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Carnival of the Anglican Crisises
February 7, 2007, 12:55 am
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Anglican Report Episode 17

Kevin and Bill Discuss:
Matt Kennedy
The leaked email
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+DURHAM: “There are many in America who are trying to have their cake and eat it, who are doing the schismatic thing and then accusing those who object of being schismatic.” Magistats: “Row over Schori invite to primate summit”; Primates: Schismatics to be “pruned from the branch” … (Gledhill, &c.)

MEMO TO 815— “Unless you enjoy seeing your leader regularly referred to as a heretic and an apostate, please order Katharine Jefferts Schori to stop granting interviews” … (

POINTING OUT THE BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS— Precedent for non-geographic bishops in Anglican Church of Canada … (magicstatistics)

‘PROVINCE IN WAITING’ Proposed to Primates by U. S. Orthodox Lay Group ‘To Stop the Bleeding’ If Key Dar-Es-Salaam; primates meeting: ABC called authoritarian(earnedmedia, TA)

BEST LAID PLANS— “Well, so much for my prediction below. According to the Telegraph, the Primates Meeting may already be in the process of blowing up”; and “Over at Greg Griffith’s fine establishment, some of his underlings have been bandying about predictions” … (

GET RELIGION: “LA Times mangles the Anglican timeline” … (getreligion)

TELEGRAPH: “The Anglican Communion has been “on the brink of schism” for so long now that this seems to have become its default position – forever poised to fall apart, though never quite taking the leap into formal disunity. But perhaps we should take a closer look at the arrangements for the meeting of Anglican primates in Tanzania next week” … (

GROUP-THINK— A CanAnglican Primer: “Governance: one more review, By Jim Boyles.” You’ll all remember Jim: ex-CanPrimate Michael Peers’ right-hand man, engineer of General Synod and radical church policies. More here, by unrepentant openly gay same-sex activist & Inghamite liberal Dean Peter Wall(

PRAISE YE THE MAXIMUM LEADER! “On the 13th anniversary of his episcopal consecration in 1994, Bishop Michael Ingham listens to an “Ode to +Michael” marking the occasion at last month’s meeting of Diocesan Council at St. Augustine’s, Vancouver”; New expectations issued for clergy; more eating of the weak and/or objectionable to ensue … (Dio NewWest)

THE UNTIED KINGDOM— Uncivil partnership with the state? ‘The Civil Partnership Act allows more government control of the Church’, by Professor Mark Hill, Fellow of the Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff University, and Chancellor of the diocese of Chichester and the diocese in Europe, The Church Times, 2 February 2007 … (fulcrum-anglican)

SOLUTION ELUSIVE as churches weary of gay clergy debate; Conservative Jews and Gays(, pbs)

“GO CANTAUR?”.. Not sure if that’s the spelling, but we like the rest.. “Who says the Archbishop of Canterbury is a woolly liberal? Not me mate, and especially not after reading his latest speech” … (peter-ould)

NOT SICK ‘N’ TIRED reading and discussing +Schori, yet? .. Here’s her sermon from +Mark Beckwith’s consecration in Newark … (

THE GAY BISHOP/ prophet of a new age is still talking: “First Openly Gay Bishop Speaks of a Loving God” … (columbiaspectator)

ROSE-COLOURED SPECTACLE(S): “Susan Russell must be wearing them. Because either she’s got the best “half-full” attitude that I’ve seen in a long time or she’s in complete denial” … (Lollard Inn)

FUN WITH POLITICALLY INFALLIBLE LIBERALS: +Massachusetts “led a picket line in front of the Israeli Consulate in Boston on July 12, calling for a halt to Israel’s military strikes against Hamas militants in Gaza” … (religiousintelligence)

MATT KENNEDY’S new series: the case for discipline … (standfirminfaith)

BP. MINNS: CANA No Different Than Diocese of Virginia … (livingchurch)

