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Apocalypse Clowns & AngImplosion
September 15, 2006, 12:36 pm
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[CRIMSON/ GLORIA B. HO] Mohammad Khatami, former President of Iran, speaks at the John F. Kennedy Forum yesterday, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks

AMIR TAHERI: “The Lies They Loved at Harvard” … (orthodoxytoday)

KHATAMI SLAMS ‘Imperial’ U.S. — To polite audience, controversial cleric defends execution of homosexuals … (

The Execution of Iranian Homosexuals

KHATAMI: Execute gays; Harvard: crickets chirping(, muslihoon)

KHATAMI’S DISDAIN for Zahra Kazemi: Dialogue as Brutality … (telospress)

National Disgrace in National Cathedral: Khatami in America

MY, WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE: Khatami questioned at Harvard and slips … (regimechangeiran)

Khatami / Ahmadenijad Torture-Victim’s Sister Speaks Out

KHATAMI’S CONVERSION, As covered in the Iranian press … (weeklystandard)

LUNATIC KHATAMI’S Take on Where History Went Awry … (proteinwisdom)

PHOTOS OF the Harvard protest of Khatami … (

MULLAH Khatami’s US Visit Hides the Clerics’ Developing War Plans … (azadeganiran)

THE MULLAH, HARVARD, & The Angina Monologues … (tcsdaily)

Khatami Condemns 911 in English


BOSTON COLLEGE Gives Khatami the cold shoulder: “The University declined a late request Friday made by controversial former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami to visit the McMullen Museum’s new exhibit on Islamic art, Cosmophilia, on Monday – the five-year anniversary of Sept. 11. Administrators cited the heightened security required by the State Department on the date and the lack of advanced notice as primary factors behind their decision.” … (NROTC)

CRIMSON JIHAD: Iran’s Mohammad Khatami goes to Harvard … (weeklystandard)

POST-HAHVAHD Khatami Commentary; Protesting Khatami at Harvard. Khatami visit part of anti-Israel tilt? … (

Protest of Khatami’s Harvard Speech (large)

GOVERNOR ROMNEY was absolutely correct to deny Khatami any evidence of honor or welcome. Everyone in the audience who meekly accepted this barbarism is responsible to a degree for allowing Khatami to leave with the idea that his regime is considered as other than barbaric … (hughhewitt)

SPECTATOR: “Show Me the Money (Quote), Khatami!” … (spectator)

IRAN WATCH: Activists Arrested, Execution Scheduled … (

COMMENTARY: “To invite the modern-day equivalent of Mussolini to speak at the Rotunda is to betray everything the University of Virginia is supposed to stand for” … (

ZZZZzzzZZZ Roundup: “At the Cathedral the evening of September 7, Khatami’s “interfaith dialogue” turned out to be more of an intrafaith monologue, since he did most of the talking, and in Farsi no less. Journalists were given full translations of the speech beforehand. “The bad news,” said one, “is it’s boring. The good news is it’s short–we’ll be home in time for football.” Speaking in the flowery, abstract verbiage of a political philosopher, which he was until he signed on to the Iranian revolution, Khatami spoke of “the contradictions between individualistic liberalism and collectivist socialism,” of the West’s need to “take a step forward and view itself from another angle,” and of how “democratic systems” oughtn’t be “limited to liberal democracies.” … (weeklystandard)

Anglican Implosion News

DO YOU LOVE CaNN? Cough up loot now! “An Appeal for CaNN — a tale of server resources stretched too thin” .. just think: if 80% of unique vistors gave 10 dollars that would be 40,000 dollars … (titusonenine)


IKER OF FORT WORTH Comments on NYC Summit; Ft. Worth: Executive Council Endorses Appeal for APO(transfigurations, standfirminfaith)

THE PROPOSED Diocese of CT response to the Windsor process … (ctsix)

DOG BITES MAN— “Who didn’t see this coming?” StandFirm: “What Happened in New York: In 9 Easy Steps” … (mcj, sf)

VIA THINNING ANGLICANS two bishops comment: First Bishop Peter Lee, Second, Bishop Jack Iker. And.. variouscomment on the NY and Texas meetings … (thinkinganglicans)

KRAALSPACE— “The Mountain laboured… and brought forth a mouse. It looks like that big meeting in New York between the Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative and members of the warring factions of the Episcopal Church came to nothing. The reviews have been pretty listless, too” … (

GLEDHILL— Love in the Ruins (updated) … (timescolumns)

NEXT UP: BROTHEL? Episcopal Seminarian Opens Gay Dating Service … (

RIFT OVER GAYS deepens in Episcopal Church. Conservatives’ bid to stay in the fold but reject the leader was denied. A split could be next… (

THAT BUSY TIBER FERRY: “Dwight Longenecker a graduate of Bob Jones University and a former Anglican priest is going to be ordained as part of the Pastoral Provision”; the Google of him(curtjester, Etc.)

