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More Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
February 9, 2007, 12:02 am
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BREAKING: Church of Nigeria will Walk “Road to Lambeth” document… (standfirminfaith)

THE PRIMATES of the world-wide Anglican Communion will gather for their regularly scheduled meeting 14-19 February, 2007, Jangwani Beach, near Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Other Inter Anglican Meetings will be held around those dates at the same venue … (americananglican)

DR. PETER TOON— Presiding Bishop Katherine prepares to go to Africa as the apostle of Pantheism — Sort of like this stuff, via a ‘Catholic’ college prof & media-hound … (

AAC PREZ Comments on Recent Actions by Diocese & Bishop of Virginia … (americananglican)

POLITICALLY CORRECT New Zealand to Immigrants: Send Me Your Gays, But Not Your Catholics. New Zealand Trying to Deport Iranian Convert. There’s lots more on the Thomas Yadegary case. Yes, it’s ugly: “For the past twenty three months, Thomas Yadegary has been imprisoned without charge or trial in Mount Eden prison” … (, zenit)

RUTH GLEDHILL wishes upon a snow-person … (gledhill)

COREN— Beyond tolerance: A quintessentially Canadian acceptance of differences has been transformed into the forced approval of homosexuality … (

THE TRAIN HAS LEFT THE STATION— “The former Archbishop of Canterbury on the Current Unpleasantness” … (

MOHLER ON SCHORI: “Two Strands of Faith? No, Two Different Religions” … (albertmohler)

MEANWHILE, back in Reality-Land: Militant Islam is century’s key challenge – Archbishop Henry Orombi (Uganda) … (globalsouthanglican)

IRD: BEING SALT or Light in Social Witness … (

CANADIAN CATHOLICS, particularly those involved with child adoption, should be keeping a close eye on recent events in Britain … (Bearblog)

CAPTAIN YIPS: No Ahmanson Money Here! “As predicted, the EpiscoLeft has come down with a case of irritable brain syndrome. The furor isn’t very important” … (captainyips)

CEREMONY Brings Clergy from 11 Churches into CANA Fold … (

A GRAVE SITUATION— Greg Griffith: “Fr. Jake Whistles Past the Graveyard” … (standfirm)

NIGERIA’S Akinola is driving force in Anglican world … (reuters)

RECENTLY SPEAKING— Archbishop [of Canterbury’s] speech at launch of National Marriage Week … (archbishopofcanterbury)

GRAHAM KINGS: To Cleave or To Cleave? The Primates’ Meeting in Tanzania … (titusonenine)

DR. GEORGE CAREY on the future of Anglicanism; Archbishop calls for ‘plea to patience’; Lord Carey’s Speech: The Blackness Just Got Much Much Darker and Thicker … (reader, standfirminfaith)

SOME EXPERT witness testimony on Research on Gay Parenting; Evangelizing The Homosexual(anglican-mainstream)

DEAN LOBS— “Bishop Jefferts Schori herself authorised same-sex blessings in her former diocese in 2003, so she is one of the bishops who did what Lambeth specifically asked not to be done. Whenever she has been asked to comment on that, she says she stands where she always did. That is a real problem. That is the real issue.” … (

MATT KENNEDY: “An Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from an Oppressed Minority” … (standfirminfaith)

BISHOP: Anglican Communion Finally at Critical Point. ‘Something Has Got to Happen Soon’ in the Anglican Communion … (christianpost)

WHITEHALL has had enough– “the presiding “bishop” — “Friends, I have a new policy with regard to blogging about Schori and her public comments, such as her recent comments in USA Today that she sees that there are two versions of Christianity: on the one hand there’s a version that’s all about some nonsense called “atonement” wherein people believe “that Jesus died for our sins”, and then there’s another version (Schori’s version) where you “talk about life” and “claim the joy.”” … (

BISHOP: Anglican Communion Finally at Critical Point– ‘Something Has Got to Happen Soon’ in the Anglican Communion … (

THAT’S MY CHURCH! “The reason KJS and her ilk do not consider focusing on the next world to be of any particular importance is because they don’t really believe it exists” … (llamabutchers)

NAUGHTON SWIPES, snarls– “N. T. Wright chooses sides” … (

MORE SMARTFUL ANGLICANS THAN THEE— primates meeting: other views; Bishop Katharine: some recent items; liberal reactions to Tom Wright’s interview … (thinkinganglicans)

MARKY-MARK HARRIS: The Camel’s Nose and the Primate’s Tent– “Plans are afoot” … (

TIMOTHEOS: Title I, Canon 17, sec. 7 — “No unbaptized person shall be eligible to receive Holy Communion in this Church.” … (

ANGLICAN FUTURE: “The Travelling Anglican Circus and Medicine Show” … (

PLAYGROUND POLITICS: “Self-defeating. Makes their cause look callous and juvenile. Also a weird touch of envy that heterosexual sex MAKES BABIES”; Adoptions of foreign children by homosexual couples will not be recognised in Australia … (familyscholars, theage)

ENDING CHILDLESS Marriage As We Know It. Special Report: “In their wisdom, gay marriage proponents in Washington state have come up with a drastic solution” … (spectator, evangelicaloutpost)

MIKE ADAMS: “the university – the one that dislikes “controversy” – was also using public funds to sponsor a “Gay Pride Week” with drag queen shows and events geared towards the promotion of the university’s official religion of moral relativism” … (townhall)

SED CONTRA: “The Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, otherwise known as the Lavender Alliance of the Humor Challenged, objected to the Snickers Super Bowl ad which depicted the two mechanics having their lips touch over a Snickers bar and then going into uber masculinity hyperventilating” … (davidmorrison)

CRANKY CAN-PROF BLOG: “Spaulding Takes Down Posts Justifying ‘Pro-Gay’ Violence against LaBarbera from her Blog” … (Bearblog)

PROPHETICALLY SPEAKING— The Age To Come: False Teachers … (theagetocome)

WHERE WE ARE: “Many on the left believe their agenda is driven by a piety that only they, in their heightened awareness, are capable of. Their motives are pure, they say. Disagree with them and you are evil. They are true believers, and as such, they are entitled to make decisions for others, on behalf of others and despite others. They love their fellow man, they say. They hate injustice, they say. They are true believers in the highest calling of mankind” … (

HOW THEY THINK: “It is clear that many ‘progressives’ are actually regressive. The ‘my way or the highway’ kind of thinking is devolutionary, as if any and all disagreements are always invalid. The vitriol and visceral hatred of the current administration is a good example. No difference of opinion will be tolerated. Disagree and the well oiled machine of personal destruction comes out” … (

WHAT IT MEANS— “The horror of secular leftism is the horror of a race of inferior externalizing men engaged in the project of sealing the hole in creation and literally “reversing” the incarnation. In other words, they want to force all humans — interior and exterior man alike! — to live by the darkness of their absurd principles, which include the impossibility of any vertical inscape, any reconciliation of the celestial and earthly realms. This is to annihilate man as such, because it destroys the fulfillment of man at his inner reaches. It is nothing less than the institutionalization of forced celestial abortion so that no one may undergo the second birth” … (

AN POEM: The Bishop and the Squid: “Jefferts Schori is as conversant on squids as on Scripture” … (amywelborn)

O glimmering squid, washed up on sunset sand,
You will expire, decay, but not alone –
All God’s creatures shine and die, and yet demand
Some greater joy than sin and death atoned:
Enrobed at sunrise I’ll to this gracious strand,
Rejoice, dear squid, I come, you’re not alone!



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