REVISIT— “A Matter of Urgency – inside the Panel of Reference.” Last time we said: “So: we got a foot-dragging liberal Carnley heading the POR; handy-dandy non-compliance at the ECUSA-pandering Communion Office (looks like Kearon was a bust on that score); and to add insult to injury topastoral negligence, we have the arbitrary decisions on which cases eventually get dealt with (the victimized CT-6, anyone?)” On further reflection, Abp. Carnley & Co. (if the allegations are true) would be (1) guilty of betraying the entire Anglican Communion, by delay and dodge, and the honest effort and expectation put by concerned parties into that “reconciliation Process”; (2) Throwing concerned classical Anglicans under liberal oppression to the wolves in shepherd’s clothing, hence a violation of justice and mercy; (3) breaching the trust given to them by the Dromantine Meeting & the Primates; (4) proving that when their case is without merit, liberals resort to sneaky tactics and dirty tricks; (5) guilty of further discrediting Anglicanism during a time of crisis; (6) A betrayal (in the case of ordained persons) of vows given unto Jesus Christ. Nobody to blame but themselves. These leading liberals have been drilling holes in the bottom of the boat from the beginning, and seem to have had little honest intention in the whole process. Good show … (

ADOPT CHANGE after 2000 years? Never; SORS – At its heart, the Government is “fascist it its use of coercion”; On The SORS: “I will gladly go to prison” … (anglican-mainstream)

GIVE HER PRAISE & GLORY! USA Today on Jefferts Schori: “Episcopal church’s new dawn”; Long Distance Dedication: To KJS; Controversial US Episcopal Head Comments Ahead of Critical Anglican Meeting(Various)

THE DRELL: “Bishop MacPherson Writes The Clergy And Includes A Prayer”; Help Save Darfur; Asking “Dear Economist” About The Anglican Communion; The Parable Of The Talents; More On the Anglican Communion – Continuing To Confront Episcopal Church Denial; Combatting Denial On The HOBD Listserv … (descant)

PATRICK ALLEN: sermon to launch 40 days of discernment … (

SAITH +CANTUAR: ‘Chattering classes’ undervalue marriage … (icwales)

THE PINOT NOIR of the Apocalypse: “Ever wonder why Episcopalians and other liberal Protestant churches are increasingly irrelevant to contemporary culture? You could hardly do better than this un-make-uppable Talk of the Town item from the New Yorker, about a gaggle of walking clichés gathered at Trinity Church, Wall Street” … (Crunchy Con)

ALL2COMMON— “I pray that this generation will truly be the turning point in undoing the damage of the previous generations. What happens in Dar Es Salaam, at Lambeth 2008, and here in North America is crucial to continuing any real sense of Catholicity within Anglicanism. I do hope more of our bishops begin to realize how important each step is, and please consider full juridical reunion with the broader Catholic Church while making decisions” … (all2common)

UK BISHOPS to move substantial amendments to Synod Motions on Lesbian and Gay Christians and on Civil Partnerships; The heads of a university closely aligned to the Church of England plan to ban civil partnership ceremonies on campus(anglican-mainstream, ekklesia)

SHAIDLE— “The fact that putting Catholics out of the adoption business should be the priority in a week when British imams have been secretly filmed urging homosexuals be hurled off cliffs shows that the real issue remains not any ‘privilege’ (in Andrew’s word) to particular faiths accorded by law but the privilege accorded to one religion by multiculti cravenness.” … (shaidle)

WHAT BIASED MEDIA? — WashPost Labeling: ‘Landmark Gay Rights Activists’ vs. Falwell’s ‘Religious Conservatives’ … (newsbusters)

HEY, EVIL ONE: “You Oppose Gay Marriage, So You’re with the KKK” … (

ANGLICAN AGENDA Laid Out for Upcoming Meeting; Drive to bar liberal from Church’s crisis summit … (aacblog)

RICHARD KEW: “Thoughts on Anglican Covenant & Katherine Grieb” … (

YOU MIGHT “expect that in its short legislative session the Virginia General Assembly would have more important business than intervening in internal arguments within the Episcopal Church over gay rights” … (WaPo)

