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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
February 8, 2007, 12:08 am
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WHERE’S K-K-KATIE? “The suffragan bishops were appointed by the Metropolitan Council of Cuba which Archbishop Hutchison chairs, at the request of Bishop Miguel Tamayo, the diocesan bishop. The Council, at this meeting, was made up of Archbishop Hutchison and U.S. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori who was also present for the announcement”; and “In Cuba, Presiding Bishop affirms ‘sea of possibilities‘ for ending oppression”; says “I believe that the only dream that is big enough is the dream of healing the world, of reconciliation, one to another, to save the whole world. As our Catechism teaches us, the mission of the Church is to reconcile the world to God, and each other, in the love of Christ”.. and also fesses up to taking part in the willy-nilly slaughter of hapless sea-creatures … (, elns)

.. AND DYING TREES— grow those extra branches– Anglican Church of Canada: Fewer members, less giving, more bishops … (magicstatistics)

CAP’N YIPS: “The Road to Tanzania: A big deep breath, a short look back” … (captainyips)

BOTTOM LINE— “The Bishop of Durham gets down to basics” … (

THEORY AS WEAPON: “Dr. Harding On Family Systems Theory In The Episcopal Church” … (descant)

MORE NOVOCAINE!! — “As expected, Tom Wright struck a nerve. Jake” … (

‘small-o’ ORTHODOX Episcopalians Present Solution to ‘US Problem’ … (christianpost)

KRAALSPACE: “Right when I’m trying to rest up and ward off the dreaded pneumonia, the Old Faithful of the Episcopal World, Mrs. Schori, erupts again with an interview…. The more she says, the stupider she sounds, the more they praise her” … (

GLEDHILL: “Somehow, I fear the poor old Anglicans might be in for a bit of a bumpy ride next week. It’s one thing to have bishops at each other’s throats, quite another to have the mums going into battle as well. Things appear to be warming up” … (gledhill)

MATT KENNEDY: “The Case For Discipline Part 2: A Petulant Response” … (standfirminfaith)

RATHERNOT BLOGGER— “I am informed by a knowledgeable source that some draft of a future “covenant” will be presented in Tanzania. This could be anywhere from “great” to “utterly awful,” with every possible shade of difference in between” … (

FUNDADOXY— TEC – “Doctrinal Indifferentism” … (peter-ould)

GET RELIGION: “Disgraced pastor Ted Haggard is in the news again” … (getreligion)

GENERAL Practitioners are being urged to request a ‘conscience opt-out’ in the new Sexual Orientations Regulations, SORs, relating to gay adoption, similar to the way they are protected over abortion … (anglican-mainstream)

WELBORN— “Dresses like what? As is the case every time she opens her mouth to a journalist, much discussion about the recent USA today profile of Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church” … (amywelborn)

GO FIGURE— Europe says French can refuse gay adoption … (gledhill)

THE USUAL SUSPECTS? Churches for Middle East Peace set for May 6-8 conference in Washington; usual Naïve in the Nave statements expected to ensue … (

WASCALLY Raspberry Rabbit Responds to Bishop Tom Wright … (titusonenine)

EPISCOPALIANS spend 40 days praying about Hendersonville parish’s future … (fairviewobserver)

CONTINUUM: Episcopal Missionary Church joins FACA … (

THE ZWINGLIAN RUBRIC-WORSHIPPER wonders: “Word or Sacrament? Which has priority?” … (whitehorseinn)

CANADIAN UN Representative Slams Muslim Nations for Opposing Gay Activist Groups … (lifesite)

NOT SO MUCH? The 39 Articles: a Confessional Standard?… (rathernot)

DUST MY BROOM: “What bothers me about gay marriage activists is not their desire to form a union with a member of the same sex, but rather the role they assign to the state regarding the rights of individuals, as if rights are something that are legislated rather than given. Though advocates of same-sex marriage claim that existing laws are discriminatory and unfair, they do not hesitate to introduce “initiatives” which will only result in greater powers for the state. Such groups only care about their own “rights”, and if they cannot get what they want, well, neither should anyone else” … (dustmybroom)

COMMENTS ENSUE: “The Bishop of Durham on the upcoming Anglican Primates meeting” … (titusonenine)

OVER THE TIBER.. Paul V. Abbe, former Lutheran Paster now Catholic … (

UNSURPRISINGLY, “The office of the Archbishop of Canterbury also declined to comment.” … (titusonenine)

STATE Marriage Amendments Win in 7 of 8 states … (

SOLEMN Evensong with the “retired” Archbishop … (

MODEST PROPOSAL: “a more reasonable criteria should be established that is based on actions that are solely within their power. For example, all couples who wish to marry–both gay and straight–must be willing and able to engage in “marital acts”, acts that are reproductive in type. To paraphrase the WA-DOMA, those couples who cannot or will not engage in marital acts that are reproductive in type should equally be barred from marriage”; Gay “Marriage” Group’s Ballot Initiative Mocks Nature of Marriage; and some comments(evangelicaloutpost, titusonenine)

MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS— Asylum for Gays but Not for ex-Muslim Christians in New Zealand … (catholicexchange)

RECOLLECTING Our Father Among the Saints, Photios the Great, Patriarch of Constantinople… (benedictseraphim)

“When orthodoxy becomes optional, it will sooner or later be proscribed.”
— Fr. Richard John Neuhaus


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