VIA TITUS 1:9: Reaction to NY Meeting Links; Kendall Harmon: Answers to Email Questions(Harmonica)

ECUSA SOUTH: AWOL? Njongonkulu Ndungane, the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, says same sex marriages will never be endorsed and accepted within the Anglican Church in Southern Africa. Another take(sabcnews,

KEW CONTINUUM: “Jesus, The Bible, and Homosexuality” by Jack Rogers — A Book Review” … (

ROWAN MAY INVITE Robinson to Lambeth. “Graveyard ahead. Commence whistling” … (ctsix, mcj)

TRURO PARISH: 40 Days of Discernment … (40daysofdiscernment)

YA YA SISTERHOOD UPDATES– KATIE’S BLOG: Whining about The Meeting. Elizabeth Kaeton’s Master Plan; Susan Russell Has It All Explained For Her(standfirminfaith)

NY SUMMIT: Bishops Unable to Reach Compromise. Episcopal Leaders Hopeful for Future yet Clear on Deep Divide(standfirminfaith, standfirminfaith)

NIGERIA: Why doesn’t the Anglican Communion Network come clean and speak out? … (thinkinganglicans)

WE GOT TO PRAY: Today begins a meeting of several Episcopal bishops in New York City, facilitated by Kenneth Kearon of the Anglican Consultative Council. More L&B Intercessory prayer lists(L&B, First Things)

BISHOP Bob Duncan’s Statement on the NYC Summit; Bishop Iker: Expanded Comments on NYC Summit … (standfirminfaith)

FIRST THINGS: “There will always be an England,” as the saying goes. That may well be true, but the eternal perseverance of its Church, unfortunately, is somewhat more in doubt. As nearly all interested observers know, the Anglican Communion has been tottering on the brink of implosion for quite some time now, and recent events have not necessarily been in its favor. Three meetings this month, however, will almost certainly lend clarity, and perhaps even hope, to a situation that heretofore has often been murkier than the London fog” … (firstthings)

COMPLIANT PEPTO-BETTY busy at work– “Pulling Off One of Life’s Little Miracles: A Sacramental Wedding in the Middle of the Sunday Eucharist. at The Church of the Redeemer, Morristown, NJ”; and she gets all gushy about the meet-n-greet with Newark candidates for bishop … (

JORDAN HYLDEN Writes About Today’s New York Summit and Next Week’s Texas Meeting of Bishops… (titusonenine)

ANGLICAN CATHOLIC: “[The Liberals] are simultaneously correct and clueless. (If I knew how to say that in Latin, I surely would!) Yes, good order is being subverted. Duh! To stretch an overworked metaphor, Shall we take a vote by orders before we rearrange the deck chairs? A new thing is emerging, and order gets subverted when major change–yea, a seismic shift–is in process. Anglicanism is reinventing itself” … (

OSTRICHES: “Proving that he has learned absolutely nothing, Frank Griswold reflects on the fifth anniversary of 9/11” … (

ALICE LINSLEY On Bishop Lipscomb & The American Way … (descant)

PETER TOON— “A fresh look at The St Louis Affirmation of 1977 of Continuing Anglicans. A vocation for the Continuers in working for unity without relinquishing truth”; and “Has Anglican POLITY changed over the last thirty years? Is the former Anglican Family of Churches becoming unrecognizable?”… (

ART IMITATES LIFE IMITATING ART— “I don’t want to alarm anyone but apparently the Chane-Griswold Vortex isn’t holding” … (

MAGISTATS is watching liberal archbishops: “An Anglican news exclusive” … (magicstatistics)

THE BISHOP OF SAN DIEGO Writes his Diocese; more liberal blockheadedness, this time from +san diego … (titusonenine, anglicancatholic)

CAP’N YIPS— “The Producers: Yo, Chris! Get a containment team ready. Spong’s ego is trying to break out again” … (captainyips)

EPISCOPAL, Anglican Leaders Gather to Address Gay Divide … (christianpost)

MUTABLE? Undisputable? A very interesting little web-reference has been causing a stir in the post-gay blogosphere today… (peter-ould)

