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CaNN Special Report — Hate That Pope! 1.0
September 18, 2006, 12:01 pm
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No surrender! Messages of support can be sent to Benedict XVI at

BENEDICT XVI Rejects Jihad in Lecture. Here’s the full text, and via another link …. (westernresistance)

POPE APOLOGIZES For Being Prophetic; The Pope’s Real Threat. “An Open Letter To Pope Benedict XVI”; The Religion Of The Peace Of Surrender …. (captainsquartersblog)

STEPPING UP— Greek Archbishop Christodoulos Joins Pope, Attacks Radical Islam! …. (

MALKIN: “I have no doubt the Internet cyberjihadists are trying to bring the Vatican website down”; Pope Rage on the Internet; church bombings in Gaza. I support the Pope …. (michellemalkin)

AWW, AND HERE THEY EXPECTED the keys to St. Peter’s Basilica: “The Vatican (this is no longer just the Pope talking) is trying to get away with a non-apology apology, to appease the Islamic world’s violent temper tantrums: Pope ‘deeply sorry’ for Muslim fury.” BettNet: “In a very unusual move, the Vatican has issued yet another clarification of Pope Benedict’s remarks at Regensburg on Islam the other day. The Pope and his reference to Islam: Part two” …. (littlegreenfootballs, bettnet)

DAVID WARREN— Apologize for what? “The BBC appears to have been quickest off the mark, to send around the world in many languages, including Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Urdu, and Malay, word that the Pope had insulted the Prophet of Islam, during an address in Bavaria” …. (davidwarrenonline)

GEORGE CONGER — European religious, political leaders back Benedict …. (

ANGELA MERKEL is defending the Pope against his critics: “‘What Benedict XVI emphasised was a decisive and uncompromising renunciation of all forms of violence in the name of religion,’ she said.” Maybe that’s what they’re really objecting to …. (instapundit)

FATHER RAY DESOUZA: “Rioters’ madness shames Muslim world” …. (jihadwatch)

GET RELIGION — New York Times: Kiss the Koran, big guy. This may, strangely enough, be the quiet day …. (getreligion)

A picture of the Pope that is circulating in Qaeda-friendly chat rooms and websites

A PRUDENT MOVE: “Security will be tight around the Pope to protect him from those who are enraged that he would call for an end to religious violence” …. (jihadwatch)

ABOU DAOUD, Christian missionary in the Middle East, on Islam & the Pope. “Even the Past Must Submit” …. (

PEACEFUL Somali cleric calls for pope’s death. Caring London Arabic Paper: Pope = Bin Laden/Hitler …. (dustmybroom, lgf)

PRAY FOR the Pope, Muslims and God’s will …. (relapsedcatholic)

SOME HELPFUL HISTORY, before certain unnamed persons try to burn & rewtite them all: The Street Cred of Manuel II …. (nationalreview)

MORE STEPPING UP— Head of Christian community in Lebanon defends pope …. (monstersandcritics)

CRUNCHY CON: Oh, get over it already– “The Thin-skinnedness of many Muslims is getting awfully tiresome” …. (

IRENE LANCASTER— Religion and Reason. Welborn; “Rather than criticising Islam, the Pope is actually offering it a helping hand by suggesting that it do away with the cycle of violence” …. (irenelancaster, amywelborn)

THE MORAL VICTORY of The Pope; The Benedictine Rule …. (brusselsjournal)

CRY UNCLE RELIJIN OV PEESE— Iraqi jihadists vow to “destroy their cross in the heart of Rome … and that their Vatican will be hit and wept over by the Pope.” …. (crunchycon)

CRUNCHY CON & GET RELIGION: “And thus it came to pass: The content of Pope Benedict XVI’s speech stopped being the story — including the fact that the speech was an attack on secularism in the West — and the reaction of many Muslim leaders became the story” …. (cc, beliefnet)

Lord Carey Gets it:Muslims, as well as Christians, must learn to enter into dialogue without crying ‘foul’,” Lord Carey said. “We live in perilous times, and we must not only separate religion from violence but also not give religious legitimacy to violence in any shape or form.” Italian European parliament vice president Mario Mauro condemned as “monstrous” the manipulation of the pope’s remarks by Islamic leaders which he claimed were used to “hit out at Christians and the West.