BRIT-WARS: Tories divided on Catholic exemption over gay adoption … (guardian)

UPCOMING C OF E General Synod Agenda; Papers for February General Synod … (thinkinganglicans)

SIDE-SWIPERY— Diocese of CT actions hurt Tanzanian Children; Superbowl, Water Torture and Tanzania(ctsix, sf)

CARIOCA: Dan Martins on Open Communion … (

SCATTERING THE SHEEPS: “Episcopal Diocese Asks Courts to Evict Breakaway Congregations” … (beliefnet)

SO DARNED COMPLIANT!™ “Paul Kline and the Rev. Richard Anderson Maxwell were joined in a civil union ceremony on Wednesday at their home in West Hartford, Conn.” … (nytimes)

MORALLY AWAKE— “They’re doing a fine job – leave them be” … (anglican-mainstream)

CAP’N YIPS: “What If . . . I’m not going to step into the minefield of prediction about what will happen in Tanzania”; “She’s At It Again“; and “The Ferocity of the EpiscoLeft” … (captainyips)

BABY BLUE: “Mark Your Calendars for February 20th: The First Annual “CafeAnons Ball”; Check out the compilation of Virginia Legal Links by William Sulik … (

DEE-WIGHT LONGENECKER on Thoughtless Anglicans: “The title of their website, ‘Thinking Anglicans’ is immediately offensive because it sounds elitist and condescending. It implies that the authors and readers of the website are the only Anglicans who think” … (

A COMPLEX REALITY: “Jamie Arpin-Ricci has a series of very helpful and honest posts on homosexual practice and the church” … (gadgetvicar)

FIRST THINGS— A Heretic Is as a Heretic Does; On Heresy: A Final Word(

CANADA— “I couldn’t live with myself if I were to perform same sex marriages” … (shaidle)

COAGITATOR-ELECT: An interesting interview with Shannon Johnston … (standfirminfaith)

THE HATEFUL & NARROW-MINDED Pope Of The Coptic Orthodox Church On Homosexuality, Women Priests, Eucharist For Children, and Biblical Interpretation … (descant)

NORTH ATTLEBORO – Last Sunday the members of the newly-formed All Saints Anglican parish emotionally left behind their church on North Main Street after separating from the Episcopal Church; Biblical Episcopalians Pay the Price … (aacblog, theconservativevoice)

AN SERMON: The Right Reverend Fitzimmons Allison @ St. Philip’s, Charleston … (

STAND FIRM— “My Predictions. My Warnings. My Call to You… “Rowan Williams will ultimately side with the Global South. Or, more accurately, he will not go to bat for an apostate and unrepentant Episcopal Church” … (standfirminfaith)

WHO KNEW? “Underneath the veneer of a tolerant, urbane, sophisticated, liberal Episcopalian there rages a Bull Connor, a George Wallace, a slavering David Duke just waiting for the opportunity to clap African-Americans back into their chains” … (standfirminfaith)

IDLE ‘STATISTICS’— “Selected Anglicans & the incidence of ‘homosexual’ and ‘gay’ collocated with their names.” Fun with games, Dr. Crew? Others can play at that game … (

THE MIGHTY PEPTO-BETTY, Eliz. Kaeton preaches on Septuagesima: “It’s all a bit silly, isn’t it? I mean, the way we think we’ve got it all worked out and therefore, we’ve got it right”; CaNN Translate-O-Thon: “Titter, Chortle.. I’m a bit silly, aren’t I? I mean, the way I think I have it all worked out, so I can scoff at centuries of life-giving Christ-honouring spiritual discipline reaching all the way back to the first few generations of the church and all.” Why not go spend time with Peter Toon on the subject, instead? Now with 100% less sneering. Also, see here: “Post Script, Septuagesima- High and Low”; never mind THESE goofy & laughable freaks(, Various)

THE UNTIED METHODISTS— “Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors. Closed Bibles.” And “UMC: We aren’t lobbyists, we just pretend to be”; UMAction Releases Sample Resolutions for 2007 Annual Conference Sessions … (Various)

