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Carnival of the Anglican Crisises
February 3, 2007, 2:33 pm
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VID– Bishop Jack Iker at ‘Mere Anglicanism’

THE PLOT SICKENS: David Ould– ‘A Matter of Urgency’: Inside the Panel of Reference; Dynamite on the Panel of Reference. So: we got a foot-dragging liberal Carnley heading the POR; handy-dandy non-compliance at the ECUSA-pandering Communion Office (looks like Kearon was a bust on that score); and to add insult to injury topastoral negligence, we have the arbitrary decisions on which cases eventually get dealt with (the victimized CT-6, anyone?) … (standfirminfaith)

NO, REALLY— “Primates will spend only four hours discussing Windsor“; primates meeting: agenda and attendees. Anglican Communion leaders to meet in Tanzania; Still puzzled by Episcopalians? Episcopal Church faces threat(anglican-mainstream, t-19, TA)

CHURCH OF ENGLAND asked to acknowledge both sides of sexuality debate … (anglican-mainstream)


INCONSISTENT arguments in the SORs debate; Jews battle Sexual Orientation Regulations; sinners in the hands of an angry state. British Churches Respond: Government Using Orwellian Tactics in Catholic Adoption Row … (a-m, cwn)

COULD A Disgruntled Episcopalian Be The Perp In The Truro Vandalism Case? … (descant)

CAPTAIN YIPS: The Ferocity of the EpiscoLeft; Lawyerville; Picking Up the Threads(captainyips)

DAMNED IF YOU DO… “I’m sure that the Episcopal Church, Katherine Jefferts Schori, the Anglican Peace and Justice Network, Riah Abu El-Assal, Jimmy Carter and the rest of the Anglican and western left will find a way to blame Israel for this too” … (

BISHOP TOM WRIGHT denounces Labour government over gay adoption rules; Thought crime in the UK? Evangelical leader welcomes UK equalities bill. POuld: “Just to prove what a muddle the SORS are” … (Various)

HONORING Anglican History in Virginia; And your little dog too; Stand Up And Cheer? Why the cheering? An Orwellian Moment: It’s all about “legacy”(

ENS: WASHINGTON: Convention supports Presiding Bishop, hears warning against congregationalism … (

ANGLICAN-TV VID here: Interview with Fr. Kroeger of St John’s Anglican (San Diego)

St. John’s Anglican is in Fallbrook, California. The congregation voted in July of 2006 to move under the Bishop of Luwero in the Province of Uganda (copy of initial press release here). The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego brought a lawsuit in September of 2006 against St. John’s to claim the property—see more info here and here. In November, a San Diego Superior Court judge ruled against the Diocese and in favor of St. John’s. This AnglicanTV interview was done a few weeks after that ruling and right after the Diocese of San Joaquin convention, which Fr. Kroeger attended. The Diocese of San Diego then tried to revive its lawsuit and this was denied as well on February 1, 2007, by the same Superior Court judge. Interviewed by Anne Coletta for AnglicanTV
Recorded at St. John’s in December, 2006

VIRGINIA— Fantastic Op-ed by Falls Church Senior Warden; Some bishops offer support of Lee(timesdispatch, aacblog)

PETER TOON— “Bishops as signs of unity? Or of schism and disunity? A discussion starter from Dr Peter Toon” … (

BISHOP Musonda Mwamba Speaks out Before the Primates Meeting; Gay question is ‘not central to faith’ says Tanzanian bishop(t19, CTimes)

FRESH SMART FROM THE DEIMEL, who has a Ph.D. — “Divide and Rule” … (am, TA)

ALASKAN BP. supporter of Gene Robinson’s consecration and of Sweat Lodges … (anglicanplanet)

CANADA: ELCIC— “…What has become clear is the awareness that the blessing of same-sex unions is not a “moral matter” for the Eastern Synod, but a matter of “pastoral ministry and mission strategy.” … (anglicanjournal)