THE BRAVERY OF ISLAMIST COWARDS: “Muslims “militants” today shot a Catholic nun 4 times in the back in Somalia. She worked at a hospital for mothers and children. Yesterday and today, Islamic “minutemen” attacked/ torched 7 churches in the West Bank, where Christians make up a tiny minority of the Palestinian population. Such “bravery:” plugging a woman in the back and desecrating the holy places of minority groups.” Crunchy Con– “They’ve martyred a nun” …. (Various)

This undated photo provided Sunday, Sept. 17, 2006 by the family of Sister Leonella, shows Italian nun Sister Leonella in Rezzanello di Gazzola, near Piacenza, Italy. Gunmen killed Sister Leonella and her bodyguard Sunday at the entrance of the hospital where she worked in Mogadishu, Somalia, officials said _ an attack some feared could be linked to Muslim anger toward Pope Benedict XVI. (AP Photo/Courtesy of family, ho)

UPDATE: Christian Killed in Iraq in Response to Pope’s Speech: Islamic Website …. (jihadwatch)

RUTH GLEDHILL— “Pope: ‘Mohammed evil and inhuman, says Byzantine emperor’ (updated)” …. (gledhill)

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON remembers Oriana Fallaci and thinks about the Pope …. (instapundit)

MATTINGLY on the NYT fatwa: some very pointed words about the Times’ editorial …. (crunchycon)

WHY THE POPE WAS RIGHT: William Rees-Mogg — “Benedict did give offence — but no great religion should be immune from difficult questions” …. (timesonline)

GATES OF VIENNA— That Was Not a “Blunder.” It’s Just An Excuse to Kill Infidels …. (gatesofvienna)

THE EMPEROR’S POINT IN SPADES, AND FAST! Mujahideen’s Army threatens Pope with suicide attack. It didn’t take long for them to prove the Pope’s point. Iraqi jihadists vow to “destroy their cross in the heart of Rome … and that their Vatican will be hit and wept over by the Pope.” Head of first modern Islamic terror group and endorser of suicide bombings demand apology from Pope for suggesting Islam is violent …. (jpost)

THE ANCHORESS: Benedict’s “blunder” was partly media-enhanced …. (theanchoressonline)

GATEWAY PUNDIT WE MUST DHIMMIFY ROME! Pope Threatened, Churches Torched, Riots Follow Papal Remarks …. (

CHRISTIANITY TODAY: “Are Muslims “acting in accordance with reason” in response to Pope Benedict’s remarks?” Weblog: A Cartoonish Response to Benedict’s Speech …. (christianitytoday)

BI-POLAR PETERS versus the Pope; “We must insist on our right to criticize and be critical of any idea, ideology, movement or religion” …. (israpundit)

IT ALL BEGINS TO MAKE SENSE, NOW! Israeli-US plot behind pope’s remarks: Iran hardline press …. (jihadwatch)

Palestinian Greek Orthodox priest George Awad views the black scorch marks on the walls of his church after it was hit by firebombs in the West Bank city of Nablus September 16, 2006. Unknown assailants threw fire bombs on Saturday at two churches in the West Bank city of Nablus, following a day of Palestinian protests against comments Pope Benedict made about Islam. No one was hurt. REUTERS/Abed Omar Qusini (WEST BANK)

RELIGION OF BURNY: Pope implies Islam a violent religion … Muslims riot, hurt one another, bomb & shoot at churches. Palestinians open fire inside Nablus church …. (felixhominum, edmontonsun, lgf)

DUST-UP: “As most of you are aware by now, Pope Benedict XVI recently caused a firestorm of controversy when, during a speech at the Universtity of Regensburg in Germany, he condemned the 1553 burning of the Unitarian Michael Servetus in Calvinist Geneva. Baptists and Presbyterians the world over exploded in rage at the Pope’s remarks and demanded a full and complete apology” …. (

JUST BY THE BYE— “We’re still waiting for an apology for the World Trade Center attacks. And the USS Cole.: And the Pentagon. And Pennsylvania. And Madrid. And Bali. And the Embassy. And London. And…” …. (relapsedcatholic)