BETTNET: “Debating gay marriage” … (bettnet)

SAITH ELFGIRL: “Every now and again Tony Clavier gets it right” … (

SOME HONESTY FROM The Anglican Scotist: Bishops Should Strike Early and Often. Gotta Love That Smite! You know, WWJD & all … (standfirminfaith)

ORIENTATIONS? “According to an online story in the Interdenominational News, Dunleavy has performed hundreds of same-sex marriages” … (

ANGLICAN FUTURE— Mark Harris / Giles Frasier on blogging and poisoned wells; Poisoning the Well… Or Foiling the Plans? … (anglicanfuture, standfirminfaith)

JIMMY CARTER Goes Episcopal: Still another way to move evangelicals to the left … (spectator)

YOUR PRESBY BETTERS have secrets that must be kept from the rabble! ACSWP Is Closing Meetings Once Again; ACSWP Drags to a Conclusion; A Tale of Two Entities. The Long, Slow Collapse of the PCUSA … (, hughhewitt)

WE WERE ROBBED!! The United Methodists just paid some folks $250,000 to set up the type of “online faith community” … (

SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE— Children and Religious Freedom Lose as “Gay Equality” Wins in Britain. The Tightrope of Tolerance and Tyranny(sleepyoldbear, curtjester)

MORE UTOPIAN GOODNESS in the worker’s paradise! “Members of a Cuban diocesan synod burst into applause and shouts of joy on Sunday when Archbishop Andrew Hutchison of the Anglican Church of Canada announced the appointment of Rev. Canon Nerva Cot Aguilera as one of two new suffragan bishops for the Cuban Anglican Church” … (

A NEW HYMN: “Sorry, I Just Couldn’t Resist”; 400 Years of Anglicanism in America … (

GRANDSTANDING & cheap moral equivalency: “Proponents of same-sex marriage have introduced a ballot measure that would require heterosexual couples to have a child within three years or have their marriages annulled” … (guardian, americanthinker)

ANGLICANS ONLINE actually makes a certain amount of sense this week– we’re mighty wary of “the good olde dayes” conservativism; mind you, deceptive nostalgia also applies to the centre-of-the-universe Boomers, and the utopian delusions of the 1960’s-70’s (the fruit of the utopian delusions of earlier bits of the 20th century). You know, “Everyone” [our clique] “has always” [the past generation or two] “thought/ believed/ acted this way! So submit!” … (anglicansonline)

WHAT’S NEXT: “The alliance between historical remnants of those failed 20th century ideologies– responsible between them for more human misery and death than ever before known in history– and the Islamic fanatics (who represent the 21st century totalitarian mindset) is clearly visible in the precepts of postmodernism political correctness and multiculturalism, which dovetail perfectly into the rhetoric that rationalizes terrorism and the behavior that appeases and enables it.” Stick that in your Chane and smoke it! The sort of thing we mean: “The Democrats’ hateful new imam“; Dr. Sanity: “the fundamental problem of today’s left is their unparalleled conceit that they know what is best for everyone else; and beneath implied superiority of that conceit is a breathtaking moral and intellectual bankruptcy” … (, Malkin, Dr. Sanity)

BRAVE NEW FAMILIES: “In discouraging contrast to the comments by the Archbishop of Canterbury, there is this decision of the Florida Supreme Court issued last week”; Via Anglican Mainstream: “Experiments in Living – The Fatherless Family” … (marriagedebate, A-M)

ALL2COMMON: “That’s right, the Episcopal Church has started, what seems to be, an official blog, called epiScopoo”; Hmmm.. although we thought it was an homage to the 1980’s, when all was good, ECUSA ruled the Anglican news, and the interwebs weren’t crawling with troublemakers– you know, back when a certain Saturday Night Live alum was being briefly amusing, and all … (all2C)

REMEMBERING Saint Agatha; and let’s not forget good old St. Gildas the Wise(gkupsidedown, marialectrix)


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