. (nzherald)

BEST OF THE WORST: “CNN has a gallery of the dumbest tech failures of 2006” …. (wizbangblog)

RESEARCHERS THEORIZE ‘Hobbit’ skeleton was separate human species. Survival of the biggest – hobbits wiped out by man. Imagine: and after they saved everybody from Sauron, too …. (breitbart, smh)

Bill Gates on the Daily Show

HASTA MANANA, Vista; MS-Deathwish– Microsoft Vista takes control.. literally …. (Telegraph, Magistats)

GAS ALTERNATIVES— 4.5 Barrels Of Crude = ? Y2Kyoto: Show Me The Money …. (smalldeadanimals)

INDIANA JONES and the Search for the Last Few Dollars …. (bettnet)

REDISCOVERED: Britain’s very own Colosseum …. (independent)

DAVID WARREN: “Global warning” …. (davidwarrenonline)

SUPERBOWL XLI Commercials; Not-So-Super Ads …. (neatorama, NRO)

CANNABIS: Risk factor for schizophrenia …. (magicstatistics)

A BROKEN LIFE— John Lennon: What really happened in his childhood We thought we knew every detail of John Lennon’s life. But his half-sister kept quiet about what really happened in the Beatle’s childhood – until now. John Walsh reports …. (independant)

PC vs. Mac: At Work

UK Mac vs. PC goodness here

VILLAGE of Stonehenge builders uncovered …. (Telegraph, Times)

FARK: “Astronaut drives 900 miles wearing a diaper to confront woman about relationship with another astronaut. And then it gets weird.” Dr. Sanity: “Can’t you just sense a Hollywood movie coming on…starring Brad, Angelina and Jennifer?” …. (Various)

WARMING WARS: “Climatologist Timothy Ball sends PhD to Canada Free Press” …. (canadafreepress)

COMPUTER TIPS and privacy …. (

BBC SPACE: Star Stuff (6 award winning documentaries, inside) …. (videosift)

CLUEING IN: Parents warned over secret language of net paedophiles …. (scotsman)

NANNYLAND ENGLAND— “The government’s proposal to introduce road pricing will mean you having to purchase a tracking device for your car and paying a monthly bill to use it. The tracking device will cost about £200 and in a recent study by the BBC, the lowest monthly bill was £28 for a rural florist and £194 for a delivery driver. A non working mother who used the car to take the kids to school paid £86 in one month. On top of this massive increase in tax, you will be tracked” …. (

MARK STEYN: “What’s so hot about fickle science?” …. (suntimes)

PROCESSING CHIPS push through nano-barrier …. (bbc)

YOUR oil-money at play: The miracle of the UAE …. (haha)

LIVING Past Thirty …. (allthesethings)


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