THE VIEW FROM CANADA— “Anglican Journal thinks Dar es Salaam is going to be a rough ride” … (

DRELL— A Prayer For Bishop MacPherson At The Upcoming Primates Meeting; Matt Kennedy: The Danger of Impotence; +Rowan Williams Helped Stop A Gay Pedophile Ring; Another Post to the HOBD Listserv who just can’t believe what is happening … (descant)

ALL IS WELL, Nothing To See Here– Sale of Western Michigan Cathedral Likely … (livingchurch)

SAN DIEGO Court Rejects Bid By Episcopal Church to Revive Its Lawsuit Against St. John’s Anglican Church … (titusonenine)

LIBERAL SURRENDER-MONKEYS: National Council of Churches Apologizing for Islamists … (frontpagemag)


DROOL, SLAVER— Episcopal leaders eye title to property – Diocese aims to force breakaway churches to vacate buildings; A Statement from the Board of the Anglican District of Virginia … (aacblog)

GREG GRIFFITH— On Being an ‘Un-Person’ … (standfirminfaith)

PRAISE YE THE MDGS! “Mrs Hellen Grace Wangusa, the former United Nations Africa coordinator of the Millennium Development Goals, accepted the call to be the next Anglican Observer at the United Nations in October last year” … (acns)

FORMER Archbishop Says Anglicans ‘Should Not Demonize One Another’ … (gospelherald)

WASHINGTON: Convention supports Presiding Bishop, hears warning against congregationalism … (episcopalchurch)

OR, IT MAY NOT… Anglican Meeting May Make or Break Communion. Tanzania: Expectations, Promises, and the Danger of Impotence(christianpost, standfirminfaith)

CONNIPTION“If Mark Harris is any indication, the Episcopal left, despite the smack that some of them are running, has gone beyond being worried about Dar es Salaam and is now officially terrified”; Mark Harris links Akinola to the devil … (, em)

THINKING OUT LOUD— “In a story about James Adams, Episcopal Bishop of Western Kansas, that I mentioned a few days ago, this caught my eye” … (

IT’S SHOW ME The Offertory! time: Episcopal diocese sues breakaways for property; New Virginia Anglicans Call Lawsuits over Property ‘Act of Betrayal’ … (llamabutchers, t-19)

THE PROPHET LOUIE compares himself & cronies to Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego; the opposition to slave-owners; and advises “The Anglican Communion is sorely in need of intentional Eucharist with gays and lesbians” … (

NEWS COVERAGE— “…A deposition, Jacobs said, would mean that “we as an Episcopal Church do not recognize him as a priest, and no other diocese in the Anglican Communion recognizes him as a priest.” … (thesunchronicle)

SURFING THE INTERWEBS— The Episcopal Church Enters the Blogosphere … (standfirminfaith)

THE EPISCOPAL ROW at Rosemont … (

THINKING ANGLICANS— primates meeting: agenda and attendees. InclusiveChurch responds to adoption debate(thinkinganglicans)

FR. STEPHEN: “My wife and I returned last night for Detroit, Michigan, having attended and been part of a Colloquium on the Orthodox Faith, aimed primarily at Episcopalians and Anglicans. We met a wonderful group of people and were struck by the quality of the conversation that took place” … (fatherstephen)

REVENGE OF THE EPISCO-CLUELESS— “You will have to go some to find higher-quality Episcopal arrogance than this” … (

FEEL THE LOVE: “Diocese Files More Motions in its Lawsuit Against Syracuse Parish” … (

REGULATION must not trump conscience, By Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor. Church to fight to defend role in public life. Cardinal warns of ‘new morality’. Mark Hill, Chancellor of the diocese of Chichester and the diocese in Europe, writes that the Civil Partnership Act allows more government control of the Church(Various)

VID– Michael Howell at Mere Anglicanism

FORMER Anglican Church Leader Discusses Homosexuality, Women, Scripture; An interview with Dr Carey … (dukenews, RBlog)