BETTNET— “Why there’s so much Pope protesting in Turkey”; Still no one else is talking about the fact that a Turkish Muslim killed a German Catholic priest the very day that Benedict critized violence in the name of religion …. (bettnet, amywelborn)

HUGH HEWITT: “The Pope and Good Faith” …. (hughhewitt)

RICHARD KEW: The Pope and Islam …. (

MUSLIMS OWE MANY APOLOGIES: “Muslims have looted this West Bank Orthodox Church [pictured above] in their rage. What would they do if we ransacked a mosque, Mecca, or the Dome of the Rock! See pictures below in previous posts on other Islamic outrages” …. (

TIGERHAWK looks at The Times, the Pope, and Muslim rage. TigerHawk says it’s the Islamic world who should be apologizing …. (instapundit)

LONDON TIMES— The Pope and the Prophet: Rationalists should be roused but Muslims reassured by the pontiff’s words …. (timesonline)

JAMES TARANTO: “attacking Benedict is cost-free. After all, how many suicide bombers does the pope have?” …. (opinionjournal)

DAMIAN PENNY— “We can say with absolute certainty that the overwhelming majority of those angrily protesting the Pope’s controversial lecture have not actually read it” …. (damianpenny)

RELAPSED CATHOLIC: “They call me Mister Pope!” …. (

BUZZMACHINE: “It is high time that religious and political leaders call out Islamic leaders for not calling out Islamisits for their use of violence in the name of religion. The Pope did so last week but then promptly wimped out, apologizing for hurting anyone’s feelings. Didn’t know the Pope was from California. Feelings? Since when did the Pope turn PC?” …. (buzzmachine)

NROTC’S STANLEY KURTZ: “There is more than enough religious anger in the world. So it is particularly disturbing that the New York Times, the leading voice of secular liberalism (America’s fasted growing religion), has insulted Catholics by falsely accusing the Pope of fomenting religious discord” …. (NROTC)

MARK SHEA: “Thin-skinned Brittle Islamic Folk Have Hysterics Again”; and “The supreme irony, of course, is that the Pope’s main point was that a religion which is not in harmony with reason, which believes in a God who can contradict himself in the capricious exercise of Supreme Power, and which rules and converts by means of violence, is a religion that cannot, in the end, either survive or be true” …. (

WELBORN— Needed: A Sense of Irony And A Clue. Fine coverage of Muslim overreactions to the Pope’s speech …. (amywelborn, relapsedcatholic)

BINGO: “As I have said before, the war on Islamo-fascism will be over the day Muslims can laugh at their dopey religion instead of seeing insults and slights everywhere and demanding respect that they have never earned” …. (, theanchoressonline)

JIHAD WATCH: “Alykhan Velshi and Mahathir Mohamad on moderate Muslims (and the Pope)” …. (jihadwatch)

PRETTY MUCH— “We are all papists now”; or, perhaps, we’re all on a civilizational United Flight 93 now, if we don’t wake up …. (jihadwatch)

LIBERAL ANGLICANS BEND THE KNEE: Giles Fraser weighs in …. (guardian)

WELL THAT EXPLAINS IT! “The pope and Vatican proved to be Zionists”; Jihadist hypocrites castigate Pope …. (jihadwatch)

GADGET VICAR: “The Pope is in trouble for quoting a medieval Byzantine Emperor, who was facing an onslaught from Islam. One needs to be very careful what one says now about Islam, for fear of Islamophobia Watch” …. (gadgetvicar)

ISLAMIST TOOLS AT CAIR Blast Pope, Invites Americans to Learn About Islam …. (littlegreenfootballs)

ORTHODIXIE: The Pope Said What? …. (

PONTIFICATOR on “An ideology of hatred” …. (pontifications)

YAHOO photos on the topic …. (

No surrender!


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CaNN Special Report — Hate That Pope! 1.0

A Muslim woman in Michigan has filed a complaint because a patron of a gym interrupted her prayers and when she complained she was told “you have to respect her [patron] but she does not have to respect your God.” I don’t know if tho…

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