REMEMBER: “The Left is a rationalistic religion. It takes an arbitrary point, say peace or poverty, and regards these as first principles. It is never asked why poverty or peace or racism are good or bad, it is merely stated that they are good or bad. Taking poverty as an essential, and declaring it a bad, the Leftists then goes off to campaign against poverty. Where does poverty come from? What is it? Why are some people stricken poor and others escape this mysterious force? Explanations are needed, if only for polemical purposes, and are vague and unconnected. It’s capitalism. It’s racism. It’s the education system. It’s government cutbacks. It’s the rich hording all the wealth. None of these arguments stands by itself or is related to any other, except as rather imaginative conspiracy theories, found on certain websites and in many university lecture halls” (scroll down to “Party Like It’s 1945”)… (godscopybook)

NPR REPORTAGE on the NYC Summit; The London Times on the New York Summit: Clergy seek ‘two-church solution’(ctsix)

BISHOP BROADHURST ‘disgusted’ as Malawi letter is published … (churchtimes)

THE SYNOD of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn– “Anyone want to try and count how many times diversity / differing / different appear” … (nottoomuch)

DRELLENSTEIN: “I Was Dared To Post This Monday Morning Humor Piece – Liberals vs. Conservatives” … (descant)

TIGHTENING THE MANACLES: it’s not just the North American revisionists who are clamping down.. “It is reported by a member of the Australian Diocese of Perth’s synod that the following motion is proposed for their Synod, meeting 6-8 October” … (whitehorseinn)

MARK HARRIS on +Lipscomb’s call for a blog fast … (anglicanfuture)

HOMOPHOBIC CONSPIRACY CRUSHES GRIEVANCE — Worst Professor Ever: “I have just returned from a meeting to rehear my grievance. The first meeting was held in my absence” … (Bearblog)

GNOSTIC Weirdness at +Andrus Investiture … (standfirminfaith)

MIKE ADAMS: “I am asking the Office of Campus Diversity at UNH to use this unfortunate arrest as an educational tool to help clarify the seeming contradiction between tolerance of alternate lifestyles and the universal condemnation of pedophilia. I have put together the following questionnaire to be used as a guide in the event that UNH opens a formal dialogue on this touchy subject” … (

STANDING UP of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas announced Friday that he will lead the rally against plans to demolish the Episcopal Social Services building to make room for the $184 million, 15,000-seat sports and entertainment center… (christianpost)

LOOKS LIKE FOLKS are really running scared re: the blogs, notes a tipster … (t19)

EPISCOPAL LEADER says US must become ‘superservant’ … (ekklesia)

SORRY, DUDES & DUDE-ETTES: You Can’t Un-Ring the Blogging Bell.. “It’s no secret that many bishops – orthodox as well as revisionist – rue the day the blog was invented, mainly because it takes away so much of their control of the information about this debate” … (standfirminfaith)

PRESBYTERIAN Minister Charged for Presiding Over Gay ‘Marriage’; Okla. Megachurch Departs PCUSA, Cites Scriptural Issues(christianpost,

FORD SALES DROP 11.6%. Homosexual Groups More Important Than Support For Employees, Dealers … (

SILENCE! “Meanwhile, the South Dakota diocesan blog has started censoring postings by the conservative-minded. All comments now have to be pre-approved by the bishops’ office. It would be nice if all of you out there would request the censorship to end. We have a diocesan convention next week, where a resolution will come up to ask all Episcopalians in the diocese to vote AGAINST the protection of marriage amendment this fall in the election. But….they have no problem putting up Louie Crew’s comments. Here’s the link for the diocesan blog – please give us some help out there” … (Whiny Pew-meat)

CONSERVATIVE ANGLICANISM Gibraltar, Neanderthal man’s last resort … (telegraph)

SOUND FAMILIAR? “Under the new rules, you can be called a hypocrite for upholding old standards of virtue that you don’t exemplify perfectly; but you can’t be called a hypocrite for sinking into utter moral squalor, as long as you profess to believe there’s nothing wrong with it. So the defender of traditional morality is kept constantly on the defensive, since only he can be accused of hypocrisy”… (cwnews)

RICH ANGLICAN FUDGE: Bishop John Lipscomb holds upper-level talks with blog expert… (rafwn) Isaiah 8:11-13 — “For the LORD spoke thus to me with his strong hand upon me, and warned me not to walk in the way of this people, saying: “Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, and do not fear what they fear, nor be in dread. But the LORD of hosts, him you shall regard as holy. Let him be your fear, and let him be your dread…