CAN THE 39 ARTICLES Function as a Confessional Standard for Anglicans Today? by William J. Tighe, Ph.D. … (pontifications)

SAN FRAN MAYOR: Hypocrisy exposed! … (getreligion, pajamasmedia)

JOHNSON’S FIRST LAW— “No matter where in the Body of Christ you happen to find yourself, every now and then your church’s leadership will go Episcopalian on you” … (

THE FULL TEXT of the Request to the Global South Primates – Diocese of Pittsburgh … (globalsouthanglican)

MIKE ADAMS: “Before I left the United Methodist Church to join Scotts Hill Baptist Church, I made a few remarks critical of the United Methodists. Since I officially walked out of the “open doors” of the UMC, I’ve been asked repeatedly about what motivated me to make that decision” … (

REARVIEW: “The Path of the Episcopal Church” … (hopeanglican)

HARRIS: “Akinola is Satan.” Baby Blue: “O no you DI’n’t!” … (,

WILLIAM G. WITT: Some Basic Theological Principles (to be discussed later) … (

..SAUCE FOR THE GANDER: Same Sex Regulations Discriminate Against Gay-Only Hotel Business say Owners; Gay Lobby Set to Shut Down U.K. Adoption Agencies(lifesite)

MORE TOON: Schism—acceptable when for “good purpose”? From Septuagesima to Quadragesima – journey in penitence … (

REMEMBER: “The Left Will Always Oppose Religious Freedoms”; ‘The Nation’ Institute Fellow Insists Christian Speech ‘Must No Longer be Tolerated‘; CHRIS HEDGES calls for censorship of the “radical Christian Right.” … (thepolitic, Various)

DISCRIMINATION against gay people is like apartheid, says Tutu … (ekklesia)

LOOKING WESTWARDS? The surprising stories of converts … (

WHERE WE ARE: “Anglican Nun Arranges Prostitute for Disabled Man”; “The sad thing is that this story doesn’t even come close to surprising me” … (mcj, lobs)

SARAH HEY— A Few Notes on the Mere Anglicanism Conference … (standfirminfaith)

PAYBACK TIME— “What, asks Brad Drell, do Episcopal liberals expect?” … (

ON ROWAN’S TURF— Uproar over Canterbury Christ Church University Forbidding Gay “Weddings” … (bbc)

BEHOLD The New Totalitarianism: Forcing People to Be Tolerant … (orthodoxytoday)

CANUCKISTAN— “The Saskatchewan Justice ministry has said it will remove all marriage commissioners from office who will not perform the civil ceremony for homosexual partners and is awaiting the outcome of this Human Rights Tribunal case to decide whether to remove Mr. Nichols from the list– “In Canada’s Human Rights Commission system, the person filing the complaint has his entire legal expense covered by the government. The system, says critics, is outside the normal and universally accepted requirements for due process and is increasingly being used by homosexual activists to persecute opponents.” … (

CHURCH-WARS: UMAction Releases Sample Resolutions for 2007 Annual Conference Sessions … (

MAXIM— “If Diogenes was an Anglican, I probably wouldn’t be doing this” … (

ALL2 COMMON: A Personal Update; RatherNot Blogger: Catching up; Reader Blogger: Where I am now … (CaNNet)

IT’S AN ORIENTATION: DISCUSS— Canadian Cadet Official Avoids Jail over Homosexual Pedophilia … (lifesite)

ON BLOGS and Moral Responsibility … (anglicanphilosopher)

SED CONTRA ON Men With SSA Who Marry Women …(davidmorrison)

IT’S CLOSER than we think – three parent family … (anglican-mainstream)

AN AWESOME idea to create a Wiki with the ECUSA timeline. Andy Figueroa and Stand Firm get the hat tip … (standfirminfaith)

CELEBRATING Candlemas … (all2common)

REMEMBERING Our Fathers Among the Saints, the Three Hierarchs Basil, Gregory and John … (benedictseraphim)


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