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Anglican Crisis
October 31, 2006, 7:49 pm
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WHAT’S REALLY BEHIND THE GRISLY SMIRK: Presiding Bishop’s Chancellor Threatens Fort Worth, Quincy Dioceses. comments ensue at T-19(aac, lc, t-19)

ALL GLORY AND PRAISE! — Second bulletin insert related to Presiding Bishop investiture ready for use; TEC Ministry of Information Investiture webcast producers ask viewers to pre-register plans to watch (to see which bishops attend). Responses will help assure adequate bandwidth; satellite coordinates set. MCJ has a word(episcopalchurch, mcj)

CANADIANS SAY: Don’t force clergy to marry gays: majority. Same-sex marriage poll … (

MILLSTONES— “Although I disagree with him on just about everything, I have to give Pennsylvania Episopal Bishop Charles “I know nothing! NOTHing!!” Schultz Bennison this much. Chuckie’s brought his diocese together like few Episcopal bishops anywhere ever have”… (

SORRY, KATIE— Russian Orthodox Offer to Renew Relationship with APO Dioceses Stands … (

HARDBALL — “So much for reconciliation; And so much for Kate Schori’s word” MCJ on Frankie “The Shiv” Griswold; WHERE WE ARE: Let’s see now(

WORD FROM CANUCKISTAN: Dioceses may soon stop fundraising for schools agreement. Sexuality issues and Lambeth Conference also on bishops’ agenda … (anglicanjournal)

BABY BLUE: Anglican Alert – Code Orange – “Well this is lovely. Five days away from the Investiture and this is how it all begins”; and Bp. Iker at Stand Firm(, SF)

ALBANY DIOCESE: Bp. Herzog and Bp. Bena to retire … (

DA BENNISON MAFIOSI: Episcopal Bishop Charles E. Bennison Jr. is under fire over his brother’s misconduct … (titusonenine)

MOHLER ON JENSEN: “Why is Sexuality so Important to the Church?”… (albertmohler)

CAPTAIN YIPS: “One Way It Could Work Out.. Just speculating, mind”; and “The Chancellor Growls: The big dogs are showing dominant behavior. Remember: In EpiscoSpeak, reconciliation means, abject surrender” … (captainyips)

TWENTY-FOUR Resolutions for Iowa, yet NOTHING about the Windsor Report or Anglican Crisis … (titusonenine)

DRELL— An Example Of Why I Have Issues With PB Griswold; Dallas Morning News On The Diocese of Dallas Survey … (descant)

PETER TOON: “The Lambeth Conference as a basic cause of Anglican problems: Will the application of the brakes slow down the Anglican train?” … (

PEPTO-BETTY: “I know this is the most insignificant comment I could make – bordering on petty – and this will most likely start a tempest in a traditional British tea pot, but I found myself sighing and wishing ‘Herself’ had worn a skirt”; and some special thoughts on the occasion of a baptism: “Just this week, the Supreme Court of New Jersey handed down a decision that will provide LGBT people their civil right to marriage. Right now, we’re not calling it ‘marriage’. It’s called a civil union. Whether or not we call it marriage is up to the activist and the lawmakers to decide” … (

WHAT ARE folks blogging about conventions? Lots of November Convention links now online … (titusonenine)

RESOLVED, That this 96th Convention of the Diocese of Olympia affirms and calls upon the Bishops and Standing Committee of the Diocese to affirm the full inclusion in all areas of the life of the Episcopal Church of our otherwise qualified brother and sister Christians who are single or partnered heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans-gendered persons, non-celibate singles, and divorced persons as well as the full inclusion in the Episcopal Church in the full life of the Anglican Communion. PASSED by over 2/3’s majority. Dr. Peter Toon spells it out for us. A report from the diocese of Olympia(Various)

MATT KENNEDYon The “Cordial” Meeting with the Archbishop … (standfirminfaith)

VISTA – “In ordinary times, Episcopal Bishop James Mathes would have been in Fallbrook yesterday, presiding over services at the church there as part of his rotating visit of parishes in the San Diego diocese. These are not ordinary times” … (transfigurations)

CALIFORNIA Diocesan Convention Objects to GC06 Resolution B033 … (aacblog)

REWIND: Wrapping Up Today.. +Wantland said this. Then there was this report. +Iker then explained how -Schori wasn’t telling all … (all2common)

WE TOLD YOU SO! — “Blessings” are not enough. Full equality. Got to be marriage. Let’s redefine it. That middle-stage of ‘church-blessings aren’t marriage’ was just for show. The liberals know what they’re about. Remember: “The goal of the gay leadership of the Episcopal Church is for marriage in the Episcopal Church to be the same thing for all couples, whether heterosexual or homosexual”… (courierpostonline, episcopalmajority)

GRIZ WORDS: “I’ve Got Something In My Eye”.. The Presiding Bishop preaches in London(

IT LOOKS LIKE D.C. Toedt DOESN’T get it … (questioningchristian)

THE DIOCESE of Pennsylvania: Proposed Resolution on Diocesan Council Authority. A Proposed Resolution for Pittsburgh(titusonenine)

LOST ANGELES: A bishop’s divided house. CT6: “When two paragraphs collide” … (latimes, ctsix)

IT’S A CATALOG of Learning Opportunities for the Diocese of Chicago Convention … (titusonenine)

POPISH Bishops of Massachusetts push for a vote on marriage. Want action on ban of same-sex weddings … (

BETTNET: “A dialogue on gay marriage” … (bettnet)

A LITTLE REWIND: New York Times covers the gathering of over 2,500 for the Anglican Communion Network’s “Hope and a Future” Conference… (

STANLEY KURTZ: Have same-sex advocates said too much? “The Confession”… (.nationalreview)

GERALYN WOLF’S convention address … (smgchurch)

REAL ROLE-MODELS— Quebecer Prostitute-turned-priest-turned-politician.. Diogenes is a-hoppin’, and has some sugGestions for you. Hamilton Bishop Avoids Scandal, Won’t Fund Event With Homosexual Activist Speaker Loney … (bettnet, cwnews, lifesite)

AGE TO COME BLOG: “Anglican soap opera”… (theagetocome)


‘A CASE FOR STRENGTHENING MARRIAGE’: “nail your colours to the mast: anti-ecusa polemic from a real anglican of yesteryear” — By Leah Ward Sears, Chief Justice, Georgia Supreme Court… (familyscholars)

ALL2COMMON— “Complicit in Excuse: Or The Unhappy Reformation Day”… (all2common)

ANGLICANS ONLINE ruminates on the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America PECUSA ECUSA TBA TEC… (anglicansonline)

SW FLA. Announces Bishop Nominees… (livingchurch)

DWIGHT LONGENECKER: “On this Halloween we must not underestimate the presence of evil in our midst. The devil is like a roaring lion prowling about seeking whom he may devour. We must not be mistaken. The moral battles we fight are spiritual battles. The evil one is real. He has devotees under many disguises. In the midst of trick or treating and dressing up in spooky fun costumes, do not forget that Satan is real. If you are a follower of Christ he hates you and wants to destroy you utterly; but also do not forget that he who has called you has already overcome the evil one and has given us the power to tread underfoot the lion and the dragon”… (


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